Sunday, May 15, 2011

Symbolism of Cicada

Crystal Cicada pen holder. This feng shui product is a auspicious symbolic gift. The material is a kind of crystal - Liu Li. Liu Li come in many color.


In China the phrase 'to shed off the golden cicada skin'(金蝉脱壳) is the poetic name of the tactic of using deception to escape danger, specifically of using decoys (leaving the old shell) to fool enemies. It became one of the 36 classic Chinese strategems. In the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Diaochan also got her name from the sable (diào) tails and jade decorations in the shape of cicadas (chán), which at the time adorned the hats of high-level officials. In the Chinese classic Journey to the West, the protagonist Priest of Tang was named the Golden Cicada; in this context the multiple shedding of shell of the cicada symbolizes the many stages of transformation required of a person before all illusions have been broken and one reaches enlightenment. This is also referred to in Japanese mythical ninja lore, as the technique of "utsusemi" (i.e., literally cicada), where ninjas would trick opponents into attacking a decoy.

cicada feng shui crystal
cicada 金蝉脱壳
金蝉 cicada
金蝉 cicada

Cicada makes a sound like "CI-CA-DA", in Chinese, it sounds like "知道啦" it can means that 'I understand' and 'I know what the answer already'.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dear Readers,

The month of April was over and we are into the May 2011 flying star starting on 6th May. This is also the beginning of Summer (立夏) according to the Solar Calendar. The month's pillar (consists of Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch)of GUI(癸)-Heavenly Stem and SI(巳)-Earthly Branch. Element of GUI=Water and SI=Fire. This pillar is not in harmony. See picture:

snake month pillar, 巳,gui si month

The pillar of Gui over Fire; Gui is Yin Water and Si is Yin Fire. These two elements are in in harmony. Water control fire. The earthly branch of snake can expect the unexpected and changes, especially, star 5 takes center palace. Star 5 is also the sickness star. See below Flying Star Chart:
May Flying Star chart,flying star 5


This month flying star repeat the Luo Shu Flying Star Chart. When there is a repeat of the same flying star chart as the Luo Shu chart, it is consider inauspicious.


Flying Star 5 is considered the most deadly star which may cause sickness, misfortune, death, and casualties, especially it is an untimely and unusable star. The central palace already have the Flying Star 7 resided there as the year star and combined with star 5, it spells an inauspicious outlook for the month.
Precaution: Keep the central palace clean and tidy. No activity in the central palace.


The combination of 8 and 6 in this palace indicating that it is an auspicious palace.


The energy in the West is pretty hot. Star 9 is Fire element in nature and comes this month of 7 according to the early trigram, this is strong Fire in nature because of 2+7 combined to form fire. If this palace is the kitchen, extra precaution is needed.
Precaustion: Do not place red item and no fire in this palace.


This is also a auspicious palace with the combination of Star 1 and Star 8.


The month star 9 flies into this palace help to enhance the energy of Star 2 which was already bad over at the South.
Precaustion: Place heavy metal here to cushion the effect of Star 2.

NORTH PALACEThe Year Star 3 was supported by Month Star 1,water. Star 1 is a timely star however due to the year star 3 at this palace, try not to conduct any activity here.

SOUTH-WEST PALACEMonth Star 2 is a sickness star. This palace is inauspicious.
Precautions: If door, window or balcony is facing the South-West, hang a strung of 6 ancient coins to guard the Star 2.


The overall chart for the month, the East can consider at the most inauspicious palace for this month. Year star 5 and Month Star 3; bad combination!
Precautions: Keep this sector silence.

SOUTH-EAST PALACEMonth Star 4; romance and academic achievement star. May be you want to try placing a bowl of still water at this sector to enhance the academic achievement.


As mentioned earlier, this is a repeat of the Luo Shu Flying Star and the Star 5 at this palace, it is a sign to us that this can be an auspicious month. The best is do not do any renovation this month. Be more health conscious if you need to travel overseas.