Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zodiac 2012 (2012 年生肖)

Dear Good Feng Shui Tips Readers,

Lunar New Year falls on 23rd January 2012 and many readers would like to know their luck in the dragon year. Here, I would like to emphasis that Water Dragon (壬辰),Ren Chen will arrived on 4th Feb 2012. Secondly, I also want to let the readers know that forecast based on zodiac may not be 100% accurate to all. I personally, would like to use the day stem to tell a person luck in the Ren Chen Year or Water Dragon Year. Generally, I will tell you each of the zodiac for the Dragon Year, how many good stars and bad stars are attached to the zodiac, at the same time, I will indicate the protection Buddha for the different zodiac, which you may want to pray for the whole year protection.I know of this temple at Bukit Batok, Tel 66657566, did offer prayer of the 12 zodiac protection Buddha during the new year.It is different from praying Tai Sui. Prayer to the protection Buddha that protect the person with that particular zodiac.

2012 zodiac rat 鼠 子

Rat in Chinese is written as 鼠 or 子. Rat always like to be the first, for 2012, there is no exception, the Rat will behave like a Hero. Rat zodiac like to be big brother in the year of dragon. While they want to behave like big brother, the surrounding people may want to back stab the rat. The best is to avoid unnecessary heroic act especially during the timing of 11am to 1 pm. Look out for those horse zodiac. Try to stay low profile. When walking along high rise building try to lookout for falling objects. The protection Buddha for rat is Thousand Hands Buddha (千手观音).

ox 牛 丑 冲太岁

Ox in Chinese is written as 牛 or 丑. The protect Buddha for Ox is Bodhisattva of Wisdom & Memory 虚空蔵菩薩.Ox in the Dragon Year is consider a clash with the Tai Sui. Avoid small talk which may lead to trouble. Nobleman is with the Ox and there may be some luck at time. Take care the heath of those who are close to you.

tiger zodiac protect buddha 虎 寅 2012

Tiger in Chinese is written as 虎 or 寅. The Tiger and the Ox have the same protection Buddha, which is Bodhisattva of Wisdom & Memory 虚空蔵菩薩. Tiger zodiac can expect a busy year ahead, with lot of travelling and movement. Most of the tiger people will do well academically. It can be also a crying year as some may faced unhappiness due to mistakes and no one come and help out.

rabbit zodiac 2012 卯 兔

Rabbit, some call it Hare. In Chinese is it written as 卯 or 兔. Nobleman is with the Rabbit zodiac in 2012. Do look out for those around you, as there are peoples who may hurt you. Try not to perform important action during the timing of 5pm to 7pm. Do take care of your own health, because in 2012 can be a sick year. The protection Buddha is Lord of Wisdom,Wénshū Púsà,文殊菩薩.

dragon zodiac 2012 龙 辰

Dragon is consider the most auspicious zodiac to the Chinese. During the dragon, there is expectation of baby boom. Dragon in Chinese is written as 龙 or 辰. The protection Buddha for Dragon is Bodhisattva of Practice,Pǔxián Púsà,普賢菩薩. It will be a lonely year for the dragon. Someone close may leave. Year 2012 is also a clash with Tai Sui. Stay low profile. Not many good star is with the dragon in 2012. Advice to pray to the protection Buddha.

snake zodiac 2012 蛇 巳

The protection Buddha for Snake and Dragon are the same,Bodhisattva of Practice,Pǔxián Púsà,普賢菩薩. Snake written in Chinese is 蛇 or 巳. A sunshine year for the Snake. Expected to be happy and joy. A good year for the snake. The opposite for the snake is loneliness, emptiness and faced with unexpected problems in 2012, there are 4 inauspicious stars against 3 auspicious stars.

horse zodiac 2012 马 午

Horse in Chinese is written as 午 or 马. The protection Buddha is Bodhisattva of Strength, Da Shì Zhì,勢至菩薩. Horse can expect wealth and problems will solve eventually with the help of self thinking. In 2012, horse is to be more careful of accident. Those work in the high risk industries, please take extra care in safety. Those who drive are to drive safely.

goat zodiac 2012 未 羊

Goat zodiac person is advised to pray to the Cosmic Buddha,Dàrì Rúlái,大日如来, protection Buddha. In 2012, the goat or some other called it a sheep, is against the Tai Sui. Sheep zodiac who are in the civil servant may expect a promotion at the same time be awarded with medal. Do stay low profile for the year and focus on what you are doing. In Chinese is it written as 未 or 羊.

