Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter Solstice 冬季

Dear Readers,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my blog, and I sincerely hope that you have the opportunity to practice closely to my Feng Shui Tips. Share your positive experience, please.

Winter Solstice 冬季 arrived on 21 Dec 08, during this day the Chinese celebrates by offer praying with Tang Yuan 汤圆。

It is like the New Year for the Chinese.They also believe that one eaten the tang yuan, one will increase by one year of age.

Let me borrow from the explanation of Winter Solstice 冬季. See Picture:
winter solstice 冬季
In astronomy, the winter solstice is the moment when the earth is at a point in its orbit where one hemisphere is most inclined away from the sun. This causes the sun to appear at its farthest below the celestial equator when viewed from earth. Solstice is a Latin borrowing and means "sun stand", referring to the appearance that the sun's noontime elevation change stops its progress, either northerly or southerly. The day of the winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

Happy Winter Solstice,冬季快乐!

December 21st is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun is at 270 degree on the ecliptic.
The 3-4 days before and after the Winter Solstice are characterized with very poweful pozitive energy in Nature. This is a good time for receiving energy from Nature, important time for more meditation and relaxation. Even in a non-meditation state one can feel how the energy and the blood in the body are very intensified as if in a meditation state.
Now the qigong meditation is very qualitative, it gets easier and faster to enter into the deep levels of subconsciousness. The daoists, budhists and the qigong practitioners give a great importance to the meditation during the Winter Solstice and they utilize this period for more intensive cultivation. This is not
accidentally. At the Winter Solstice the yang energy starts to increase (and the days start to get larger), while the yin energy gradually starts to deminish (and the nights are becoming smaller). Slowly and almost unnoticeably the heat in Nature and in the human body is increasing from inside towards outside.
To a certain point, this is also related to the lunar month of rat (zi), in which we are now. It is represented by the ¡°Fu¡±24 hexagram in I Ching:

---- ----

---- ----

---- ----

---- ----

---- ----


Lao Zi says "Returning is the movement of Dao.¡¯Fu hexagram means
¡°Returning, Coming back" and it consists of 1 yang and 5 yin. The past month (hai) was completely yin ¨C with 6 yin, but now a new cycle is beginning, in which the first rays of the Yang energy start to appear. In Chinese, this is called ¡°Yi yang chu¡± Ò»Ñô³ö (¡°the appearance of first yang¡±). That's why this is considered a great time for cultivation.
During the different 24 solar segments of the Chinese calendar, the qi is concentrated at different energy points (guan) of the small heavenly orbit СÖÜÌì. Now, during the 15 days of the Winter Solstice period, the qi is concentrated at huiyin energy point of the body as well as in the lower dantian. Now it starts to activate especially on the Dumai (the yang meridian) of the small heavenly orbit. At the same time, the flow of energy can be felt much better and faster throughout the whole body.

(Hanlin Academy)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cure for 'San Sha' 三 煞

Family members got injured very frequently without involving in any unsafe activities. Qi Lin 麒麟,to control the 'San Sha'三煞.

Come 2009 己丑 year, the san sha sector is at the East, under the animal sign of Ox. Main Door and Bedroom's door opening at the East 东,will be subjected to the attack of san sha.

When inflicted with San Sha, family members can be easily got injured. If this happened in any of the house members, it could be that the opening of the main door or the bedroom door are opening at the section which the san sha arrived. For the year of 2008, the san sha is at the South 南.

How to Cure the sector with San Sha?
As shown, the picture is the auspicious animal known as Qi Lin 麒麟, it is made of gold or bronze. The one made of gold is expensive, then get the bronze type. Get it from any feng shui shop.Recommended to place outside the door way facing the direction of san sha, in this case for 2009, face East. To be effective place 3 qi lins, if less than 3 the power will be weaken accordingly. It is not recommended to place lion statue as it is too aggressive. Lion is for shop or office were it is place outside the Main Door way.

