Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gui Si Year 2013 7th Dec (0821 Hrs) to 6th Jan (2006 Hrs) Flying Star Feng Shui 癸巳年12月7日至2014年1月6日飞星风水

Dear Readers,

From 7th Dec to 5th Jan will be the new flying star 1 take the central palace. This is the mid-winter time. It is also the time where the season of Mid-Winter set-in. The Flying Star 1 of element water will bring in happiness, promotion and romance energies. Looking forward to a better month.


The pillar of Yang Wood 甲 and the Earthly Branch of Yang Water 子, water element give birth to the wood element, they are in harmony cycle. The Earthly Branch of 子 Yang Water is also the zodiac of Rat. Rat clashes with the zodiac horse 马. Those who are born in the year of horse, the hour of horse (11am to 1pm) and the month of horse (July) are advise to bring with them an emblem of Ox. Avoid 18/12 and 30/12 (both are horse day) for any important occasions.


The day master of Ding 丁, ying fire is considered weak. It has the support of Month and Hour Stems of woods to support as well as the Year branch of fire. In winter fire is weak and wood is very cold, both elements are not able to help the day master of ying fire. Therefore, the fire is weak. Furthermore, there are 2 strong water elements at the Year Stem and Month Branch, and two earth elements at the day and hour branches that weaken the day master. As a result, wood and fire elements are the most favorable elements for the month. Those who do not have good luck in the month of Dec 13, should move south to tap the fire energy or wear red color clothing.


Kitchen situated in the South West of the house need to be caution and be careful of fire hazard. Do not leave children to play alone in the South West of the house. Hang stung of 6 coins in the sectors of North West and South. Those who are looking for academic and romance success in the month of Dec, concentrate there activities in the sector of North East.

Wish all good feng shui tips readers "Marry Christmas and Happy New Year".