Monday, March 31, 2008

Use Curtain to Ward-Off Sha Qi

What is Sha Qi? Any sharp pointing object that is pointing toward your house window or main door, those objects are creating Sha Qi. Sha Qi is consider inauspicious. To fence off those Sha Qi, depending on the 'strength' of the Sha Qi. If the object point to your house is near, the Sha Qi is consider very strong.

curtain_sha Qi

Curtain can act as a screen to fend off external Sha Qi

Choose a color that harmonise with your personal elements.

Blinds and screens can also substitute for curtains.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Feng Shui Cure for Sickness

Why there is a sudden sickness happened?, western doctor will say that is a virus attack,for chinese physician they will say that the Qi in one body is not flowing properly.

To a Feng Shui Master, it interpret as the Flying Star 2 and 5, have fly-in

These 2 stars caused the owner living in that area where star 2 and 5 fly-in to be sick. Star 2 is known as 'Black Star' while star 5 is known as "Yellow Star'. These two stars are very potent, if they hit into the house areas together with the annual star and monthly flying star, those area hit by star 2 and 5 will caused sickness to whoever stay in that affected area.

The feng shui master may recommend that prevention is better then cure. How to prevent? It is recommended that use metal and wind chime is the best medicine.

If the area affected by these two stars, and it happen to be the bedroom, if the the monthly star and the annual star are 2 or 5, it is advise that the owner sleep in the hall rather than sleep in the bedroom.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Grand Duke or Tai Sui for Year 2008

The Chinese believe that each new lunar year, the year will be rule by a Tai Sui (in Chinese term) or we call it the Grand Duke.

General Deng Tang is the grand duke for the year of the rat.

grand duke tai sui

Those zodiacs that are not favorable to general Deng Tang are Zodiacs facing "Disagreement" with Tai Sui are Rat, Horse, Rabbit, Rooster and Sheep; while zodiacs in "Agreement" with Tai Sui are Dragon, Ox and Monkey.

Chinese also believe that those facing the disagreement will have to offer prayer to the Tai Sui God to clean away their bad luck.

These are all just a believe and has been passed down from generations.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Practice Feng Shui In the Right Way

Hi, it is important that the rules of Feng Shui Practices be adhere to, in order to achieve the desire outcomes.

Let me tell you the first five rules:

1. If you are living in a place with modern environment, use tall building or tall objects as virtual mountain. Virtual water can be open space or low-lying land.

2. The Qi comes in from the main door. As a result the position of the door is important.

3. Know where is the sitting and facing of your building and door so as to determine the external features.If there are in an inauspicious position, than do not do anything to affect it.

4. The landscape, vegetation, traffic flow and water feature surround your environment can determines the quality of the Feng Shui.

5. It is possible to erect a chart for the building and another for the door if both the facing are different.