monkey zodiac 2012 申 猴

The protection Buddha for the monkey and the goat zodiac are the same;Cosmic Buddha,Dàrì Rúlái,大日如来. The monkey zodiac is expected to hold high post in work or expected a promotion. While the higher the post, monkey zodiac is also expected to entangle with people in term of public relationship is not so good. May get into legal trouble. Is advisable to pray for protection.In Chinese it is written as 申 or 猴

rooster 酉 or 鸡 zodiac 2012

Rooster in 2011 is a clashed with Tai Sui, in 2012, the rooster is in 6 combined with dragon. The rooster have 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious stars in 2012. Romance is the main obstacle for rooster. The rooster may face with triangle love problem. Try to avoid. The protection Buddha is Kings of Mystical Knowldege,MYŌ-Ō,明王. In Chinese, it is written as 鸡 or 酉.

dog zodiac 2012 狗 or 戌

Dog in the year of 2012 is in direct clash with the dragon. In any year, the zodiac in direct clash with the year zodiac is considered as the most inauspicious. The dog also do not enjoy any auspicious star, instead there are 4 inauspicious stars. The protection Buddha is Pure Land Lord,Āmítuó Fó,阿彌陀佛. The dog zodiac people if everyday can chant a thousand time of "阿彌陀佛" will be very good. Advise to pray to the protection Buddha. In Chinese, dog is written as 狗 or 戌.

pig zodiac 2012 猪 亥

In Chinese, pig is written as 猪 or 亥. The protection Buddha is Pure Land Lord,Āmítuó Fó,阿彌陀佛. Some people may call it the Boar. In all the zodiacs, pig or boar enjoy the most auspicious stars; altogether there are 4 stars. Pig zodiac if plan to embark or venture into something big have to be more prudent, because they may faced failure. Pig will have a very good year in 2012. It is a A star status.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

FLYING STAR CHART FOR DEC (7/12/11 - 6/1/12)

Dear Readers,

Come 7 Dec 11 at about 1930 hrs, the season of mid-winter arrives. The new month zodiac is Rat (子), Rat is also the first animal of the 12 zodiac, but for Lunar month Rat is the 2nd last month of the year. Rat is the earth branch for the month pillar. The havenly stem is Geng (庚). Let us look at the month's pillar:


The stem of Geng (庚),is Yang Metal and the earthly branch of Rat (子),is Yang Water. Metal give birth to Water, this is a harmonized cycle. Yang Metal also represent revolution and brotherhood. The strength of Yang Metal is weaken due to the branch of water. The yang water is very strong in this case.


Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast for the 11th month of Xin Mao Golden Rabbit (From 7th December 2011 to 6th January 2012).

This month all the stars are 2x potent as monthly energies coincide with the annual energies.

flying star


North-West, the double 8 and North-East, the double 1. These two sectors are good for activities gathering and placing of item that invite wealth.


The South-West of double 4 can be a place for study as per Xing Mao (幸卯)year forecast. Those who are looking for academic success or for office documentation, South-West is the location to be used. Clean up the this sector and place clean still water to energise this location. A study place should be conducive and brightly lite.


As per Xing Mao year advised, the South double 2 and East double 5 are the most potent for the Zi month. Place metal objects to neturalise the bad effects in these two locations. Less activity and keep it uncluttered.


It is holiday season, many are travelling. Be well prepared and take care of health, especially those related to breathing system.

Wishing all readers Marry Christmas!

Monday, November 7, 2011

FLYING STAR CHART FOR NOV (8/11-7/12) 2011

Dear Readers,

We are into the month of 'Hai Yin Water (亥)', this is the beginning of Winter. It will arrives on 8/11 at about 0252 hrs. 亥,子,丑 form the winter frame, as every season consists of 3 months. Hai(亥)is yin water, we can say that this water is cold and freezing. This month, the auspicious star 8 is in the central palace. This is an interesting month, all palaces take into consideration the Year and Month stars, they are in running digit; ie central we have 7+8, north-west we have 8+9. Coming back to the month of Hai(亥), see this month pillar:

亥月 winter

The month of Heavenly Stem Ji(己) is soft earth, sitting below is the Earthly Branch Hai(亥) yin water. Hai(亥) clashes with Earthly Branch Si(巳) yin fire. In zodiac term; Pig(亥) clashes with Snake(巳). Looking back at month pillar of Ji/Hai, the outlook is not that rosy. There is uncertainty and people are not sure of the outcome.

flying star chart november 2011

Auspicious Star 8, in the central palace produce a stronger Year Star 7; this is not a good combination. Place a clear crystal in this place.


