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2011 Rabbit Year Feng Shui for Flying Star

Dear Readers,
2011, year of the Rabbit, a new set of flying star takes over the Tiger's year flying star. It takes effect from 4th Feb 2011, the second day of the Lunar New Year.Feng Shui remedies should be in place before 4th Feb 2011.

2011, Year of Rabbit Feng Shui for Flying Star

2011 belongs to the Lower Period 8,Xin Mao(辛卯), Tai Sui General Fan Ning, and Flying Star 7 take position in Central Palace. It is also the Zodiac sign of Rabbit. The most auspicious sectors are Northeast sector, follow by the Northwest ‘Wealth Star’; the most inauspicious sector is the West; Sui Po and San Sha , at the East is the Tai Sui with Yellow Star 5. These two sectors in the house should not be clustered and no items that are moving/rotating by nature. At the same time do not carry out renovation work at this sector of Star 5. Outside the house, if there is construction work at the East and West sectors, there is a need to neutralize/harmonize with feng shui.

The Flying Star Chart - 2011 Year of Rabbit.

2011 rabbit year flying star chart

Central Palace: Star 7 ‘Po Jun Star’.

Star 7 ‘Po Chin Star’ flies to central palace, this is a destroyer and rob wealth star, furthermore, this is a star that already lost it effect in Period 8. It causes bad effect like lose of wealth. However, in period 8 this star rules or takes charge of indirect wealth. Nevertheless, Star 7 can change from good to bad unexpectedly, do not destroy this Star, for example Star 7 is metal element, and do not use Fire element to destroy it. Businesses like, Art, Entertainment and those ‘underground’ trades, will find Star 7 useful.
Year of Rabbit 2011, Star 7 flies into the central palace which is Earth element, Star 7 is Metal element, Earth give birth to metal, it drains the strength of the Earth, consider not auspicious. Owner of the house may faces ‘small people’ interference, robbery, incident, fight etc, and will caused obstacle to career and business. Friends and colleague may be a hindrance which may cause lost of wealth and harm to the body. Romance may be in a cross road.

Avoidances & Placing:.

At home, the central palace is located at the centre of the hall; it is beneficial to avoid activities in this sector. Do not cluster this palace, if not it may invites ‘small people’ to destroy wealth and cause troubles. Do not place plants with large leaves and metal element items, which caused intestinal and stomach health related problems.
It is suitable to place 8 pieces of white jade buckles and dragon tortoise feng shui items at the central palace to ward off the bad effects caused by Star 7.

Tips:If your house does have a ceiling fan at the central palace, do ensure that it is not turn-on for the whole of 2011.

NorthWest Palace: Star 8 ‘Zuo Fu Wealth Star’.

In Period 8, Star 8 is a timely auspicious star, it flies to the Northwest sector, and it controls wealth, happiness, businesses, career and marriage. Nevertheless, not all houses will receive the good effects of Star 8. Star 8 must not be ineffective star due the house, and the owner’s element must not clashes with Star 8, if not it causes health problems. Star 8 is Earth element, and do not place large plants which are destroyer of earth in this sector, instead of receiving wealth, one may lost wealth. It can also cause limb, joints, skin and stomach health related problems.

Avoidances & Placing:

If the house main door, window, master bedroom and kitchen are located at the Northwest Sector, it is suitable to place a yellow crystal ball for good wealth and those who intent to venture into business. Fan, grandmother clock etc, those that have movement effect can also be placed at this sector to enhance wealth. Feng shui items of a pair of ‘Pi Chu’, ‘nine eyes dzi’, ‘7 crystal ball plate set’ or ‘wealth Buddha’, placed to enhance wealth, career and nobleman.

Tips:If placing a pair of ‘Pi Chu’ at the main door or balcony, the ‘Pi Chu’ should face out the door or windows.

West Palace: Star 9 ‘You Bi Celebrations Star’.

Star 9 ‘You Bi Celebrations Star’ take charge of happy occasions like marriage, therefore, this star can enhanced and aid in celebrations of good occasions, wealth, shifting house, romance, birth, and new career. However, star 9 is also a purple star Fire element, a timely star, combined with different star may caused different effects. Combined with inauspicious stars it will double inauspicious effects. If the period star of the house and star 9 are in good combination the results will be very auspicious. Star 9 flies to West Palace which is Metal element, Star 9 purple star Fire is against the metal element. As a result, unmarried female beware of injuries that can result in operation.

Avoidances & Placing:

Place 8 x pieces of white jade buckles feng shui item to neutralize the bad effects if the combinations is untimely.
Place Nobleman Dzi plate set or 7 crystal balls plate set for wealth enhancement. Businessman may want to consider placing Laughing Wealth Buddha that will bring wealth.