Method for Locating the San Sha:
Year of Monkey E9, Rat E1 and Dragon E5 = San Sha at South.
Year of Tiger E3, Horse E7 and Dog E11 = San Sha at North.
Year of Pig E12, Rabbit E4 and Goat E8 = San Sha at West.
Year of Snake E6, Rooster E10 and Ox E2 = San Sha at East.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 Yellow Star

Those who know Flying Star will know that Star 5 is the most deadly star to be avoided.
In chinese it is know as Wu Huang 五黄,廉贞. 5 Yellow is a quiet star. The sector of the house that is affected by 5 Yellow star required no movement at that area.

For 2009, starting from 6th Feb 2009, 5 yellow star will fly-in to North Sector of the house. In feng shui term, North is at the Kua Kan 坎.If Main Door is open at this sector, it may caused illness to the owner of the house.

What are the likely Illness?

Star 5 in North Sector will likely to inflect sickness like Kidney problem and urinating system problem.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Buiding Door Facing

One of the important tip to select a good house is based on the building door positioning and facing. The door positioning and facing have to take in the good qi for good feng shui.

There are many conditions need to be full-fill when selecting a good feng shui house. One of the first and important condition is the land form. Open ground or water in front, mountain behind and left right of the building with appropriate supports.

In this tip here, I would like to point out the important of artificial flow of water in front of a building and how to choose a better feng shui building based on the flow of the car movement and the siting of the building's main door.

1. Open Ground in front of the Building

The building's main door is in the central, do not take into consideration of the car moving direction, this is auspicious. For the better, if there is a playground, open flat ground or garden, it is much more advantage in term of feng shui theory.

2. Car Moving From Right to Left Direction
Green Dragon
Car moving direction is from right(white tiger drection) to left(green dragon direction), the door positioning is on the left of the building, this building is auspicious.

3. Car Moving From Left to Right Direction.

Car moving direction is from left(green dragon direction)to right(white tiger direction), the door positioning is at the right of the building, this building is auspicious.

4. Car Moving From Both Directions.

Car moving from both directions, take the lane that is nearest to the building, based on the car moving direction, tip number 2 and 3 already had the answer for you. The lane that is furthest away from the building, do not take into consideration.

Keep look out for next tip.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tips on How to Prevent Wealth Drained

Everyone would like to have plenty of wealth. Many also afraid that when one will have to spent unnecessary money or wealth drained. Now I would like to provide you three tips on how to prevent wealth drained or losing of wealth.

Tips 1:
Toilet, Kitchen and Fish Tank should not be located in the center of the house.

The center of the house is where all the wealth gathered. It is like a wealth pool. If it happens to be the Kitchen area, the wealth is likely to be burnt into ashes. Toilet in the center of the house is also inauspicious, because it is an unhygienic area, wealth will not be there if it is a toilet area. It you placed a fish tank at the center of the house, wealth will be flow away. Please take note.

Tip 2:
Main Door should not be directly in-line with the Kitchen,Toilet,Mirror,Safe Cabinet, and Rear/Back Door.

Kitchen Stove is also consider a wealth pot, if it is facing the main door, wealth will flow out easily. Seeing the toilet directly from the main door prevent the wealth god from entering the house. Likewise, Mirror also prevent the wealth god entering the house. If rear door and main door are in-line, is like an arrow sha, where the wealth flow out easily.

Tip 3:
Name or Company Ink Stamp Should not be chip off or have blur lettering.

Name or Company Ink Stamp represent one self. It is important not to be damaged or having blur image of lettering. If a corner of the ink stamp is chip off, it may caused injury or accident to the owner. Blur lettering may caused the owner cannot concentrate on his/her work and thus incident may happened. All these causes the lost of wealth.

Hope that the above 3 tips are helpful to you.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lamp Post - Sha Qi

Feng Shui Compass can be used to ward off Sha Qi coming into your house.

A lamp post directly in front of the house main door will caused sha qi to the owner of the house.

In this tip, I would like to tell my readers to take very close attention to lamp posts surrounding the house, especially in front of the main door.

Lamp post are made of metal with electricity passing through it to light-up the bulb. In feng shui term, it contain the sha of 3 elements, mainly, Metal, Fire and Wood. These 3 elements are in a destructive cycle. As a result it causes sha qi.

In order for the house to receive the sha, please note that the lamp post have to in very close proximity to the main door (about 10 to 15 meters). If it is far away, I must say that the Sha Qi would not be present.