Purple Star 9 in north-west with year star 8. Place some white pebbles at this location.


Star 1 is a water star and a future star. Place some clay items in this sector.


Place a strung of 6 copper coins in this sector.


This is the worst sector for the month. Place a strung of 6 copper coins and a red mat if at the opening(door & windows) that faces south.


The north is a good sector for academic success.


Place a strung of 6 copper coins in this sector where the opening facing south-west.


Don't use sector. Place a clear crystal here.


Place a something that is moving at this sector. Water feature is ideal.

Look like this is a month of mixture of good and bad. Wish all readers have a happy month.

Friday, October 7, 2011

FLYING STAR CHART FOR OCT (8/10-8/11) 2011

Dears Readers,

We are into the new month of late autumn from 8 OCT 2011 at about 2357 hrs. Every season ends with a earth element month; the Oct month is the month of zodiac Dog 戌, this element earth is a hot earth. 9 purple fire star entered to the central palace. Before we enter into the analysis of the 8 palaces, let us take a look on this month pillar.

zodiac dog 戌 月

The month pillar of Heavenly Stem Wu 戊 represent earth element and it represents big rock or mountain. The Earthly branch of Xu 戌 also represent earth element and it represents zodiac dog. Earth branch also represent grave or pot. Xu 戌 is a fire pot because hidden in the earthly branch is fire. This branch clash with dragon.

flying star for october

Star 9 purple fire star in the central palace is in a clash position with year star 7 in the central. Nevertheless, star 9 is a future star and if use it carefully it can bring in wealth.


Star 1 with month star 8 in this palace formed an auspicious combination. Place a metal singing bowl at this sector to enhance the energy.


Sickness star 2 in this sector, making it an inauspicious West for this month. This sector is to keep clean and no activity.


Please something red to neutralize the effect of legal star 3 in this sector.


Scholar star 4 in this palace. Good for study; enhance this sector with a bowl of water (not moving water).


North is also a sector to avoid doing any activity. Yellow star 5 with month star 3 does not speak well for this sector. Place metal object at this palace to neutralized the bad energy.


Make use of this palace with a bowl of still water for this month and use this sector as study palace to prepare for coming examination. Good Luck!


East is another palace to avoid.


Place a bowl of water in this sector to enhance wealth.


Elderly who fall sick is to quickly consult doctor. If you need to visit someone who are sick in the hospital, try to choose a day that can visit the sick at the hospital.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Dear Readers,

Star 1, is a timely star and also an auspicious star. For the month of 8 Sep to 8 Oct, auspicious star 1 is at the center palace. The sickness star 2 will be at the North-West palace for the month, the changes take effects from 8 Sep at 0833 hrs.

month pillar ding you 丁酉

The month pillar of Havenly Stem Ding 丁,Earthly Branch of You 酉 are of Yin energy. Ding 丁 is like a light bulb or candle light and You 酉 is yin metal, it is also know as the Rooster. It also signify that we are entering into the month of Mid Autumn 中秋,where the Chinese celebrates Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节。祝大家中秋佳节快了。
This month is also know as the "Broken Month". In auspicious day selection the month of You 酉 is not an auspicious month due to the fact that it is a clashed month; Rabbit(year zodiac) clashed with Rooster (month zodiac). You may want to avoid starting any new venture in this month.

flying star chart for Sep 2011

Month Star 1 combined with Year Star 7; Metal birth Water. The star 1 weaken the energy of inauspicious year star 7.


Inauspicious star 2 at the North-West. Avoid strong movement and renovation in this sector. If this section is an opening, hang a strung of 6 ancient coins.


Star 3 legal star flies to the Western Palace and combined with year star 9; reduce the effect of legal star 3. Keep this area clean and not clutter.


Academic Star 4 with year Star 1 is considered a good combination. It enhances the academic and romance energies. Let this sector manifest your love and study achievement.


The South sector with month star 5 and Year Star 2 is very inauspicious. Strong metal at this location to prevent the bad energies. This is the place to keep it tidy, clean and no hacking or loud noise for the whole month.


Star 6 with Star 3 at the North can consider an inauspicious one.


Place a bowl of still water at this sector.


Star 8 at this sector combined with year Star 5; star 5 is inauspicious resulting this area not auspicious.


