Saturday, November 8, 2008

Buiding Door Facing

One of the important tip to select a good house is based on the building door positioning and facing. The door positioning and facing have to take in the good qi for good feng shui.

There are many conditions need to be full-fill when selecting a good feng shui house. One of the first and important condition is the land form. Open ground or water in front, mountain behind and left right of the building with appropriate supports.

In this tip here, I would like to point out the important of artificial flow of water in front of a building and how to choose a better feng shui building based on the flow of the car movement and the siting of the building's main door.

1. Open Ground in front of the Building

The building's main door is in the central, do not take into consideration of the car moving direction, this is auspicious. For the better, if there is a playground, open flat ground or garden, it is much more advantage in term of feng shui theory.

2. Car Moving From Right to Left Direction
Green Dragon
Car moving direction is from right(white tiger drection) to left(green dragon direction), the door positioning is on the left of the building, this building is auspicious.

3. Car Moving From Left to Right Direction.

Car moving direction is from left(green dragon direction)to right(white tiger direction), the door positioning is at the right of the building, this building is auspicious.

4. Car Moving From Both Directions.

Car moving from both directions, take the lane that is nearest to the building, based on the car moving direction, tip number 2 and 3 already had the answer for you. The lane that is furthest away from the building, do not take into consideration.

Keep look out for next tip.