See picture below:
Sha Qi, feng shui, lamp post

The impact on the owner would be great as it may caused sickness to the owner.

Simple cure is to remove the lamp post if possible. If the lamp post cannot be removed, hang a feng shui compass in front of the main door to naturalize the sha.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How to Place Cure - Flying Star Chart

How to place cure as regard to feng shui or in short Feng Shui Cure.The word cure can also interpreted as remedy.

I believed that if a house can be properly cured or remedied at the bad sectors of the house, we can say that Feng Shui is correctly applied.

Why I say that is because, if the bad sectors are properly cured, there will be less problem in the house.

Below is a question asked by a student in feng shui class:
Im confused as to how to place cures---if this house was built in period 7-period to 2004, do I follow that flying star chart or do i follow current 2008-period 8- my apt faces north- as well as the house i live in- it faces north- im top apt. i have a bedroom in nw corner of apt, mia

To answer the above question, I think this student was really confused. Period 7 ends in 2004 and 2005 is the beginning of period 8.
What this student means by period 7 and period 8, it means that each period a different flying star chart apply. We can call this the birth chart of the flying star as it determines the time a person shifted into the house.

On top of the period flying star chart (birth chart), there is the annual flying star chart. Annual flying star is potent, it must be cured before the new year start. Those are star 2,3 and 5. If you refer to my earlier post, I have recommended how to cure those stars.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Earthly Branches and Clashes

In real world or in Feng Shui, we are evolving around changes. It is the opposite thinking and actions that made the differences. In Feng shui, we always talks about clashes. The chinese 12 animals sign is the main focal point when clashes are concerned.

See the diagram below:
clashes of the earthly branch

Refer to the diagram, there are 12 points and each points represent an animal and location. Take for example, if you look at the North,which is the animal sign Rat, directly opposite is the South,Horse. Both constitute a clashes.It apply to the rest of the direction.

The clashes are commonly used for Date Selection:
For example, a person born in the year of Rat would not want to choose a Horse Year, day and hour for marriage or to start an important events.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House Located on a Y Junction

Question asked:
My residence is located at the intersection of three streets that come together to make a Y. My house is located right at the top of the Y where it splits off into two directions. So if you were traveling from the bottom of the Y upwards, and you kept going straight (right where > it splits) you would come right into my house. I once read somewhere > that this was not a good location and I should do something. I am beginning to believe this because the 2 previous owners were foreclosed on and ever since moving into here my finances have been in the negative and I am at the brink of foreclosure myself now. What do I do? Help!

See Picture:

Possible Solution:
plant a TALL hedge along the front, placing the gate and path in suitable location, to block this energy. A fence or wall will get the job done faster, of course.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

7th Month, 6 Rods Wind Chime & 3 Coins String

A student, asked me on the follow questions regarding Feng Shui placement.

This student wants to know in the 7th solar month, can we purchase Feng Shui Product, also want to know if placing of 6 rods wind chime and 3 coins string auspicious in those direction of NW and SE.

Here are the questions and my answers:
Question 1:
Is it o.k. to purchase Feng Shui items during the 7th Month?
It is perfectly alright to purchase Feng Shui product. The important note is that when placement of the products, it is advisable to select a suitable date which is favorable to the individual.

6 rods wind chime

Question 2
Should the 6-rod-wind-chime be placed at the NE or NW(patriarch), currently I have it placed at the NW.
Wind Chime of metal made is consider as an element of metal. 6 rods, the figure 6 is metal as well. The NW section is of Metal elements as well. Placing a 6 rod wind chime if this area of NW is to be enhanced, then I would say that it is perfectly clever to place it there.

3 coins string

Question 3:
I have a 3-coin string hanging at my main door which looks kind of small, facing SE.Any suggestion what I can hang at my main door, should I have a 6 or 9 coin string.
SE is of wood element sector. Placing metal coin string will be in conflict. This sector is also flying star 4 sector. This area is good for academic success and also for romance. Those who want to seek academic success, placed still water will enhanced one academic success.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Purpose of Display Elephant Statue for Feng Shui Cure

What is the purpose of displaying Elephant statue as Feng Shui Cure?

