Friday, April 5, 2013

Gui Si Year 2013 4th April to 4th May Flying Star Feng Shui

Dear Readers,
4th April 2013 marks the beginning of the last month of the Spring Season. At 2305 hrs, on 4th April 2013, according to the 24 sub-seasons, is the beginning of the Qing Ming Festival 清明节. Qing Ming Festival meaning Clear and Bright Festival. Qing Ming Festival is also Tomb Sweeping Day for the tradition Chinese. The change of energy begin on the 4th April at 2305 hrs. Earth element is the strongest in the last month of each main seasons, since this is the last month of the Spring Season, Earth is strong. The month pillar; heavenly stem is Bing 丙 (Yang Fire) over earthly branch of Chen 辰 (Yang Earth). Frying star No. 9 is in the central Palace and the day master according to the Bazi Chart is Yang Metal Geng 庚.

Month Pillar.

The heavenly stem of Yang Fire over the Earthly Branch of Earth, Fire give birth to earth, it is harmonious, no clashes. Fire bring joy, Bing Fire 丙 meaning there will be brightness and joy. Chen 辰, is also the zodiac Dragon. Dragon clashes with Zodiac Dog. Those who are born in the year, month (around Oct/Nov) or time (7m to 9pm) of Dog 戌,is advisable to bring along a rooster emblem to harmonize the clashes.


The self element of the month bazi is Yang Metal 庚. The are Fire elements at the year, month and hour pillars. 3 water elements at the year, day and hour pillars and one earth element at the month pillar. The earth at the month pillar is the only support to self element of metal. The self element is weak. The favorable elements for the month is Earth and Metal.


Star 9, fire element is in the central palace. Fire is joy, nevertheless, the present of year Star 5 in the central is not ideal to use this section to it fullest.
NORTH.-Star 5 in the North, Hang a strung of 6 ancient coins in this sector. Keep it clean, silence and do not use this sector.
WEST.-Hang a strung of 6 ancient coins in the West Sector to dilute the bad energy of star 2. Keep it clean, silence and do not use this sector.
NORTH-EAST.-Place red item in this sector.
SOUTH-WEST.Placing a vast with still water and plants in this sector for the month. Keep is silence.
EAST.-Placing a still water in this location.


NORTH-WEST.-Place a potted plant in this sector of north-west.
SOUTH.-Star 4 romance and academic star.
SOUTH-EAST.- Prosperity star 8 in the south-east, place moving object to tap the wealth star energy.