Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tips on How to Prevent Wealth Drained

Everyone would like to have plenty of wealth. Many also afraid that when one will have to spent unnecessary money or wealth drained. Now I would like to provide you three tips on how to prevent wealth drained or losing of wealth.

Tips 1:
Toilet, Kitchen and Fish Tank should not be located in the center of the house.

The center of the house is where all the wealth gathered. It is like a wealth pool. If it happens to be the Kitchen area, the wealth is likely to be burnt into ashes. Toilet in the center of the house is also inauspicious, because it is an unhygienic area, wealth will not be there if it is a toilet area. It you placed a fish tank at the center of the house, wealth will be flow away. Please take note.

Tip 2:
Main Door should not be directly in-line with the Kitchen,Toilet,Mirror,Safe Cabinet, and Rear/Back Door.

Kitchen Stove is also consider a wealth pot, if it is facing the main door, wealth will flow out easily. Seeing the toilet directly from the main door prevent the wealth god from entering the house. Likewise, Mirror also prevent the wealth god entering the house. If rear door and main door are in-line, is like an arrow sha, where the wealth flow out easily.

Tip 3:
Name or Company Ink Stamp Should not be chip off or have blur lettering.

Name or Company Ink Stamp represent one self. It is important not to be damaged or having blur image of lettering. If a corner of the ink stamp is chip off, it may caused injury or accident to the owner. Blur lettering may caused the owner cannot concentrate on his/her work and thus incident may happened. All these causes the lost of wealth.

Hope that the above 3 tips are helpful to you.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lamp Post - Sha Qi

Feng Shui Compass can be used to ward off Sha Qi coming into your house.

A lamp post directly in front of the house main door will caused sha qi to the owner of the house.

In this tip, I would like to tell my readers to take very close attention to lamp posts surrounding the house, especially in front of the main door.

Lamp post are made of metal with electricity passing through it to light-up the bulb. In feng shui term, it contain the sha of 3 elements, mainly, Metal, Fire and Wood. These 3 elements are in a destructive cycle. As a result it causes sha qi.

In order for the house to receive the sha, please note that the lamp post have to in very close proximity to the main door (about 10 to 15 meters). If it is far away, I must say that the Sha Qi would not be present.

See picture below:
Sha Qi, feng shui, lamp post

The impact on the owner would be great as it may caused sickness to the owner.

Simple cure is to remove the lamp post if possible. If the lamp post cannot be removed, hang a feng shui compass in front of the main door to naturalize the sha.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How to Place Cure - Flying Star Chart

How to place cure as regard to feng shui or in short Feng Shui Cure.The word cure can also interpreted as remedy.

I believed that if a house can be properly cured or remedied at the bad sectors of the house, we can say that Feng Shui is correctly applied.

Why I say that is because, if the bad sectors are properly cured, there will be less problem in the house.

Below is a question asked by a student in feng shui class:
Im confused as to how to place cures---if this house was built in period 7-period to 2004, do I follow that flying star chart or do i follow current 2008-period 8- my apt faces north- as well as the house i live in- it faces north- im top apt. i have a bedroom in nw corner of apt, mia

To answer the above question, I think this student was really confused. Period 7 ends in 2004 and 2005 is the beginning of period 8.
What this student means by period 7 and period 8, it means that each period a different flying star chart apply. We can call this the birth chart of the flying star as it determines the time a person shifted into the house.

On top of the period flying star chart (birth chart), there is the annual flying star chart. Annual flying star is potent, it must be cured before the new year start. Those are star 2,3 and 5. If you refer to my earlier post, I have recommended how to cure those stars.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Earthly Branches and Clashes

In real world or in Feng Shui, we are evolving around changes. It is the opposite thinking and actions that made the differences. In Feng shui, we always talks about clashes. The chinese 12 animals sign is the main focal point when clashes are concerned.

See the diagram below:
clashes of the earthly branch

Refer to the diagram, there are 12 points and each points represent an animal and location. Take for example, if you look at the North,which is the animal sign Rat, directly opposite is the South,Horse. Both constitute a clashes.It apply to the rest of the direction.

The clashes are commonly used for Date Selection:
For example, a person born in the year of Rat would not want to choose a Horse Year, day and hour for marriage or to start an important events.