Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dragon Year Auspicious and Inauspicious Actions

Dragon year 2012 is rule by General Peng Tai 龙年壬辰太岁-彭泰大将军.

General Peng Tai 龙年壬辰太岁-彭泰大将军

2012 Ren Chen Water Dragon Year, Tai Sui is General Peng Tai, both hand carry a dragon statue. He was born in the Ming Dynasty, he is an intelligent since he was a boy. He attained his scholar in the year 1394 and was given the Official post after that. He is a simple and straight forward and hard working person. Peng Tai came from a poor family.He married young and have a loving family life.

Tai Sui is like a Minister, control the policy of dragon year. Tai Sui control the peoples' luck and the whole year matter related to health and well being. Sometime he play the role of a judge. He take charge of the day to day administration. In the beginning of the year, many people will pray to Tai Sui for a blessing year ahead.

Tai Sui is also known as Grand Duke of Jupiter; planet Jupiter.

day pillar gui wei 癸未

23rd January 2012 is the first day of the Lunar New Year, to have a good start in the new year day is very important. On this day, the day stem is Gui 癸 water, and the earthly branch is Wei 未 Goat, earth element. In the 6 clashes, Goat clashes with Ox. Those with zodiac sign Ox can carry a Horse amulet to avoid the clash, to seek a good beginning in this day.


On Monday 23/1/12, the first destination you are heading may be to the temple, to relative house or to pay respect to the ancestor. I would suggest before you head to your first destination, you may want to move on to the direction that will bring you happiness and have nobleman luck for the whole year; a good start in the Lunar New Year day will bring you the whole year of luck. From your living place, measure the South-East location, you can use google earth to plot the direction and along that direction find a kiosk like patrol station or eating house, mark it out. Move along the SE direction and stop at the kiosk for a drink or buy something that you are happy. After that, you can move on to your first destination. Another auspicious direction is the East direction. SE is the Happiness and East is the Nobleman direction.


1. Tiger hour = 3-5 am,
2.Rabbit hour = 5-7am,
3.Dragon hour = 7-9am,
4. Snake hour = 9-11am and,
5. 11am-1pm.
Choose any of the 5 auspicious hours to move out of your house.


The hour of Ox 1-3pm, Goat 3-5pm and Rooster 7-9pm are the inauspicious hours.

The West, North-East and the South are the directions to avoid on 23/1/12.

28/1/12 Sat, not auspicious for horse zodiac person, 29/1/12 Sun, goat zodiac to avoid start work on 29/1, 30/1/12 Mon, monkey zodiac to avoid, 31/1/12 Tue, Rooster zodiac to avoid. Just to name a few as most of the company will start work on 30/1/12 Mon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Water Dragon Year Flying Star Auspicious and Inauspicious Forecast

greeting chinese new year
Post by Team GoodFengShuiTips

2012 Dragon Year (壬辰)is approaching. Many of goodfengshuitips readers I believe have made plans for work, family life, romance, and study in 2012. To get to know the auspicious and inauspicious location of own living environment for 2012 before the start of the lunar new year, is the key to a better and successful Dragon Year. Team GoodFengShuiTips have made the below flying star forecast and hope to benefit all our reader. We would like to wish all our readers a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy Dragon Year.

Our readers should have heard of Heaven and Earth. In the Heaven we have the 9 stars and in Earth we have the 9 palaces. 9 stars meaning: Star 1 (white), Star 2 (black), Star 3 (jade), Star 4 (green), Star 5 (yellow), Star 6 (white), Star 7 (gray), Star 8 (white) and Star 9 (purple).

9 stars flies according to time, in certain time it is auspicious and in other time it is inauspicious. This reflect the true changes of one's luck.


Star 1, white water star (Tang Lang)control career, public relationship and romance.

4 green academic wood star, control wisdom and academic achievement.

6 white (Wu Qi) star, it is an authority star and it is capable of activating one's travelling horse, therefore, this star is very much related to career success.

8 white star (Zou Pu), control wealth.

9 purple star (Zou Pi) control marriage and happy occasions.

Any of the house sector in 2012 having these 5 auspicious if wisely used and co-ordinates will bring positives results. Likewise, if it is not fully control and co-ordinate, the auspicious effects will be reduced or null.


2 black (Ji Men) earth star, this star affect one's health like the body and heart. It is also know as the sickness star.

3 jade (Lu Chun) wood star, this is know as the quarrelsome star which can result to lawsuit.

5 star (Lian Zhen) earth star, it is the most potent and trouble maker star. Of all the star, this is the most inauspicious star.

7 gray (Po Jing) star, this is a destroyer star and causes backstabbing.

Feng Shui of a living place and the owner living in this place is like a bomb. The year feng shui or flying star is like the activator, anytime can activate the bomb. If the firework is activated, it may lights up and brighten the sky, if it activates the real bomb, it will caused serious damages.


2012 Dragon Year, Star 1 is at the South, 2 black is at the North, 3 jade atthe South-West, 4 green at the East, 5 yellow at the South-East signified South-East is in a very inauspicious position, 6 star in the central, 7 gray flies to the North-West, auspicious wealth star in the West and Happiness star 9 purple in the North-East. Please examine the Flying Star Chart for 2012:
feng shui 2012 good feng shui tips flying star chart dragon year 壬辰


In 2012, Star 7 gray fly to the North-West, this is an inauspicious star, mainly represent legal, lost of wealth, invite bad influence and back stabbing. Star 7 also control the wealth luck. This star can sometime consider as auspicious. It is better to discharge the energy of this star rather then controlling it. Star 7 is not a timely star, if it is in it good effect is can bring luck and wealth, if the opposite, it causes love problems and legal law suit. It is advisable not to use red in this sector of north-west. If north-west is in the kitchen, it double the inauspicious effects.

