Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House Located on a Y Junction

Question asked:
My residence is located at the intersection of three streets that come together to make a Y. My house is located right at the top of the Y where it splits off into two directions. So if you were traveling from the bottom of the Y upwards, and you kept going straight (right where > it splits) you would come right into my house. I once read somewhere > that this was not a good location and I should do something. I am beginning to believe this because the 2 previous owners were foreclosed on and ever since moving into here my finances have been in the negative and I am at the brink of foreclosure myself now. What do I do? Help!

See Picture:

Possible Solution:
plant a TALL hedge along the front, placing the gate and path in suitable location, to block this energy. A fence or wall will get the job done faster, of course.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

7th Month, 6 Rods Wind Chime & 3 Coins String

A student, asked me on the follow questions regarding Feng Shui placement.

This student wants to know in the 7th solar month, can we purchase Feng Shui Product, also want to know if placing of 6 rods wind chime and 3 coins string auspicious in those direction of NW and SE.

Here are the questions and my answers:
Question 1:
Is it o.k. to purchase Feng Shui items during the 7th Month?
It is perfectly alright to purchase Feng Shui product. The important note is that when placement of the products, it is advisable to select a suitable date which is favorable to the individual.

6 rods wind chime

Question 2
Should the 6-rod-wind-chime be placed at the NE or NW(patriarch), currently I have it placed at the NW.
Wind Chime of metal made is consider as an element of metal. 6 rods, the figure 6 is metal as well. The NW section is of Metal elements as well. Placing a 6 rod wind chime if this area of NW is to be enhanced, then I would say that it is perfectly clever to place it there.

3 coins string

Question 3:
I have a 3-coin string hanging at my main door which looks kind of small, facing SE.Any suggestion what I can hang at my main door, should I have a 6 or 9 coin string.
SE is of wood element sector. Placing metal coin string will be in conflict. This sector is also flying star 4 sector. This area is good for academic success and also for romance. Those who want to seek academic success, placed still water will enhanced one academic success.