Can you fine the word 'Feng Shui' in the dictionary? The word Feng Shui orginated from the Chinese word of 风 is Wind and 水 Shui is Water.

My belief is to provide the readers out there, You, who have the background of English, with the best and easy to follow Feng Shui tips. How then to provide these tips? It has to be easy, simple, practical and is of every feng shui belivers' concerns. Lastly, it must be a total feng shui tips. There are many forms and practices of feng shui, I seek to combine these into one and called it Total Feng Shui.

In 2007, my first feng shui tips website was named;www.total-feng-shui-com, the the main aim was to provide a total feng shui tips for you. Today, there are more then 8000 readers subscribers to total feng shuitips and the readership is increasing daily.

In late 2007, I began to search for a Master to learn more indepth feng shui. Grand Master Vincent Koh is my first feng shui master. I learnt Flying Star feng shui, Bazi (four pillars of destiny)and Zi Wei (Purple Star) from him. For me to keep providing the best tips for you, I decided to set-up a blog to compliment the total feng shui website; that is where www.goodfengshuitips.blogspot.com takes shape and this blog command a readership of an average 50-60 readers daily.

In Jan 2009, I set-up a group in yahoo for people like you to take part in discussion and receive updates I posted in my blogs. The group is; feng shui bazi group.

My learning does not stop after Grand Master Vincent Koh. I continue to learn from many masters in feng shui, bazi and divination. At the same time, I read up books in Chinese and English on these topics.

In the last two years, many readers send me queries on feng shui and bazi. Some offered to pay me consultation fee and many just want to clearify and confirm certain feng shui aspects. Practice made perfect, I welcome your queries on feng shui and bazi. I also encourage you to subscribe to my total feng shui tips and join the fengshuibazi group. Follow closely to goodfengshuitips.

Everyone can change your own destiny. I want to advise you to improve your destiny.Take control of your destiny and find ways to make it better. Who am I ? Find out the answer by visiting feng shui bazi site. This is another blog that was provided for you to take control of your destiny by knowing who are you. You must know who are you, before you can take a firm control of yourself.

Welcome any queries on feng shui and bazi.