Fire and Metal clashed. Star 9 vs Star 6, avoid this sector.


Keep a low profile and do more excises to keep healthy. Wish the world have peace and free of natural disaster.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Dear Readers,

Star 3, quarrelsome/legal star causes legal action on Murdoch for phone hacking case and problems in the Europe and Western part of the world. This month, Star 2 the sickness star takes center palace on 8th Aug 11 at about 0549 hrs. The year star of 7 with month star 2 may spelled sickness related to breathing system. This month is also the beginning of early autumn where metal energy is strong.

month pillar

The Heavenly Stem of Bing(丙)Yang Fire over the Earthly Branch of Shen(申)Yang Metal, like last month, it is a month of Fire attacking Metal. We can interpret it as not in harmony at the same time it is also a busy month regarding money. The first 15 days of the month, the energy of earth is still strong before the metal energy takes over. The hot weather will gets cooler after the 23rd of Aug 11. The Earthly Branch of Shen(申)Yang Metal is zodiac Monkey. Monkey will combined with Snake, but clashes with Tiger. The issue of combines and clashes is complicated and it affects the energy of the environment.


This month start from 8/8 to 8/9, Star 2 rules the month. As star 2 is a sickness star, it is a month to be more careful about one's health.



This month the quarrelsome/legal star is in the North-West palace. Avoid this palace as this is the sector that may cause trouble.


Romance Star 4 at the West. This is also an academic star. This month, don't use this palace for academic success.


Star 5 at the North-East is inauspicious. Hang a strung of 6 coins at the opening that faced north-east.

Metal Star 6 at South at least cushion the bad impact at the south for the month of Aug. This sector is not ideal to be active at this current moment. Stay as per the yearly advise.


Star 7 and annual star 3 in the north, this is a inauspicious combination. Do not use this sector.


Prosperity Star 8 with annual academic Star 4 is an ideal combination. This location is the annual study place for academic achievement, this month the prosperity star 8 will be at the sector to enhance the south-west sector. Good sector!


The annual Star 5 and the month Star 9 does not spell good at the east. Hang a stung of 6 metal coins at this sector and keep this location silence, no movement and hacking.


Month Star 1 and annual star 6 is a good combination. This is a usable sector.


Since this is a month of sickness star 2 in center. Health is uppermost concern. Do sleep early, drink more water and take vitamin to enhance the immune system.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FLYING STAR CHART FOR Jul (7/7-8/8)2011

Dear Readers,

Last month Star 4 also the romance star took center palace, and it causes news of IMF Chief being accused of sexual involvement.This month Star 3, also known as quarrelsome star may surface news about legal.Star 3 will flies in on 7th July 2011 at about 2000 hrs (dog hour). In the 24 sub-season, 7th July is also the beginning of the sub-season, Xiao Shu 小暑,meaning warm environment, the weather will reach it hottest in 23rd July and the hot weather will end around 23rd Aug 11.
This month pillar is ying wood Heavenly Stem over ying earth Earthly Branch. Ying Earth zodiac sign is Goat. Wood attacks earth, therefore, this month pillar is not in harmony. Earth is wealth to wood element. It will be a month that people are busy looking for wealth.

See Month Pillar:
july month pillar

This month earthly branch earth is Goat zodiac. Goat is classified as Pot or Grave. It is a Wood Pot because hidden in it there is Wood element. Goat combines with Horse and it clashes with Ox. Combine and clash will affects a person's luck, depending if the element after combine and clash is favorable or unfavorable.


Star 3 is a quarrelsome or legal star. Star 3 interact with star 7 is consider inauspicious. In order to dissolve the Star 3 effects, it is advise to place a red color mat or triangular shape item in the center of the house.

july flying star


Last month star 4 from center palace, this month flies to North-West palace. The interactions with year star 8 may not be an ideal combination. This month North-West sector can be used as a study place to achieve academic result.


The bad Star 5 resides in West sector interacts with year star 9 further support the star 5 energy. West is represented by Metal element and it can helps to drain the energy of Star 5. It may be bad, but due to the palace element, star 5 may not be able to fully manipulate it bad energy. Just be mindful to keep this palace silence and moving item should not be activated.


Year Star 1 and Month Star 6 in this palace making it an usable palace for July 11. Placing a pot of small-medium size plant in this sector to tap wealth.


Year Star 2 with Month Star 7 resulted the South to be the hottest sector. Do avoid placing fire items at the South. Plant or any green items to be removed from this sector. If this sector is kitchen, extra precaution to be taken.