Tips:West palace is metal element Star 7, in the early trigram this is a Fire element as well. Taking in consideration Star 9 and Star 7 interact at this sector in 2011, the fire energy in this sector may be very strong. If kitchen is at the sector, take note of fire hazard. Do not let children play at this sector.Placing clay pots is one of the solutions.

NorthEast Palace: Star 1 ‘Tang Lan Romance Star’.

White Star 1 ‘Tan Lang Star’, also known as Romance Star, is one of the three (8,9,1) auspicious stars. Star 1 brings good luck, good relationship, wealth, romance and promotion. Star 1 if interact correctly, the owner can achieve his/her dreams of wealth and romance. If Star 1 encounter destroyer or is a untimely star of the early period, may have reverse effects. For health aspect, the ear, kidney, bladder and the urination system may face problems.

Avoidances & Placing:

Single males and females looking for romance can placed pink color crystal ball and 7 pink crystal balls plate set at the Northeast sector to enhance the chances of finding a partner. Parents who want to seek academic success for their children can place feng shui item such as academic pagoda to enhance academic. Employees, who want to seek promotion, placed 1 x 8 eyes Dzi or 7 crystal balls plate set at the Northeast location. Please note that those who are married, you are not encourage to feng shui the romance aspect.

South Palace: Star 2 ‘Ju Men Sickness Star’.

Black Star 2 Black Earth ‘ Ju Men Sickness Star’ causes injury, disease, skin and flesh disorder and intestinal diseases especially to the lady member of the family. Sector where the Sickness Star flies in should keep silence and do not renovate this sector. Do not cluster and keep it clean and tidy. If there is constant movement and too cluster with items, it activates this star to create havoc in this sector. If main door, master bedroom’s door, or kitchen is situated at the South, people staying in this room may be affected with sickness especially young children.

Avoidances & Placing:

To avoid the sickness star 2 effect, placed feng shui products such as 1 x 36 eyes Dzi, white jade hulu or copper hulu (inside hulu place 5 pieces of Qing Dynasty ancient coins) to neutralize the sickness star 2. Main door or Kitchen door at the South location, place a 6 copper coins, to cure sickness and sha effect. Avoid placing red carpet and plants with large leaves.

Tips:Openings that are South facing, apply simple method of hanging a strung of 6 ancient copper coins along the opening.

North Palace: Star 3 ‘Lu Chun Quarrelsome Star’.

Star 3 wood ‘Lu Chun Quarrelsome Star’ or legal star, flies to the North Palace. Star 3 Wood normally is seem as inauspicious star because it can invite legal aspects and lost of wealth cause by robbery. Main door, window, kitchen and master bedroom doors that are North facing, the energy of Star 3 causes emotional disorder, hot tempered, quarrel, and broken family relationship. Worst case, it may invite legal case, lost of wealth due to robbery, thief and road accidents.

Avoidances & Placing:

Balcony of North facing and couple with incoming Shas from North direction the effect may be worst. To place such as Dragon Tortoise, nobleman Dzi plate, and Qilin to neutralize the bad effects.

Tips:Openings that are North facing, simply place Red items like door mat or red lamp to ward off the bad energy.

SouthWest Palace: Star 4 Geen ‘Wen Qu Star’.

Star 4 green wood ‘Wen Qu Star’ main enery for academy and study achievement. Helps to improve and upgrade the academic success, at the same time improve human relationship and flower of romance. Children still schooling or individual still in pursue of academic success, for year 2011, orientate the facing of the study desk to the Southwest direction for better academic results. Sort out documentations or works at the Southwest location helps to fasten and achieve accuracy progress in documentation works.

Avoidances & Placing:

Star 4 green wood flies to Kun Qua (Qua name for Southwest), wood attack earth, inauspicious to senior lady owner of the house. Please take note of placing pink crystal ball or pink 7 crystal balls plate set to neutralize the bad effects. To achieve academic success and good concentration in study placed pink crystal pagoda. Single who do not have any opposite sex relationship and are hoping for one, can placed pink crystal ball, 7 pink crystal balls plate set or peace romance immortal that will enhance the chances of meeting your love one.

Tips:Ensure that this sector is brightly lid if decided to place study desk at this location.

East Palace: Star 5 Earth ‘Lian Zhen Disaster Star’.

