Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to Arrange your Office Sitting Position to Achieve Abundant and Promotion

The tips given below is about the layout of your working space. You would want a smooth and harmony working environment. At the same time achieve positive results in your work and not only that, you are able get your promotion faster.

Your Workplace - Desks

The layout of your working space is basically common sense - your desk should be an appropriate size with adequate storage and working surface. The ideal place for a desk is in the opposite corner to the door, parallel to a wall rather than at an angle and preferably with a solid wall behind.

Office Work Desk

* Square and rectangular desks are more suitable for making money while oval, round or curved are more conducive to creative work.
* A desk in too strong a color, like black, will make working more difficult.
* If your desk directly faces a door, it may make visitors feel uncomfortable.
* You could find a mirror in front of your desk unsettling and objects hanging behind your head - like diplomas or artwork - will distract your visitors from business.

Office Desk

Sit with your back to a solid wall so you can easily see the door and window. Light coming from a window at the side is desirable.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Feng Shui Tip - Living Room

When moving into a new house, always purchase new pillows. This signifies a new beginning and symbolizes that you are leaving your old problems behind you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Overhead Beams can Be Oppressive

How the internal features of your home or office affect you, in term of Feng Shui. This tip is on overhead beams

Overhead beams can be oppressive - particularly if you are lying or are sitting directly underneath. The effect will be strong if the beam is thick, dark, and low in nature.

How to balance the effect of a beam:

* break the pathway of the qi through the beam by hanging two bamboo flutes at angles (to form an octagonal shape) and tied with red ribbons - make sure the mouthpieces are pointing down
* decorate the beam with a piece of fabric, a banner or a swag
* paint it a light color so it appears less heavy
* use the qualities of metal - light colors and round shapes - to complement the element of the beam which is wood.