Star 8 is an auspicious star. Year Star 3 at the north causes this sector not in harmony. If there is already something red color placed at this sector then this sector is harmonized.


South-West is consider an auspicious sector for July 11. This sector is also the year academic sector, make use of this sector to enhance academic success.


If the year remedy of placing metal coins was done at this sector no other precaution is needed. Keep it clean and tidy with less movement.


Month Star 2 is a bad star. Luckily Star 6, metal element drain the power of Star 2. Place a pot of small to medium size plant to enhance wealth at this sector.

Good luck and the key takeaway for this month is do thing with precaution and don't involve in any illegal activities.

I wish all readers best of luck and good health.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

FLYING STAR CHART FOR Jun(6/6-7/7)2011

Dear Readers,

The month of May where Sickness Star 5 causes a few cases of outbreak of diseases over some parts of the world may spilled over the effect into June 2011. Let us look forward and pray for peace when come 6th Jun at about 0947 hrs, we welcome the new month. According to solar month, this is the start of Mid Summer and in the sub-season of 'Mang Zhong'(忙种). This is the time where farmer will start to cultivate certain type of grains for better harvest. At the same time ancient Chinese also celebrates Rice Dumpling festival on or before this date to mark certain belief.
The month's pillar (consists of Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch)of JIA(甲)-Heavenly Stem and WU(午)-Earthly Branch. Element of JIA=Yang Water and WU= Yang Fire. Wood give birth to Fire, this month pillar is in harmony. See picture:
yang wood yang fire pillar jun


The month pillar of Yang Wood at Heavenly Stem and Yang Fire at Earthly Branch are in harmony, as wood give birth to fire. The Earthly Branch of Wu, is also zodiac, horse. Horse, Rat, Rabbit and Rooster are under the category of 'Flower of Romance.'
This month flying star 4 also known as Romance and academic star. See Jun flying star chart:
jun flying star chart feng shui chart


Generally, Academic or Romance Star 4 is considered one of the auspicious star, it occupied the centre palace this month. In my opinion, it is good if the combination is good and when it is a timely star. At age of 8, this star is not a timely star. If activated correctly, it will provide the positive effect of academic and romance, if not it will energize the negative effects.


The Sickness Star 5 occupy the North-West. Any opening facing to NW, hang a strung of 5 ancient coins or place metal object to neutralize the bad effects of Star 5. No moving of earth (动土) and strong movement at this sector.


This sector is the year San Sha (三煞)sector. Just remain as it is, as per the year arrangement./p>


Place a bundle of 3 small bamboo plant at this sector.


At the South sector, remain at per the year arrangement.


At the North, since the year arrangement is to place Red item and this month Star 9 also a fire element star. This sector no additional arrangement.


Star 1 is a good star and it combines with year star 4. This sector is usable for this month. If you want, place a red crystal ball at this sector.


The East could be the problem area. The yearly sickness star 5 and this month bad star 2, precaution to be taken at this sector. Can place addition metal objects here. No movement and moving of earth.


No action at this sector. Star 3 effect is suppressed by Star 7 metal.


Just me mindful of those bad sectors. This month key advise is to think twice before any action.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Symbolism of Cicada

Crystal Cicada pen holder. This feng shui product is a auspicious symbolic gift. The material is a kind of crystal - Liu Li. Liu Li come in many color.


In China the phrase 'to shed off the golden cicada skin'(金蝉脱壳) is the poetic name of the tactic of using deception to escape danger, specifically of using decoys (leaving the old shell) to fool enemies. It became one of the 36 classic Chinese strategems. In the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Diaochan also got her name from the sable (diào) tails and jade decorations in the shape of cicadas (chán), which at the time adorned the hats of high-level officials. In the Chinese classic Journey to the West, the protagonist Priest of Tang was named the Golden Cicada; in this context the multiple shedding of shell of the cicada symbolizes the many stages of transformation required of a person before all illusions have been broken and one reaches enlightenment. This is also referred to in Japanese mythical ninja lore, as the technique of "utsusemi" (i.e., literally cicada), where ninjas would trick opponents into attacking a decoy.

cicada feng shui crystal
cicada 金蝉脱壳
金蝉 cicada
金蝉 cicada

Cicada makes a sound like "CI-CA-DA", in Chinese, it sounds like "知道啦" it can means that 'I understand' and 'I know what the answer already'.

