Sunday, June 6, 2010


Dear Readers, starting from 6th June 2010 at about 0351 hrs, the energy of Mid-Summer arrived and it will somehow affects our living environment.This is the solar month of Yang Water 壬 and Yang Fire 午. Metal Star 7, 7 in Luo Shu Chart is Dui 兑 trigram. It takes the central palace.

壬午月solar month yang water yang fire

Star 7 also known as Po Jun Xing 破军星 this palace. With the annual star 8 and month star 7, it houses the combination of White Star 8 and Metal Star 7. This is the auspicious palace, as Earth produce Metal. Then again, I have my opinion, Po Jun Xing is considers as a destroyer and by the nature of Dui Trigram is incompleteness, and in Chinese character 兑, look like a rabbit,a play boy iconic. This month of Wu 午 is also a romance star. Will there be news or rumor about romance involving someone rich ?

Annual Purple Star 9 and Month Star 8 in this sector, Fire produce Earth. This palace is in harmony state. Fire produce Earth, it also release the strong fire at this sector in 2010. House door opens at this sector may have happy occasion coming your way. I suggest that if you have already placed a clay piggy bank with coins, in this sector, it may bring you wealth. Keep it clean and tidy.

Annual Water Star 1 meets month Purple Star 1 at this palace. The elements of Water and Fire are in conflict. To buffer the conflict, place a potted plant tie with red ribbon at this sector.

Annual Black Star 2 at the NorthEast already an inauspicious sector. This month come the Water Star 1, Earth control Water, it is in conflicts. Keep the young one out of this sector, at the same time, do not activate this sector by knocking or making loud noise. The strung of 6 ancient coins at his sector can helps to reduce the effect.

South Sector this month encounters the sickness star 2. Combined with the annual star of quarrelsome Star 3;'Fighting Bull Sha'. Avoid! To cure this sector in this month is by placing a strung of 6 coins and something red at this sector. Well, if you have already place the red there to cure the annual star 3 then a strung of 6 coins or a metal display will do.

Annual Star 4 and month Star 3 meet at the North Sector. Both are wood elements. By nature, Star 3 is a quarrelsome star. Use red or something that is triangle to cure this sector. Avoid this sector also as this is the Shan Sha place this year.Avoid meaning don't held any activity in this area.

This is the sector to look out for. Avoid! Annual Star 5 and month Star 4 meet, Wood conquer Earth, this sector is very inauspicious. In the beginning of the year, if you place the six metal coins here, in-addition to this month, place something black or blue at this sector.

The East sector seem not that bad due the heavy metal at this sector and the month star no 5 is weaken. Nevertheless, if star 5 is not the timely star, it can create havoc. Avoid!

Avoid this sector. Annual star 7 and month star 6 formed a "Crossing Sword Killing", which is not an auspicious sector for month of Ren Wu. Can try placing a pot of plants on water.

It seem that only the NorthWest is usable. If you need to do something that is important, please choose a good date and use sector. Avoid those bad sectors.