Saturday, March 13, 2010

Month's Elements - Ji Mao Month

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In my previous post on the monthly; 6th Mar 10 to 5th Apr 10, flying star chart, I guessed that there may be water rationing, see news:
water rationing
Let carry on with what is in for the month of Heavenly Stem Ji and Earthly Branch of Mao.

1. The element of Heavenly Stem Ji, is like garden soil. We can say that this is a Garden Soil in Mid Spring. The element of Earthly Branch Moa,is the rabbit zodiac and it is the element of wood.

2. A pillar consits of a Heavely Stem and a Earthly Branch, ie this month of Ji Mao is a Pillar. This is a destructive pillar. Mao, Wood attacks Ji, Earth. Moa (Rabbit) is the direction East, belongs to Zhen 震 Trigram. Zhen is also the figure of Eldest Son. Ji Earth is like garden soil which allows the growth and provides life in this earth.

3. Ji and Jia combined. That is to say that Ji is able to attract Jia 甲. If in your Bazi, there is a Jia 甲, which you need to strenthen your bazi, then it is not auspicious, and vice versa. Ji also weaken the Bing 丙 and Ding 丁, yang fire and yin fire respectively.

4. Mao, is the No. 4 in Chinese Zodiac. It is the Rabbit. Rabbit belongs to the grouping of the 4 Flower of Romance. Coincidently, Rabbit is also the Flower of Romance star for Tiger year. Those who were born in the year of rabbit may experience strong romance for this month.
5. Mao, Rabbit attract Pig and Goat to form a strong wood frame. Mao wood dry up water. Tiger, Mao and Dragon also form a strong Wood frame. Mao and Dog form wood.

6. It will not be a peaceful month. Since wood attacks earth, earth is weaken, and Mao is also at the Zhen Trigram, there will be shakening effects. Earth Quake !. Mao is also the Flower of Romance, it spell news on Romance !

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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hevenly Stem Ji Ying Earth and Earth Branch Mao Yin Wood. Flying Star of No. 1 Water Star take the centre grid.

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It has been sometime that I have not been posting in this blog. The main reasons are that the last two week we are still in the Lunar New Year mood and at the same time, many of my close friends wanted to DIY the auspicious location to make their first visit. Over the Lunar New Year Period thousands of valueable readers have been refering to my blog for the new year tips. This made me very satisfying.


The month of Ji Mao start on 6th March 2010 at about 0052 hrs.
1. Water Star 1 is assigned to be in the centre which caused Earth to control Water. The year of Geng Yin already see a shortage of water, are we going to see some sort of water rationing?
2. 2 Black at North West interact with the Strong 9 Fire star. As we know, 2 Black is sickness star, with the support of fire, it is good not to activate any movement or renovation in this sector. Are we going to see a dry spell in the North West Sector?
3. 3 Jade interact with double 1 Water Stars in the East, making the 3 Jade stronger. Implement something red at this section will helps to reduce the effect of 3 Jade.
4. The North East sector with the double 2 Black making this area not an auspicous sector. With the Star 4 here, it does no assist in any improvement. Watch out for this area. No movement at this sector.
5. Double 3 Jade with Yellow 5 Star, Geng Yin Year already see double quarrelsome stars and with the 5 Yellow, making this sector a place to be more potent. Keep this sector less movement.
6. The North seem ok as the Scolaristic Star of Wood can be attacked by metal. Introduce still water at this sector to harmonise it.
7. With the double 5 Black stars at this sector interacting with the Metal 7 Star, It weaken the 5 Black. Potentially there may be sickness related to lung in this sector.
8. The 8 Star present at the West and with the double 6 (Metal). This sector don't seem be be a hazard for this month.
9. The Fire 9 Star and the present of double 7 metal causes a fire attacks metal at this sector. We may want to introduce an earth pot over at this sector.

I will be carry on the part 2 regarding the monthly elements at my next post. Meantime have a nice day.