Email to Enquire

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dear Readers,

The month of April was over and we are into the May 2011 flying star starting on 6th May. This is also the beginning of Summer (立夏) according to the Solar Calendar. The month's pillar (consists of Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch)of GUI(癸)-Heavenly Stem and SI(巳)-Earthly Branch. Element of GUI=Water and SI=Fire. This pillar is not in harmony. See picture:

snake month pillar, 巳,gui si month

The pillar of Gui over Fire; Gui is Yin Water and Si is Yin Fire. These two elements are in in harmony. Water control fire. The earthly branch of snake can expect the unexpected and changes, especially, star 5 takes center palace. Star 5 is also the sickness star. See below Flying Star Chart:
May Flying Star chart,flying star 5


This month flying star repeat the Luo Shu Flying Star Chart. When there is a repeat of the same flying star chart as the Luo Shu chart, it is consider inauspicious.


Flying Star 5 is considered the most deadly star which may cause sickness, misfortune, death, and casualties, especially it is an untimely and unusable star. The central palace already have the Flying Star 7 resided there as the year star and combined with star 5, it spells an inauspicious outlook for the month.
Precaution: Keep the central palace clean and tidy. No activity in the central palace.


The combination of 8 and 6 in this palace indicating that it is an auspicious palace.


The energy in the West is pretty hot. Star 9 is Fire element in nature and comes this month of 7 according to the early trigram, this is strong Fire in nature because of 2+7 combined to form fire. If this palace is the kitchen, extra precaution is needed.
Precaustion: Do not place red item and no fire in this palace.


This is also a auspicious palace with the combination of Star 1 and Star 8.


The month star 9 flies into this palace help to enhance the energy of Star 2 which was already bad over at the South.
Precaustion: Place heavy metal here to cushion the effect of Star 2.

NORTH PALACEThe Year Star 3 was supported by Month Star 1,water. Star 1 is a timely star however due to the year star 3 at this palace, try not to conduct any activity here.

SOUTH-WEST PALACEMonth Star 2 is a sickness star. This palace is inauspicious.
Precautions: If door, window or balcony is facing the South-West, hang a strung of 6 ancient coins to guard the Star 2.


The overall chart for the month, the East can consider at the most inauspicious palace for this month. Year star 5 and Month Star 3; bad combination!
Precautions: Keep this sector silence.

SOUTH-EAST PALACEMonth Star 4; romance and academic achievement star. May be you want to try placing a bowl of still water at this sector to enhance the academic achievement.


As mentioned earlier, this is a repeat of the Luo Shu Flying Star and the Star 5 at this palace, it is a sign to us that this can be an auspicious month. The best is do not do any renovation this month. Be more health conscious if you need to travel overseas.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Dear Readers,

In the hour of Wu, on 5th Apr at about 1146 hrs Singapore's time, we are receiving the new flying star chart for April 2011 starting from 5th Apr - 5th May. It is also the start of the new sub-season of 'Qing Ming'(清明). This is the time where the Chinese offer prayer to their ancestors.

Star 6 flies into the central palace. The sickness star 5 flies to the South-East and star 2 flies to the North respectively. In Mar 11, year and month star 5 resided in the East. Japan Nuke hazard in the Month of March is an indication that Star 5 is causing the havoc to the world.

flying star 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,april 11


Star 7 and 6 are both metal element, when both stars in the same palace it is know as the 'Bull Fight Sha'. At the North the combination of Star 3 and 2 also don't spell auspicious in the sector.


Every household should prepare two sets of items that are used to guard Star 2,3&5. The items are, strung of 6 ancient coins x 2, and red floor mat or red carpet. One set for the year stars and one set for the monthly star. I recommended these items because they are easily available and simple to place the items at the necessary locations.


Coincidently, this set of Flying Star is also the set for year 2012. When you are looking out for the orientation and putting up the preventions, you will be doing this in year 2012 as well. Look out for door, window and balcony that are directly facing the North, South-East and South West. The 2 strung of 6 coins should place at the opening facing the North and South-East. Place the red items at the opening facing the South-West. A light red lamp or something that is red at the South-West palace can also be the prevention.
Avoid the Central Palace for any activities. No moving earth(动土)at the North, South, East, and South-East.


Harmony is the key word for the month of April.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dear Readers,
We are into the new Flying Star in the hour of Rabbit Singapore Time, on 6th Mar 2011. We are receiving the same pillar as the year; Heavenly Stem of Xin (辛), and the Earthly Branch of Rabbit (卯). The month pillar repeat the year pillar. We are also into the same flying star chart as the year flying star. Star 7, take the central palace.