Place a clear white crystal or a bowl of clean still water in this location. A wavy black mat or some wavy decorative item like blue or black color. You can also consider placing plants that growth on water.


Star 8 white, earth star in the West in 2012. This is the most auspicious star in period 8, it is also the prosperity star. This star signifies wealth, promotion, happiness and career. If you main door is at the West and facing the West, star 8 is able to bring your luck and prosperity in 2012.

To increase the wealth luck, place a fish tank or something that move. The West in 2012 need movement and not to keep silence.


Purple Star 9 flies to North-East, this star control celebrations, wealth, marriage, romance, and career. Main door or opening in north-east will bring luck related to purple star 9. It also help in promotion. Placing of natural yellow crystal ball can enhance the wealth luck.


In 2012 Star 1, Tang Lang Star flies to the South. This star control career, personality, wealth, relationship and romance. This section is balance between auspicious and inauspicious Star 1 by nature is a water star and the south section is a fire section. Fire and Water is not in harmonies combination. Water is control by Fire which may caused sickness, disharmony, romance problem, quarrel and also affects the wealth luck. People who sleep and live in the south sector should take precaution about romance.

If this section is a bedroom and a single who live in the south bedroom can use this opportunity to enhance their romance chances by place a cup of water or 7 white crystal balls plate in this sector. Placing of a strung of 6 coins or metal items to enhance the strength of water to reduce the inauspicious effects.


Black Star 2 is an inauspicious star, in 2012 it flies to the North. This star affect the health of those who door is opened in this sector. No moving items such a water and no renovation is in this sector. This area is to keep clean and tidy without any cluster. Kitchen in the north sector can affect the health of the family living in.

Black Star 2 is earth element. Placing a heavy metal item or strung of 6 coins if the opening is facing the north, to reduce the effect of black star 2.


Legal or Quarrelsome Star 3 in the South-West. If the main hall or main door open in this section may affect the one emotion and affect one temperament. Star 3 wood element in the south-west which is earth element, wood and earth are in conflicting situation.

To reduce the Sha Qi of Star 3, the element of fire is needed. Light a red light bulb or a red mat at this sector can reduce the effect of wood star 3.


In 2012 the academic star flies to the East, represent wisdom, career study, happiness and good wealth. As such, the East sector in 2012 is good to use for study place.

Placing an academic pagoda or 4 pieces of Chinese calligraphy writing set in this sector to enhance the academic achievement.


The most inauspicious of the 9 stars, star 5 yellow is at the South-East in 2012. The South-East is the most inauspicious sector in 2012. Do not hack or renovate in this sector unless a feng shui professor is consulted. The main door, window or any opening if opened in this sector, proper care and precaution are to be taken to prevent any activation of Star 5. The next important aspect if there is any Sha Qi coming to this sector,the owner needs to take proper prevention.

The element of star 5 is earth. If opening like door and window are facing the direction of South-East, one can place a silver or gray color mat to reduce the bad effects. Secondly, hanging a strung of 6 metal coins is a cheap a easily solution. No moving items to be placed in the South-East in 2012 dragon year.


Sta6 in the central, this star can be considered as auspicious if proper care and activation is taken. It also can cause problem if not used properly. This star mainly control indirect wealth; or wealth not from hard work. Easy money can come and goes easily. The common practice for star 6 section is placing a bowl of still water (no moving water) and place 6 ancient coins to activate the indirect wealth.

To reduce the bad effects of Star 6, place a strung of 6 metal coins or a yellow crystal ball or a copper metal statue.

Take precaution of Star 2,3 and 5 sector is the utmost important. I belief that if these 3 inauspicious is properly taken care of, the bad Qi can be prevented. I wish all readers a happy and prosperous 2012.

The 12 Medicine Buddha 十二药叉伸将

Dear Readers,

Many believe that only the zodiac that are against the Tai Sui in the Dragon year 壬辰 need to pray to the Tai Sui also known as Grand Duke of Jupiter. How about those zodiacs that not against the Grand Duke but want to seek good health and better luck in the Dragon Year?

In my earlier post on zodiac luck in dragon year, I mentioned about the protection Buddha, one can either chant, offer prayer or buy an amulet to wear. In this post is about the 12 Medicine Buddha 十二药叉伸将, each zodiac is protected by a medicine or health Buddha. The Buddhist temple at 817 Bukit Batok West Ave 5 (next to Bukit Batok Driving Ctr),Tel 66657566, did offer prayer of the 12 zodiac Medicine Buddha during the new year; from first day to 15th day of Lunar New Year.

THE RAT - 招杜罗大将.
rat medicine buddha zodiac tai sui

THE OX - 毘羯罗大将.
ox zodiac medicine buddha

THE TIGER - 宫毘罗大将.
tiger zodiac medicine buddha

THE RABBIT - 伐折罗大将.
rabbit zodiac medicine buddha

THE DRAGON -迷企罗大将 .
dragon zodiac medicine buddha

THE SNAKE - 安底罗大将.
snake zodiac medicine buddha

THE HORSE - 頞尔罗大将
hore zodiac medicine buddha

THE GOAT - 珊底罗大将.
goat zodiac medicine buddha

THE MONKEY - 因达罗大将.
monkey zodiac medicine buddha

THE ROOSTER - 波夷罗大将 .
rooster zodiac medicine buddha

THE DOG - 摩虎罗大将.
dog zodiac medicine buddha

THE PIG - 真达罗大将.
pig boar zodiac medicine buddha

Wishing You Good Health and Prosperity in the Dragon Year.