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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jia Wu Year 2014 4th Feb (0621 Hrs) to 5th Mar Flying Star & Ba Zi Feng Shui 甲午年2月4日至2014年3月5日飞星与八字风水

Dear Readers,
HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Appreciate and thank you for your support in reading Good Feng Shui Tips Blog.In 4th Feb 2014 the horse took over as the zodiac for the year of Jia Wu (甲午). The Year Pillar:

甲 is the number 1 stem of the 10 heavenly stems. Jia combined with the heavenly stem of Ji 己 to transform into earth. Jia is Wood element. The earthly branch of Wu 午 is also the zodiac horse. Therefore, 2014 is also known as the year of the horse. The element of Wu is Fire; Yang Fire. The pillar of the year suggest that the year is a wooden horse; Wood Horse. In the Chinese Metaphysics wood and fire is in harmony. It suggest that the year will be peaceful. We can also look at the element of Wood energy will be around in the first half of the year and the Fire energy will take over at the second half of the year. The season of spring is also the wood season where sign of growth can be seem and come the season of Summer, fire will be strong and wood feed the fire, it may suggest that many of the growth in the Spring season may get burnt and become ashes. Horse is the peach blosoom starn(桃花), we can expect many social activities will be taking place. In the Horse element of fire, the are hidden stem of Ji 己, which the Year Stem of Jia will combined and it suggest a hidden combination. Relationship may happen undercover. There may be signed of partnership happening undercover for the good or bad.


Firstly, we look at the year flying star. The key word for 2014 is Romance, because star 4 is in center palace. This star governs romance and education. As a result, we can expect academic excellent for the year of 2014.
Star 5, Fatal illness 大病位 Lian Zhen, element earth, is at north west, and it is the direction of father or male leaders of the family. Fathers, pay special attention to your well being this year.
Star 2 is at east; possible epidemics and diseases happening at the eastern part of the world such as China.
Star 3 -Dispute 争斗星 Lu Cun, element wood, is at South East. It is not completely unfavorable, but can mean jealousies and gossip has quarrelsome energy; countries in the areas such as South East Asian are prone into escalating political conflicts.
SOUTH WEST - STAR 1 -Romance 桃华位 Tan Lang, water element is South West. It is mainly favorable. This star signify promotions and growth.
WEST - STAR 6 - Military 武曲星 Wu Qu, element metal, it is at the West. It is mainly favorable.
NORTH EAST - STAR 7 - Robbery star, this is an inauspicious.
SOUTH - STAR 8 -Wealth 左铺才星 Zuo Fu, element earth, is at the South. It is mainly very favorable. For the year of 2014 this is also the wealth sector. If your house is facing South, you can activate the wealth by placing moving object in this sector.
NORTH - STAR 9 - Celebration 右弼喜星 You Bi, element fire, is at the North. This is an auspicious star for wealth and joyous occasions,activate this area with moving objects.


Apparently, the year of the horse starts on 4th Feb 2014 which was the Li Chun 立春. Start of Sprig Season. The overall chart look hot because of the 4 fire elements and 3 wood elements. Indeed it is a hot chart with support from the wood. Woods in the chart indicate growth and fire indicates fast and furious. Water is absent from the chart. Water in this case is the authority and fame to the day master fire. Without authority means there is a lack of discipline. People tend to do thing by passing the law. The hour of Xin 辛,can combined with the day master Bing 丙 to transform into Water. This again suggest that Xin metal (money) will be used to buy fame and authority.
A hot chart needs wet earth to cool and metal to balance the chart. Looking at the lone metal in this chart, it suggest that industries that are related to metal will be under pressure. Some of the Metal industries are: Hardware、Financial、Jewelry、Transportation、Motorcar、Machinery、Law、Government Department、Manager、Sport. These industries have to wait till the Autumn Season to see improvement. Every 3rd month of the seasons is the earth month. During the summer and autumn earth month, we may see some pressure related to the earth industries, such as: real estate、farming、building、building material、clay、glass、town planner、land control、renovation、consultant executive,entertainment outlets.
The chart also have more that one wood and more than one fire. The same elements suggest there are many competitors. In the year of horse, business competitors are strong. New business of the same nature are growth in the early part of the year and it may see some of them could not make it during the middle of the year.
In conclusion, take precaution before venture into new business. Choose your co-partner wisely and wait for the opportunity with careful market survey. The team from Good Feng Shui Tips wish all a Prosperous Year of the Horse.