March 2011 flying star chart


Generally, the stars duplicate the year stars. The auspicious palaces will double up the good energies. The inauspicious palaces will have the double bad effects.


Take preventive measures according to the year flying star. If you have already taken the necessary actions recommended by the Feng Shui Masters on the yearly star effects, there is no necessity for additional actions.


The East and the South with the most inauspicious Star 5 and Star 2 respectively, double up the bad effects in these two palaces. No moving of earth (动土), and do not create any drastic movement in these two palaces.
Double 7 in the central palace also produce bad energy. Keep this palace tidy without clutter. If there is ceiling fan, try not to use it.
In the North, the double Star 3 can create problems if it is not well guard.


Everyone should maintain a healthy body and have good discipline in daily routine to avoid any sickness. For those who are travelling, take anti virus injection for precaution.

Wish everyone a good health and luck !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Dear Readers,

Many readers would like to know their luck in the coming year. For Rabbit year, we know it is the Star of Romance for zodiacs, Tiger, Horse and Dog, and it clashes the zodiac Rabbit and Rooster. And generally, we can also predict the luck for other zodiacs.
We can also predict the luck of individual not basing on zodiac, but based on the Day Master of individual's bazi.


There are 5 Yang and 5 Yin elements that represent the Day Master. Simply put it, in the bazi, the Heavenly Stem of the Day pillar is the Day Master. For example:
2011 luck rabbit year luck

I take the example of the rabbit year pillar. The top element Yin Metal is the Havenly Stem and the bottom element is the Branch. The Yin Metal is identified as the Day Master in the day pillar of the bazi.


The Heavenly Stem of 2011 Rabbit Year is Yin Metal (Xin 辛). Therefore, it is logical to use the Year Heavenly Stem in relationship to the ten heavenly stems to predict the luck.
For this prediction, the same elements are group into one. For example, the Yang Wood and Yin Wood into one, etc.

yang wood yin wood luck for 2011 rabbit year

1. Wood day master can expect promotion. However, one must take note that normally the promotion is based on the previous year performance.So for a Fire Day Master person, this year have to work smart and look forward to next year chances in promotion.
2. Wood day master can also expect to be given more work load or responsibilities. For some it can be a pressure.
3. A female day master may meet the opposite sex and if they are the zodiac Tiger, Horse or Dog, they will most likely to fall into romance.

Yang Fire Yin Fire luck 2011 rabbit year

1. Wealth and Wants are the activities for Fire Day Masters.
2.Making money is the main priority and they may have many wants.
3. The Yang Fire DM will find themselves very careful in parting their money. Where the Yin Fire DM is willing to spent their money.
4. Fire DM will have a busy rabbit year thinking of how to make more money.
5. On the other note, Fire DM have to also be careful in spending so as not to lost money. For some may see wealth and for some it mean encounter sickness and money spent on improving health.
6. Male Fire DM are most likely to meet romance if their zodiac is Tiger, Horse and Dog.

luck yang earth yin earth rubbit year day master bazi

1. Talent and Fame are the main energies for the Earth DM.
2. Earth person who are ready for business in Rabbit year, it will be the time to advertise the products or services.Take note that going into business needs planning before hand. If you have done that, then you will see results in Rabbit Year.
3. Many peoples will come to know you. This is the time where you can show your talent.
4.Female who are Yang Earth DM have to be more tolerant with their spouse. Keep in mind harmony is the main theme in Rabbit Year.

rabbit year luck of yang metal yin metal bazi day master

1. Friends, competitors and customers are the main energies for Metal DM in Rabbit Year.
2. Metal DM may meets more friends and even overseas friends in the year of Rabbit.
3. If you are in business, it can also be more customers.
4. Some may meet competitors to either business or the position you hold in your work place.
4. Metal DM may be thinking of quitting their job or splitting from partnership.

rabbit year luck for yang metal yin metal day master bazi

1. Helps from Nobleman and taking up course are the main energies for Water Day Master in Rabbit Year.
2.Water DM are likely to take up some form of study, either send by the employer or self sponsored.
3. They are more spiritual and are more protective and caring.
4. Rabbit year is also the year where Water DM when encounter problems their problems will be solved eventually with helps from others.
5. Water DM may faced documentations problems in the year of rabbit. Just be mindful when dealing with activities that involve documentations.

