Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hall Area Not Suitable to be too Small

In feng shui aspect, the hall if it smaller than the bedroom area, it will affects those who are living in the house.

See digram below:

Recently, a friend of my asked me why his family members when reach home, they will head striaght to the bedroom; nobody likes to stay at the hall area.

My replied to him, "Are the bedrooms bigger than the hall?" His replied, "YES!"

That is correct, this is only one of the problem. There are problems such as:
family members will interact less,
slowly,they act like independant party,
family members will not be co-operative,
and more serious, each will go their own ways.

So my advise to those whose house layout are as such, please quickly rectified it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

甲戌 Yang Wood, Yang Earth Month

Dear Readers,

The Month of Yin Water and Yin Metal don't seem to be a peaceful month after all. At the Pacific and S.E Asia region we see tsurami and earth quake and typhoon. Could it be the Star 9 and 7 are creating havoc ? We hope that the month of Yang Wood and Yang Earth will bring us harmony and peace to the world.

8th Oct 09 at 1215 hrs to 7th Nov 09 at 1509 hrs, the new month is of Heaven Stem; Yang Wood 甲; Earthly Branch; Yang Earth 戌. This month also see Flying Star 6 white in the central palace.

See the month chart.
甲戌yang wood yang earth star 6

1. Earthly Branch of Xu 戌, which in the chinese zodiac is dog, this is a Yang Earth element. Earth give birth to Metal; it controls water. Is this earthly branch of Yang Earth strong? I should say yes. Yes because this year Ji Chou are earth which strength (give weight)to earth. That is to say, this is a strong Earth Month. Bazi Day Master is Water will not want a strong earth; meaning it will add strong pressure to the water DM. For those whose DM is water, it is time to take a break from work!

2.Yang Earth Dog clashes with Dragon 辰. This is a month breaker for those born in the year of Dragon. That is to say do not engange or make important decision in this month; 8th Oct to 7th Nov 09. This is also a month that make a complete 3 clashes of 丑,未,戌; Ox,Goat,Dog, all these 3 zodiacs are of earth element. Will there be earth quake again? It will not be an auspicious month for those whose bazi chart already encountered the Ox and Goat clashes and come the month of dog, the clashes are enhanced. Beware and avoid places with mountains and abundant of earth.

3.Dog combined with Rabbit 卯 to form Fire, those bazi chart with these two elements, is able to transform into Fire.In the 3 combinations, we have tiger 寅,horse 午and Dog 戌to form Fire. Dog is also a Hot Earth. Those Day Master who favorable Fire and encounters these combination, will like it.

4. Let me talk about the heavenly stem of jia 甲 Yang Wood. Bazi with DM Jia Wood will not want to see another Jia coming along which may be someone who come and take away or combine away something, can be wealth or friendship.

5.Jia 甲 combined with ji 己(coincidently this year Heavenly Stem is Ji) earth to form Earth. Those who bazi do not favour Fire will not be in good luck.

6. In conclusion, we can say that this is a month of very strong earth. H1N1 in chinese is know as 甲型流感. Are we going to see an increase in those affected with H1N1?

Happy Reading!