Saturday, June 20, 2009

Excel in Exam With The Correct WenChang Location

Final year exam season will be starting after the mid-year school holiday. This is going to happen in sometime early Oct. It will be the busiest time for the students taking the exam. Not only are the students busy with their study. Their parents will be the worried lot. Many time the children work very hard for their exam but the result turn-out to be a disappointed one. Knowing that their children stay in the study room throughout the day, and how come the result is the reverse. The parent will be in doubt of their children. If so, we need to examine whether the study room or desk is located in the WenChang sector.

In Yang Feng Shui 阳宅, if the study corner or desk is not sitting in the WenChang location, the end result can be a disappointed one. Therefore it is imperative to find the Wenchang sector of the home to excel in exam.

There are 3 methods of locating Wenchang sector based on Individual birth year, the house sitting and facing and lastly, the yearly star.


The above chart is based on Individual Birth Year, and it is correspond to the Heavenly Stem of the Chinese Lunar Year calculation. For example, those born in 2009, the Heavenly Stem is Ji Chou 己 丑, 己 which is 9, the WenChang location is at the NorthWest more North. This method of finding the location does not take into consideration the sitting and facing of the house.

sitting of houee

The above chart shows the house sitting and facing. Based on house sitting to find Wenchang location. To find the house sitting and facing we need a compass for the measurement.

Ji Chou

The 3rd method of finding the WenChang location is based on the yearly flying star. Yearly flying stars not only use for locating the yearly WenChang location, the stars also affect the fortune of individual house. Wenchang stars will move each year to enhance the strength of Wenchang, for example, year 2009 ”Ji Chou", the Year of the Ox , Wenchang stars in the South, placed the study desk or enhance it with the WenChang Feng Shui placement, it helps in the academic results and also in promotion. This location is to keep clean and tidy and brighten it up with lamp.

Wishing you academic success!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Month of Yang Metal and Yang Fire

At 2217 hrs, June 5th, the elements for the month of Mid Summer begin. The Heavenly Stem is Yang Metal 庚, and the Earthly Branch is Yang Fire 午.

The representation of Yang Metal Geng is an Axe (heavy metal):
yang metal

The representation of Yang Fire Wu, is the zodiac sign of hourse:

The destructive cycle of 5 elements, Fire attack Metal. The pillar of Yang Metal and Yang Fire is shaky in a sense.

Those who are born in the year of Rat or the zodiac sign Rat, are advised not to engage in any important activity as in the 6 clashes, Horse clash with the Rat. The horse month ends 6th of July.

Horse and Goat combined to form Fire.

Horse is also one of the Flower of Romance.

Those zodiac sign of Snake, Ox and Rooster, horse is their Romance Star.

Well, let see if we hear any news about Romance, be it good or bad from now till 6th of July.