The predictions presented above are based on the Day Master of the bazi/four pillar of destiny. The overall reading still have to look into the details of each month in rabbit year and the main bazi chart.

Wishing all readers a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dear Readers,

Rabbit year will arrive on 4th Feb 2011 at about 1232 hrs. In my earlier post, I mentioned about the Flying Star. In this post, it is all about the four pillars or bazi of the Rabbit year. The pillar (Stem at the top and Branch at the bottom)of Yin Metal and Yin Wood form the year pillar for the Rabbit Year. Please note that not all Rabbit years are the same pillar. There are all in total 60 pillars to form one cycle. Therefore, the last Rabbit year of Yin Metal and Yin Wood was 60 years ago, that is in 1951. In 2010, the year pillar is Yang Metal over Yang Wood, 2011 Rabbit year, the year pillar is Yin Metal over Yin Wood.

rabbit year 辛卯八字 rabbit year pillar bazi


The year pillar of Yin Metal over Yin Wood, this pillar itself is in a conflict position based on the relationship of the 5 elements.The Stem of Yin Metal is like a small knife;sharp and danger. If provoke it will strike. Yin Wood; branch is like small plants. Unlike Yang Wood, when strike hard it will fall, small plants survive well under stressful conditions and also it is flexible.
The pillar is in conflict, and is from top down pressure. We are expected to be more tolerant to avoid any conflict. Unfavorable policies and hidden agendas may cause unhappiness. When signing legal documents, watch out for the fine print to avoid any conflict. As the saying goes; big trouble turns into small and small turns into nil. Any minor problems can turn out to be a big problem. I urge all readers to be mindful and have a peaceful 2011. Globally, the situation is also the same. Country to country have to have peaceful negotiation to avoid any major conflict.


2011 rabbit year four pillar or bazi chart

The four pillars chart for the Rabbit year 2011 see 3 Metals, 3 Woods, 1 Water and 1 Fire. Earth, is absent from the main chart, they are hidden. If we compare the 3 metals against the 3 woods, woods are stronger than metals due to Spring season and month, metal is weak and imprison.
This chart clearly demonstrated that Metals attack woods; to metal, wood is wealth. A year of busy money making ?
Metal represents West and Wood represents East. The West is putting pressure on the East. Nevertheless, there is a water to wedge the metal attacking wood; metal giving birth to water and water give birth to wood. There is a Fire which attack metal. Overall, the metals in this chart are weak.
Metal will only be strong if there is support from Earth; in this chart they are hidden. There is sign that terrorist attack will continue into year 2011. Financial crises will continue to surface.

Wish all readers a Prosperous Rabbit Year.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

6th Jan 11 to 4th Feb 11 Flying Star Chart

Dear Readers,

We are into the last month of Tiger Year, which arrive on 6th Jan 11 at about 0050 hrs. It is also the Late Winter month before we enter into the beginning of Spring. As usual, many homes are preparing for the arrival of the Rabbit year flying star and to ensure all the good stars are enhanced and the bad stars are block. A point to note: babies born during the period before 4th Feb 2011 is still under the zodiac of Tiger. The Rabbit will only arrive on 4th Feb 2011 at about 1200 hrs.

Last month see a strong water month which causes flood in many places. At the same time people all over the world are celebrating Christmas and welcome the New Year.

january flying star


Month Star 9 and Year Star 8 in the Central Palace, both are timely stars. Star 9 purple star also a Fire Star and Star 8 Earth, Fire give birth to earth, this is a good combination. For the month of Jan 11 Bazi chart, we see only a hidden fire which is weak, due to the fact that it has to support the earth month, and in the flying star chart, we have a Fire star 9 in the central also support the star 8 earth. You may want to take a look at the January 2011 Bazi chart - January 2011 Bazi Chart


1. Star 2 at the West, take precaution if you are travelling to the Western region. At home the West sector is the Metal element, Star 2 is earth element, at least the metal take away some strength of the earth. Simply place heavy metal object at the West sector.

2. Star 5 flies to the North Sector, do not perform any knocking and keep this sector movement free.

3. Star 3 at NorthEast, if there is any opening facing the NorthEast direction, place something red at the entrance to weaken the quarrelsome star. The year star of 2 interact with month star 3 made this section very inauspicious.


Take note of where the inauspicious stars. This is because many household will be performing spring cleaning and do ensure pick an auspicious date. Do not start the spring cleaning at the inauspicious sectors.

Wish all readers a Successful 2011.