Monday, December 28, 2009

Tips on Year of Tiger 2010 Flying Star

The Ox is handing over to Tiger on 4th Feb 2010 at about 0642 hrs. In the year of the Ox, the Ox month will be appearing on the 6th of Jan 09,coincidently, after the Ox month, it will be followed by the Tiger month. It is also the start of Spring. In chinese calander, the first month is Spring Start and it is also Tiger Month.


Below is self explained flying star chart for the year of tiger 2010:
geng yin flying star 2010

Each sector has a corresponding star. For example, Star 2 is at the NorthEast Sector.


This tip can read in conjuntion with About 2010 Flying Star.

To lesser the impact of the Star 2 and Star 5 (both are sickness star), hang a strung of 6 copper coins by the door or window or opening. Star 3 sector, we can use a red rug, red lamp or something red to place at the opeining.

A picture of a strung of copper coin:
strung of 6 copper coins

If you need help in getting it done, for Singapore residents you can email Feng Shui house service now!

These are the 3 stars that we need to guard annually, the rest are not that harmful. Please consult a reliable Feng Shui master if you think you want to do more than what is given here.


We can do it with ease if you are a novice in this area. I will teach you how to do it.

You know where are the opening and sector of the house that are expose to Stars 2,3 and 5, you can place the cure items at ease.


These tips are for new comer without any experience.
1. Get a cheap compass. Something like these:
Compass 1

Compass 2

2. You can hold it this way:
3. Stand at the centre of the house or room, see picture:
measuring house facing and sector location
a. Make sure the red needle of the compass is pointing to the North , adjust it clockwise or anticlockwise on your palm/hand.
b. For the example above, all the doors 1,2 and 3 are facing South.
c. Door 1 is opened at Sourth East sector, Door 2 is opened at South sector and Door 3 is opened at SouthWest sector.
d. You need to take all the opening where the doors are, the windows are, so that those facing and opening sectors at the Star 2,3 and 5 are to guard accordingly.

Happy Reading and hope that you find this tip useful.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season Greetings

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Month of Bing (Fire) Heavenly Stem and Zi (Water) Earth Branch

Dear Readers:

7th Dec we will be welcoming the new month of Heavenly Stem; Bing Fire 丙; it symbolic nature is Sun, and the Earthly Branch of Zi Water 子;it symbolic zodiac sign is Rat. It will start from 7th Dec to 6th Jan 2010

Like 4 pillars of destiny, each pillar is made up of a Heavenly Stem and a Earthly Branch. All together there are 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. The analysis of the 4 pillars of destiny is based on the Natal Chart of the 8 characters and the annual pillars plus the 10 years luck cycle. Nevertheless, monthly pillar also play a part in affecting the whole environment of the world and down to individual luck. New month means new energy or Qi. In the Li Chun calander, each month has 2 sub-season Qi. These Qi will affect the environment.

A Review of Last Month Energy

1. The flying star of last month repeat the Luo Shu Star; which star 5 control the centre stage. We see the uncertainty of the Flu Virus of H1N1. Some Health Authorities already declared that this flu virus is now a common flu.

2. The world is calm except for the Financial Crisis of Abi Dubai.

The Chart for this month:
bing fire and yang water month

This Month Flying Star

This is the month of Yang Fire on top of the Yang Water. Fire spread upwards and water flow downward, there is not unity.
1. Star 4; romance star is at the centre. The earthly Branch of the month is Rat, which is also a star of Flower of Romance for zodiac Rabbit, Goat and Pig. I guess Tiger Wood is getting into romance entaglement. Come the Tiger Year, we can expect to hear some news about his romance relationship .
2. Star 5; Yellow is at the North-West. This is a sickness star and it is supported by the annual star of 9 fire. We can expect some happening at the Northwest part of the world.
3. Star 2 is at the East, this is a black star also for sickness. It may not be that potent afterall.
4.The concern is at the Southeast, as the month star of 3 interact with Year Star of 7.
5.These 3 sectors need to be quiet with no moving activties. Renovation should not take place and also if there is opened ceremony for good occassions, these are the sectors that should not be activated.

The Heavenly Stem of Bing Fire 丙 Yang Fire

This is the start of Mid Winter and many parts of the world will be celebrating Christmas and New Year. During this time of cool weather, some sunlight is joy! Sun, syboylise Bing Yang Fire, Fire is associated with Joy. This is year end, and the sun is needed for Joy.
Those whose natal chat is cold, would like to see sunlight. Heavenly Stem of Bing Yang Fire and combined with Xin Yin Metal.
Natal Chart with Xin Heavenly steam and born in winter period, may not get to enjoy the appearance of Bing Yang Fire. The combination of Bing Yang Fire with Xin Yin Metal will transformed into Water. This will favour those who need water.

Earthly Branch of Zi Yang Water Rat 子

1. Rat is Yang Water, hidden in the Rat is the Earthly Branch of Gui Yin Water. Gui 癸 the is symbolic nature of Rain Water. Many nature needs rain water and sunlight to nuture; trees and soil. Namely, Jia Yang Wood, Yi Yin Wood, Wu Yang Earth and Ji Yin Earth. Provided that the natal chart is not too wet and too dry.
2. Rat belongs to the catergory of Flower of Romance. Those zodiac sign is Rabbit, Goat and Pig. News about romance will surfaced.
Rat, also symbolise Yang Water, this year of Chou Yin Earth Ox will combined with Rat to form Earth.
3. Those born in the month of Pig Yin Water, will have a very cold and wet month as Rat, Pig and Ox is a strong water frame. Day Master is Ji Yin Earth with wet chart is to avoid going to the sea or take part in activities like water sports. Avoid travelling to North, the hour of 11pm to 3pm and drink too much cold water.
I dare to say that Rat can create havoc for those whose chart have Rooster, Rabbit, Pig and Ox.

I wish all readers have a romantic and joyful Rat's Month.

Happy Reading, and share this article with your friends.