Yellow Star 5 Earth ‘Disaster Star’ is the most inauspicious star; damages caused by Star 5 can be very potent. Year of Rabbit, the East is where the Tai Sui arrived from, on top of this, those house with period 7 will have double Yellow Star 5 at the East. Ignorance at this sector may cause great disaster. Keep this location very silence and no drastic movement. If there is a need to renovate the house, do not start the hacking from the East. If the main door, window, master bedroom or kitchen is located at the East, this year family members likely to suffer lost of wealth and disaster. Please be very caution when working in this sector.

Avoidances & Placing:

In year 2011 avoid renovation, placing fan or any moving items at this sector. Feng Shui items to place here are copper hulu (inside the hulu place 5 pieces of Qing Dynasty ancient coins) or place a strung of Qing Dynasty ancient coins and at the top of the door hang a strung of 8 pieces of white jade buckles.

Tips:If it is a double Star 5 combinations at this sector. Place a small piece of 916 gold at this sector for further enhancement to ward off the bad energies.

SouthEast Palace: Star 6 Metal ‘Wu Qu Star’.

Star 6 Metal ‘Wu Qu’ flies to Southeast, this is also a travelling horse, in charge of distance travel, shifting house or migration, if use it appropriately the result for promotion, fame and wealth can be achieved. This star is especially advantage to those in the police and military forces.

Avoidances & Placing:

Main door, window, master bedroom or kitchen at Southeast, should avoid enhancement to the energy of star 6. Those who seek promotion, looking for a smooth working life and luck in travelling, placed crystal ball, 7 crystal balls plate set, or 1 x 36 eyes Dzi to neutralize the bad effects and enhancement in career and wealth aspect.

Tips:Star 6 is known as indirect wealth star. If it happens to interact with other timely stars and in the auspicious location, treat it as Star 8 for enhancement to wealth.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Methods to Harmonize Tai Sui Clashes in 2011

Dear Readers,
The Tai Sui for 2011 is General Fan Ning, and in the previous post, the zodiac signs that are in clashes with General Fan Ning, are Rabbit, Rooster, Rat, Horse and Dragon. In this post, I will suggest a few solutions to harmonize the clash, and you are alright for the whole year.


Below picture show the clashes zodiac signs for 2011 and their protector gods.

protector god 守護神


Bring along with you an Old Dzi. Picture below:
old dzi 老天珠


Keep with you a set of Five Ancient Coins 五帝古錢 and make sure that the five coins consists of the followings emperor period :顺治、康熙、雍正、乾隆、嘉庆. Picture below:



Look for temple that have the statue of Tai Sui, normally these temple will have 60 Tai Sui, offer the pray items (seek advice from the temple)if you are not sure how to go about it. Pray to the correct Tai Sui - General Fan Ning.

Good Luck!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

7th Dec to 6th Jan 2011 Flying Star Chart

Dear Readers,
Star 2 caused some scare to places like Hong Kong and Hati. By nature the Star 2 can cause sickness related problem because it is not a timely star. This month, Star 1 take the central palace. Both auspicious timely Star of 1 and 8 combined in the central palace should create a better environment for the month. This is also a month of Yang Earth Heavenly Stem and Yang Water Earthly Branch.


Coincidently, the yearly star of 8 is Gen(艮)gua, also represent Mountain. Month Star 1, Kan(坎)gua, represents water. And this month Bazi Pillar is also Mountain and Water. This type of combination is Earth control water, the element under control is Wealth. Earth over water can also spell disaster if water is too strong. For more interpretation of the month Bazi, refer to December 10 Bazi Chart.


dec 10 flying star chart

1. Central Palace, Star 1,
2. NorthWest Palace,Star 2,
3.West Palace, Star 3,
4.NorthEast Palace,Star 4,
5.South Palace,Star 5,
6.North Palace,Star 6,
7.SouthWest Palace,Star 7,
8.East Palace,Star 8 &
9.SouthEast Palace,Star 9.


1. Central Palace - Keep this place clean and tidy,

2. East Palace - Star 8 is an auspicious star and a wealth star. Placed yellow crystal at this location to enhance wealth.Keep this place clean.

3. North Palace is also an auspicious location. Star 6 is also wealth star.


1. SouthEast monthly Star 9 and Yearly Star 7 both of these Star are Fire Stars. Place earth items at this location to minimise the strong fire effect. If this is a kitchen, extra precaution is needed. Do not let children play at this location.

2. South Star 5, a sickness star and with year star 3, quarrelsome star is not a good combination. Use metal and red mat here to harmonize the effect.

3.NorthWest Star 2 and year star 9 is also not a good combination. Use strong metal at this location.

4. West Star 3 is a quarrelsome star, use red mat to minimize the effect.


Keep all inauspicious locations less movement or no movement at all, event placing a fan can cause side effect.

Wishing all readers 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year'