Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gui Si Year 2013 5th May to 4th Jun Flying Star Feng Shui 癸巳年5月5日至6月4日飞星风水

Dear Readers,

5th May at about 1628 hrs early summer season arrived. Summer is represented by Fire element. The month zodiac is Snake which is Yin Fire. The year zodiac is also Snake Si 巳, there is a double snake this month and they direct clashed with the zodiac Pig/Boar. From 5th May to 4th Jun, the pig 'Hai' 亥 days are considered as month breaker days. Normally, these are the day to avoid for any auspicious activities. Flying Star 8 is the main star which affect the overall Qi of our living environment. The month pillar:

The heavenly stem of Yin Fire Ding 丁 over the Earthly Branch of Yin Fire Si 巳, Fire and Fire, it is harmonious, no clashes. Fire bring joy, Ding Fire is candle light fire, it is not a stable fire, it needs wood to keep the fire burning, likewise, the Si Fire of earthly branch. Those born in the year, month (Nov to early Dec) and hour (9pm to 11pm) of Pig Hai 亥 is advisable to bring along the emblem of Monkey to harmonize the clashed.


The self element of the month bazi is Yin Metal 辛 with a root (Shen 申 Metal). The are Fire elements at the year, month and hour pillars. 1 water element at the year stem and one earth element at the day branch. The metal at the hour branch is the only support to self element of yin metal. The self element is weak. The favorable elements for the month is Earth and Metal.


Star 8, prosperity star is in the central palace. The present of year Star 5 in the central is not ideal to use this section to it fullest.
NORTH EAST. - The present of Black Star 二黑 at this section, we can consider this sector as not usable. The year star 8 and the month star 2 combined to add-up to 10, which on the other hand, turn the inauspicious into the auspicious. To prevent the bad qi of the star 2, hang a strung of 6 ancient coins at the opening of NE Sector.
SOUTH. - The quarrelsome star 3 三碧星 present in the South making the fire in the South becomes stronger at the same time it can reduce the bad effect of star 3.
SOUTH WEST. - Yellow Star 5 at this sector with star 2, year star, caused the South West the worst sector for the period of May 2013. This location need to be guarded with heavy metal object. Avoid this sector.
EAST & SOUTH EAST. - Star 6 and star 7 are the star to avoid in these two sectors. Please a bowl of still water in these two sectors to harmonize the energy.