Friday, November 27, 2009

House Facing No Where

House with no clear facing direction affect the owner. In life, there are goals and directions/objectives. No clear facing meaning....

Refer to the picture for illustration:

compass 罗盘

I personally have this experience of taking reading for friends and clients houses, the end results are that I can't get the house facing reading from the compass. We can say that this is void, this house is facing a void direction.

There are 8 directions that a house will be facing. If a house is facing on the trigram dividers (ref to diagram - red lines), this house is facing a void direction.

How It Affects The Owner
Those living in a void direction house will slowly lost of personal direction. The owner can't make decision or cannot make clear decision. Weak determination and health will be affected. In long term, the career will be badly affected.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

乙亥 Yin Wood, Yin Water Month

Dear Readers,

7th Nov 09, a new season; Winter Begin. This is the time where snow will start to fall.

立冬winter star

A Review
I did mentioned that last month may see an increase in H1N1 cases. Star 6 take centre stage, and it don't seem to have much unhappy cases happen, compare to the month where star 7 was in control.

Month of Yin Wood,Yin Water 乙亥
Flying Star
1. Star 5;Sickness Star, take control. Expected esculation of sickness at some part of the world.
2. Star 2, also a Black Star at the South West.
3. Star 3, quarrelsome star at the East.
These are the 3 inauspicious stars that will affect the behaviour of these part of the world. You may want to avoid.

The Month
The month of Yin Wood Yin Water will start from 7th Nov to 6th Dec.Heavenly Stem of Yin Wood 乙 and Earthly Branch of Yin Water 亥.
1. Earthly Branch of Hai 亥, which in the chinese zodiac is Pig, this is a Yin Water element. Water give birth to Wood; it controls Fire. Hidden in Yin Water 亥 are Yang Wood 甲(10 days) and Yang Water 壬(next 20 days). Those who are born in the month of 亥 and in the first 10 days can take into consideration that wood is strong. After the first 10 days; last 20 days, water is strong.

yin wood yin water month 乙亥

2.Yin Water Pig clashes with Snake 巳. This is a month breaker for those born in the year of snake. That is to say do not engange or make important decision in this month; 7th Nov to 6th Dec 09. This is also a month that make a complete of winter season combination of 亥,子,丑; Pig,Rat,Ox, all these 3 zodiacs form a strong water Frame. Pig 亥 combined with Tiger 寅, to form Wood.Another 3 combination of 亥,卯,未,Pig , Rabbit and Goat, to form a Wood Frame.

Travelling Horse
3. Those whose chinese zodiac sign are:
Snake 巳,Rooster 酉 or Ox 丑,
the month of Pig 亥, is their travelling horse sign. Chances are, these people may have the opportunity to travel far distance or are very busy with work.

Heavenly Stem 乙

4. The heavenly stem of Yi 乙 Yin Wood. Bazi with DM Yi Wood will not want to see another Yi woyod coming along which may be someone who come and take away or combine away something, can be wealth or friendship.

5.Yi 乙 combined with Geng 庚 earth to form Metal. Those who bazi do not favour Metal will not be in good luck.

6. In conclusion, we can say that this is a month of cold water with wood in the first 10 days. Are we going to see H1N1 will be strong for the first 10 days? Star 5, sickness star is in control, we may see some unexpected illness appear?

Happy Reading!