Sunday, January 10, 2010

Auspicious Beginning On the 1st Day of Chinese New Year

The 1st Day of the Chinese New Year falls on the 14th Feb 10. Everyone would like to have a good start on this day.

The first action is to know the auspicious timing for 1st visit and follow by which are the asuspicious directions.


0700-0900 (Dragon Hours)
1100-1300 (Horse Hour)


1.Sector East 1 - 68 - 83 degree,
2.SouthEast - 128 - 141 degree
3.West 1 - 248 - 263 degree,
4.West 3 - 277 - 290 degree.


1. You may want to get two street maps of where you are living and a compass.

2. Based on the auspicious sectors given above, plot them onto the maps and those area cover under the auspiciou sectors are the area that you can plan it for the first stop to mark the auspicious beginning of the CNY.

Example 1: A map of the Macro level of the area you are living. For example, the location in this example is Yio Chu Kang.
Auspicious location

Place the compass onto the map.The centre of the compass on the location where you live, for example Yio Chu Kang.
Macro level

Example 2: A map of the micro level of where your house is.
auspicious sector for cny

Place the compass onto the house where you live, then find out the auspicious sectors.
micro level

Good Luck!

If you have not read the article on some tips on the auspicious beginning for the first day of CNY. Visit Good Start to CNY

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yin Fire Stem and Yin Earth Branch

5th Jan 2010 from 1900 hrs onward, we welcome in the new month of Yin Fire and Yin Earth. Coincidently, the month is a duplicate of Year Branch Earth Ox.


2oo9 is Ji Chou 己丑 year, it will double the effect of ox especially in the month of ox. In the year of Ox, an element of Earth; it represent farming, property, building industry,mineral, and jewelries industries. All these industries are expected to achieve it height of harvest. However, at the same time, what reaches it height will be expected to slide. Coming to the end of double Ox , these industries are expect to slide or faced a down-turn point. Since it is just a begining of Ox month and ending of the Ox year, it is wise for these industries to quickly take profits and do not wait for good opportunity, it may turn out to be a risk!


In the month of Ox, Metal related industries; steel, hardwares and machineries etc. These industries can expect a boom, and also can expect a risk of down-turn. Do not take risk, take profit in the early stages of the month.


In the month of Ox, water related industries, due to the protected of the Earth Ox, can expect a booming month. The effect will be lost with the fading of Ox month and year.


Wood related industries, due to strong earth energy, it will be at a stage of weakness. Wood industries can take this opportunity to consolidate it energy and strike when Spring arrive.


Fire industies can expect a not so good time due to the strong earth. It weaked the fire industries. The arrival of Spring will bring out the life of Fire.

Good Luck!