Some people like to display the elephant statue at home or the surrounding, for example, jade elephant,clay elephant,gold or copper elephant and stone elephant.

According to feng shui believe, the answer is very clear;'Enhanced the strength of the sitting direction of the house land form.

feng shui-elephant

Mostly, a building feng shui need mountain as back support. The body of the an elephant is huge, look like a mountain, it is auspicious to place an elephant statue at the sitting direction/back of the house/building.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Too Many Windows in The House, Auspicious ? or Inauspicious?

Too many windows in a house, is this auspicious or inauspicious?

On one of the Feng Shui training day, a student ask this question:
"My friend's house has too much of Yang Qi because there are many windows, I heard that a house with too many windows are inauspicious?"

Window is used to welcome sunlight and sunlight is considered as Yang Qi, if there few windows in a house than it is considered Yin Qi is too heavy. Too many or too few window, it has to strike a balance of Yang and Yin. If too many windows, there may be a situation where some windows are facing the auspicious directions and some windows may faced inauspicious directions, these will caused the house to become messy in term of Yin and Yang Qi.

This student asked again:
"How to harmonised this situation of too many windows in the house?

My answers, One:
No need to open all the windows, so long there is enough light from the outside, there is no necessity to open all the windows.
Too many windows too much sunlight from the outside, in this case, there is a need to put up curtains to block the lights from the outside.
Choose those window blinds that can be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight coming through the windows.

Best of Luck!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Feng Shui - Traveling Horse

How to find the traveling Horse Location of your house?

Activating the traveling horse area of the house to enable: traveling, moving job, going overseas for study... etc

If you wish to travel overseas for tour, increase you chances of changing job, shifting house or migrate to another country, use Feng Shui to activate your traveling horse location by placing a metal horse in that location of your house.

After study my chart below, you will be able to locate it using a compass. If the location is your main door, just leave it as it is as the main door is the place where movement qi is abundant. If not you can place a coper horse in that area to enhance it.

See chart below:
traveling horse

Choose a best day to activate it by placing a coper made horse.

If you have any questions, please post in the comments.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Find Your Wealth Area

Finding Your Wealth Area.

Based on the above picture, I will show you how to find your wealth area in your house.

It is as easy as ABC, first look at the 3 pictures where the difference location of the door is situated. Based on the picture, you determine which is the layout of your hall in alignment to the door. The wealth areas are indicated. Place a potted plant at the wealth area to activate the wealth. One point to take note is that, you have to ensure the area is free from clutter and it is bright.

To Your Success

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to Find a Life Time Partner Earlier

In Feng Shui term, we are able to enhance our chances in finding a life time partner.

How then to do it? I have a client who asked me, "My age is catching up and till now I have not find a partner. Not sure is there any method to enhance my flower of romance?"

I told her yes, simply place rose crystal or flower vase at the correct location of your house or bedroom.


There are many method of enhancing one flower of romance, the easiest method is by:
standing facing the house main door, the left wall is the "Green Dragon", this is the location where the female's flower of romance is. For female, you can place a rose crystal or a flower vase at that part of the wall to enhance the flower of romance. The right side is know as the "White Tiger", this is the location for male to enhance their flower of romance.

Wish you best of luck!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Main Door Facing The Stair - Auspicious or Inauspicious

It is Auspicious or inauspicious for a Main Door to face the Stair?

Main door facing the stair

Many old houses and offices will encounter such situation of Main Door facing the staircase directly. This type of situation, we can classified them into 2 catergories:
1. Main door facing the staircase which is leading down
2. Main door facing the staircase which is leading up

Facing the leading up staircase, the house owner health will be affected, as it will be inauspicious for the health. To hormonize this situation, we can placed a 3in height block at our main door(place it on the ground level up).

Facing the leading down, the wealth of the owner will be affected. As in, it will be inauspicious. In this situation, the owner is advised not to loan our money, because it will never return. In order to harmonize this situation, owner can placed a concave bagua on the top of the door. This is to bring back the flow out wealth.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Door Facing the Lift - Auspicious or Inauspicious

Some houses the main door faced directly to the lift. Most of the Feng Shui Masters feel that the house main door faces directly to the lift will affect the wealth of the owners. It is also not to the owners' advantage. No matter how much the owner earned it will be used up, if there is balance it will be not much left.

