Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gui Si Year 2013 5th June to 6th July Flying Star Feng Shui 癸巳年6月5日至7月6日飞星风水

Dear Readers,

5th June at about 1443 hrs Mid Summer season arrived. Spring element is wood while the element of fire represents Summer. At the same time, the month zodiac changed from snake(巳) to horse(午). Zodiac horse(午), the element of Yang Fire. Every time the new solar month starts, the energies of heavenly stem, earthly branch (zodiac) and flying star changes. Flying Star 7 is the main star which affect the overall Qi of our living environment for this month. The month pillar:

The heavenly stem of Wu(戊) is the element of Yang Earth, the earthly branch of Wu (午), is the element of Yang Fire. The earthly is also represents the zodiac horse. Horse clashes with the zodiac Rat. During the month of horse, any day that is rat day within the month, it is a clash day, where it is consider inauspicious. Those born in the month year, month of December and hour of 11pm to 1am is advisable to wear an emblem of goat to avoid the clash.


The self element of the month bazi is Yang Water 壬 without any root/support. The are strong Fire elements at the year and month. The day earthly branch of Tiger (寅), the element of Wood and the earthly branch of hour Dog (戌), the element of earth formed a half combination of Fire. At the Heavely stem of Year 癸,the element of water and the heavenly stem of month 戊, the element of earth combined to form fire. The whole bazi chart is extremely hot. The most favorable element is Water.

5th June to 6th JULY FLYING STAR.

Star 7; loss and violence star at the central palace. The element of Star 7 is Yang Metal refers to heavy metal weapons. Year Star 5 with Month Star 7 in the central palace spelled violence and loss. Do not use the central sector for any activity. Keep is clean and tidy without any cluster.
Year Star 3 and month star 5 in the East affect the energy at this sector. This is the area to avoid. Hang a strung of 6 ancient coins in this sector.
Wish all readers a happy and healthy month ahead.