Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Balancing Unhappy Locations

Feng Shui Tip for Home.
How to Balance Unhappy Locations

* The sound of water or chimes will help reduce unwanted noise.

*Decorate your balcony with hanging pots.

*Try growing creepers over fences and walls to enhance the qi.

*Place a small mirror on the front wall of your house or install a weather vane for added protection.

*Screen your home or slow down from negative sha qi by having Plants, shrubs, or a wall.

Feng Shui Tip For Home

Feng Shui tip for home.
You will learn a few basic situations to avoid when selecting a home.

*Your Front Door
Do not directly face a church,temple,cemetery or railway because the qi will be too concentrated.

*Gap Between Building
If the gap between two building is narrow, it can suck nourishing sheng qi (positive energy)from your home.

*Facing T-Junction
A front door facing onto a T-junction or at the end of a cul-de-sac allows qi to flow too quickly towards you; it also means, from a practical point of view,that headlights will shine straight into your home.

*Large Freeway
Living near a large freeway will make qi flash past rather than stop awhile to nourish land, building and people.

*Under Flight Paths
You need peace and quiet so avoid land under flight paths, next to railway lines,factories or on major roads.

*End of a Bridge
Your front door should not be close to either end of a bridge. The energy comes from many directions and becomes concentrated at these points, preventing relaxation.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wealth Area Tips - Red Ribbon

How to Use Red Ribbon to better your wealth area tips

Red ribbons wrapped around all drains slows the money from flowing "out",also includes toilet drain in the basement, under every sink and basin.

If the kitchen or bathroom is in the wealth corner of the home - place a pebble in the drain to stop the money draining away.

If the room has a toilet place a shallow bowl of pebbles on top of the tank and place the lid down when not in use.

A money plant or any upright round leaved plant placed in the wealth corner of any room will encourage money to grow.

Place either real goldfish or fish wind chimes/mobile in the wealth area, keep the water clean and the fish well fed.

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