House main door faces directly to the lift is also know as "Open Mouth Sha".

However, if the main door that faces the lift is timely water star, or we call it the prosperity sector, in this case, it will turn from inauspicious to auspicious.

Nevertheless, most of owners will not be able to differential whether the main door is located in an auspicious or inauspicious location. If this is the case, it is advisable to harmonize it. Hang a mirror on top of the door and the door height have to raise higher.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Use Curtain to Ward-Off Sha Qi

What is Sha Qi? Any sharp pointing object that is pointing toward your house window or main door, those objects are creating Sha Qi. Sha Qi is consider inauspicious. To fence off those Sha Qi, depending on the 'strength' of the Sha Qi. If the object point to your house is near, the Sha Qi is consider very strong.

curtain_sha Qi

Curtain can act as a screen to fend off external Sha Qi

Choose a color that harmonise with your personal elements.

Blinds and screens can also substitute for curtains.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Feng Shui Cure for Sickness

Why there is a sudden sickness happened?, western doctor will say that is a virus attack,for chinese physician they will say that the Qi in one body is not flowing properly.

To a Feng Shui Master, it interpret as the Flying Star 2 and 5, have fly-in

These 2 stars caused the owner living in that area where star 2 and 5 fly-in to be sick. Star 2 is known as 'Black Star' while star 5 is known as "Yellow Star'. These two stars are very potent, if they hit into the house areas together with the annual star and monthly flying star, those area hit by star 2 and 5 will caused sickness to whoever stay in that affected area.

The feng shui master may recommend that prevention is better then cure. How to prevent? It is recommended that use metal and wind chime is the best medicine.

If the area affected by these two stars, and it happen to be the bedroom, if the the monthly star and the annual star are 2 or 5, it is advise that the owner sleep in the hall rather than sleep in the bedroom.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Grand Duke or Tai Sui for Year 2008

The Chinese believe that each new lunar year, the year will be rule by a Tai Sui (in Chinese term) or we call it the Grand Duke.

General Deng Tang is the grand duke for the year of the rat.

grand duke tai sui

Those zodiacs that are not favorable to general Deng Tang are Zodiacs facing "Disagreement" with Tai Sui are Rat, Horse, Rabbit, Rooster and Sheep; while zodiacs in "Agreement" with Tai Sui are Dragon, Ox and Monkey.

Chinese also believe that those facing the disagreement will have to offer prayer to the Tai Sui God to clean away their bad luck.

These are all just a believe and has been passed down from generations.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Practice Feng Shui In the Right Way

Hi, it is important that the rules of Feng Shui Practices be adhere to, in order to achieve the desire outcomes.

Let me tell you the first five rules:

1. If you are living in a place with modern environment, use tall building or tall objects as virtual mountain. Virtual water can be open space or low-lying land.

2. The Qi comes in from the main door. As a result the position of the door is important.

3. Know where is the sitting and facing of your building and door so as to determine the external features.If there are in an inauspicious position, than do not do anything to affect it.

4. The landscape, vegetation, traffic flow and water feature surround your environment can determines the quality of the Feng Shui.

5. It is possible to erect a chart for the building and another for the door if both the facing are different.

Friday, February 29, 2008

5 Important Factors for a Feng Shui Analysis

5 Important Points to note when seeking a Feng Shui Master to audit your house.

In Feng Shui analysis, the most important factors are:

1. Flying Star Birth Chart

The Flying Star Birth Chart depend on your house Sitting and Facing to determine the appropriate birth chart to be used. If a house is occupied during the Age 7 or 8 it will deploy a different birth chart.

2. Ruling Periods

Ruling periods is important because it will determine which flying star birth chart to be used to calculate you house. For example if you shited into a house after 2004, the ruling age is 8, before 2004 is ruling age 7.

3. Main Door Orientation

Main door orientation is for the feng shui master/consultant to check on the water theory.

4. Bedrooms

Bedrooms location is for the feng shui consultant to determine who in the family should sleep at which room for better health, wealth and luck.

5. Stove and Toilet Positions

In a flying star chart, each of the star has it own element. We do not want the stove to be placed in that position as it may cause more problem. If no choice, cure have to apply.

