Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunar New Year Greeting

Dear Readers:

26th Jan 09, all Chinese in this world will celebrate Lunar New Year. I wold like to take this opportunity to thanks all goodfengshuitips readers for following my blogs and appreciate you all can bookmark it.

My Sincere greetings to all:

lunar new year greeting

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Auspicious Dates and Times during Lunar New Year 2009

Chinese all over the world celebrate Lunar New Year starting from 26th Jan 09 until 9th Feb 09, total 15 days.

During this period many chinese would want to pick an auspcious day and time for welcoming of Wealth God and auspicious time to go out of the house. Auspicious day to start work etc...

Lunar New Year day is on 26th Jan 09, Monday, which is Xin Wei 辛未 day. On this day the Nobleman God is coming from the South direction where the Wealth God coming from the East direction.

The auspicious times for lighting the joss stick is at the hour of Zi (11pm-1am), Yin (3am-5am),Mao (5am-7am) and Chen (7am-9am).

The Auspicious time to go out of the house on 26th Jan 09 are Zi (11pm to 1am), Yin and Mao (3am-7am). When one go out of the house on the 1st day of Lunar New Year it is auspicious to move towards the South or the East.

The inauspicious direction to move toward to are the NorthWest and SouthWest, these directions are the Five Ghost, Death Door and Evil Spirit respectively.

The auspicious days to start work or in chinese it is the opening day for work(开工) are 5th day (30/1/09),6th day(31/1/09) and 8th day(2/2/09).

Wish my dear readers a Happy and Weathy Lunar New Year

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feng Shui for Year of Ox 己丑年风水 2009

Year of Ox (Ji Chou,己丑)Feng Shui. Ji Chou year will only arrive on 4th Feb 09 at 0052 hrs

This year the lunar new year is 10 days before the Spring Solstice 立春, which is on 4th Feb 09 at 0052 Hrs.All over the world, the Chinese will be celebrating the Lunar New Year on 26th Jan 09. Those born between the Lunar New Year to before Spring Solstice, will come under the zodiac sign of Rat. Ox babies are for those born on or after 4th Feb 09 at 0052 hrs.

It is time now to put up all the feng shui cures at the appropriate sectors of the house starting from Winter Solstice to before 4th Feb 09 at 0052 hrs.

The arrival of the Ox will signify the change of 'Qi', the old qi of the Rat will be replaced by the new qi of the Ox.

The Inauspicious Energies

1. The Five Yellow or Star 5 signify inauspicious and it is related to major illness. Stay away from the North sector. Importantly, those door opening at this sector need to take note not to create too much movement. Alternatively, one can avoid this as the entrance. We need to suppress the 5 yellow qi by placing a string of ancient copper coins by the door frame.

2. The Three Killings or the San Sha affect the East sector. Three killing comprises of the triple combo of year, disaster and robbery sha. San Sha is associated with financial lost and accidents. Is like sword fighting. To take note that this sector cannot have any renovation for the whole year. In order the soften the effect at the East, place a bundle of 3 bamboo plants. Now we have North and East sectors should not have ground breaking and renovation.

3. Tai Sui 太岁, to know more about this grand duke. Refer to my last post just after this post.

4. Star 3, quarrelsome star, it is location at the North East. Place a red lamp or red rug at this sector to lessen the effect.

5. 2 Yellow, this star is also know as the sickness star. Use a string of 6 metal coins to suppress this star with the element of earth.

The Auspicious Energies

1. For Romance and Better Education, enhance the South Sector with a set of education placement 文昌四宝 or you can have your study corner at the South.

2. Promotion and Growth, can place water element here to have better chance of promotion.

Star 9 take center palace, this is an auspicious star. Usually, how the star fly-in into the different sector is depends on the main star which take the center stage. Ji Chou year will be Star 9 at the center stage.

May year of the Ox be the nobleman to everyone!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Grand Duke or Tai Sui 太岁 for Year 2009

Tai Sui太岁 or Grand Duke for 2009

Tai Sui is also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter. Although it is called the Grand Duke Jupiter, it is not the actual planet Jupiter. Tai Sui is an intangible star which moves directly opposite of the planet Jupiter. In Chinese's meaning, the Tai Sui is known as the Yearly God. Tai Sui is the most powerful "Earthly God". There is a total of 60 Tai Sui.

Each year, there would be a new Yearly God on duty looking after all matters on earth. His appointment would commence on 4th Feb 2009 at 0052hrs.The next would take over the task on the following year.Year of Ox 2009, the Tai Sui is known as General Fu You 傅佑.

grand duke-tai sui

Each year there will be some zodiac sign that has opposing forces with the Tai Sui. These zodiac sign are said to suffer some form of bad fortune. The negative impact differs from people to people depending on individual birth data. These zodiac sign can be determined base on the earthly branch of the year as it corresponds with the 12 Chinese zodiac sign. It can classified under offend, clash or conflict formation with the Tai Sui.Since the it is Ox Year, it will clash with Goat, and conflict with Dragon and Dog.

4 pillar of destiny or known as bazi 八字 contains factors of these zodiac sign within the earthly branch - chou 丑, chen 辰, wei 未 & xu 戌, those with these sign are also deem to be affected for the year. Thus, there is also clash, conflict and or offend of either the month, day or hour pillar.

Some Taoist believers, will go praying to the Tai Sui at the beginning of the Lunar Year seeking for protection and peace would deflect the negative influence. One must return thanks at the end of the lunar year but before the winter solstice or also known as Dong Zhi.

In Feng Shui we also use this theory.It is associated to the orientation of a premise determined using the Chinese Feng Shui Compass known as Luo Pan marked with the 24 mountains. The position of the Tai Sui changes every year. The location where the Tai Sui resides should best kept quiet with no disturbance. Activities like renovation, ground breaking, earth digging, repairing and nailing on this area must be avoided till the following year. If the Tai Sui is disturbed, misfortune would befall on the residence such as injuries, financial losses, business failure or sudden illnesses. The extend of influence varies.

This Year of Ox 2009, the Tai Sui is located at the Northeast directions. If the main entrance of a premise is located within the Northeast sector, opening and closing of door is also considered as disturbing the Tai Sui.