Hope the 5 tips would let you understand more and if you need to audit your house, you are aware of these terms.

Wishing you Best of Luck!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feng Shui Elements

Feng Shui revolve around the Five Elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These elements can be enhanced via virtual means.

About color and texture and shapes - here are a few tips:

Columns, high and tall, green, wood, green plants, indoor trees

Red, orange, pointed, arrows, picture of houses with pointed roofs, all flowers and plants with red, orange and pointed leafs or catuses of all kind - the red rose is fire, triangle

yellow, brown, mud-colors, more wide than tall, rectangle

white, shining, gold, silver, bronze, round, plants with round leafs, or round shaped bushes

blue, wavy, glass

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flying Star

Flying Star Chart - Yearly

In Flying Star Feng Shui, we take into consideration the Annual Flying Star Chart, House Birth Chart and the Monthly flying star and daily flying star chart. Below, I am talking about Yearly Flying Star Chart.

luo shu or Flying star chart

There are all together 9 flying stars moving in different directions in the Luo Shu grid(see above image).

Each star is assigned with a element:
Star 1 - Water
Star 2 - Earth
Star 3 & 4 - Wood
Star 5 - Earth
Star 6 & 7 - Metal
Star 8 - Earth
Star 9 - Fire

Every year there is a ruling star, in the above example, the Star 9 is in the center of the grid, therefore, it is the ruling star of that year. For year 2008, the ruling star is Star 1. Once the ruling Star is determined, the rest of the 8 Stars move in a fixed pattern in the 9 grid square.

The two potent stars are, star 2 and 5. They are the sickness stars. These two stars can cause sickness and misfortune if the house are confronted by these two stars.

In the chart, the Star 2 and 5 are in the West and North respectively.

Main door facing Star 2 or 5 in that particular year, up most precaution should be taken. Since Star 2 & 5 are of the Earth Element and can be harmonised by using a metal object to dissolve the Sha Qi.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Art of Living with Feng Shui

The Art of living, the Feng Shui Way

Ancient Chinese believe that our life is influenced by many factors, They are destiny, Luck, Feng Shui, Charity and Education.

To read the full article on
The Art Of Living With Feng Shui Now!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Flying Star Feng Shui

Feng Shui Chart : Flying Stars for Year 2008

Prosperous Stars ( #8, #9, #1 )
Locate these corners with prosperous stars and activate them correctly to harness the beneficial Qi.

5 Yellow Star ( #5 )

5 Yellow, a misfortune star has arrived in the South Sector for year 2008. It is one of the most dangerous star that indicates accidents, illness and just bad luck all round. Do not attempt any groundbreaking, renovation or drilling in this sector as you will disturb the 5 yellow. An auspicious time and date selection must be given to perform these activities.
If your main door or bed is positioned in the sector, you will need to weaken its negative qi with Metal Cure.

2 Sickness Star ( #2 )
2 Sickness Star, a misfortune star has arrived in the Northwest Sector for year 2008. It is a dangerous star that indicates accidents, illness and lost of wealth. Do not attempt any groundbreaking, renovation or drilling in this sector. An auspicious time and date selection must be given to perform these activities.
If your main door is location is in the Northwest Sector, a metal cure remedy is needed to weaken its energy.

7 Robbery Star ( #7 )
An inauspicious star located at Southwest Sector this year, brings gossip, accidents, financial losses, burglary and robbery. Do not activate this sector and avoid placing metal element in this sector.

Three Killing
Three Killing occupies 75 degree of a compass reading ( 5 mountains ) in the South Sector. Without proper time given, do not attempt any groundbreaking in this area as it can bring misfortunes like financial loss, injury and sickness.

Grand duke Jupiter ( Tai Sui )
Grand duke, that occupies 15 degree of the North sector ( N2 ) should not be disturbed at any cost. It will experience defeat, obstacles and loss if you confront it with activites like groundbreaking.

Do not sit and face towards this direction in your office. As an alternative, sit with your back towards this direction for support.

Age Break ( Sui Po )
Age Break occupies 15 degree of South sector ( Opposite Grand duke Jupiter ). Do not attempt any groundbreaking.