Monday, December 28, 2009

Tips on Year of Tiger 2010 Flying Star

The Ox is handing over to Tiger on 4th Feb 2010 at about 0642 hrs. In the year of the Ox, the Ox month will be appearing on the 6th of Jan 09,coincidently, after the Ox month, it will be followed by the Tiger month. It is also the start of Spring. In chinese calander, the first month is Spring Start and it is also Tiger Month.


Below is self explained flying star chart for the year of tiger 2010:
geng yin flying star 2010

Each sector has a corresponding star. For example, Star 2 is at the NorthEast Sector.


This tip can read in conjuntion with About 2010 Flying Star.

To lesser the impact of the Star 2 and Star 5 (both are sickness star), hang a strung of 6 copper coins by the door or window or opening. Star 3 sector, we can use a red rug, red lamp or something red to place at the opeining.

A picture of a strung of copper coin:
strung of 6 copper coins

If you need help in getting it done, for Singapore residents you can email Feng Shui house service now!

These are the 3 stars that we need to guard annually, the rest are not that harmful. Please consult a reliable Feng Shui master if you think you want to do more than what is given here.


We can do it with ease if you are a novice in this area. I will teach you how to do it.

You know where are the opening and sector of the house that are expose to Stars 2,3 and 5, you can place the cure items at ease.


These tips are for new comer without any experience.
1. Get a cheap compass. Something like these:
Compass 1

Compass 2

2. You can hold it this way:
3. Stand at the centre of the house or room, see picture:
measuring house facing and sector location
a. Make sure the red needle of the compass is pointing to the North , adjust it clockwise or anticlockwise on your palm/hand.
b. For the example above, all the doors 1,2 and 3 are facing South.
c. Door 1 is opened at Sourth East sector, Door 2 is opened at South sector and Door 3 is opened at SouthWest sector.
d. You need to take all the opening where the doors are, the windows are, so that those facing and opening sectors at the Star 2,3 and 5 are to guard accordingly.

Happy Reading and hope that you find this tip useful.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season Greetings

Feng Shui Tips

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Month of Bing (Fire) Heavenly Stem and Zi (Water) Earth Branch

Dear Readers:

7th Dec we will be welcoming the new month of Heavenly Stem; Bing Fire 丙; it symbolic nature is Sun, and the Earthly Branch of Zi Water 子;it symbolic zodiac sign is Rat. It will start from 7th Dec to 6th Jan 2010

Like 4 pillars of destiny, each pillar is made up of a Heavenly Stem and a Earthly Branch. All together there are 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. The analysis of the 4 pillars of destiny is based on the Natal Chart of the 8 characters and the annual pillars plus the 10 years luck cycle. Nevertheless, monthly pillar also play a part in affecting the whole environment of the world and down to individual luck. New month means new energy or Qi. In the Li Chun calander, each month has 2 sub-season Qi. These Qi will affect the environment.

A Review of Last Month Energy

1. The flying star of last month repeat the Luo Shu Star; which star 5 control the centre stage. We see the uncertainty of the Flu Virus of H1N1. Some Health Authorities already declared that this flu virus is now a common flu.

2. The world is calm except for the Financial Crisis of Abi Dubai.

The Chart for this month:
bing fire and yang water month

This Month Flying Star

This is the month of Yang Fire on top of the Yang Water. Fire spread upwards and water flow downward, there is not unity.
1. Star 4; romance star is at the centre. The earthly Branch of the month is Rat, which is also a star of Flower of Romance for zodiac Rabbit, Goat and Pig. I guess Tiger Wood is getting into romance entaglement. Come the Tiger Year, we can expect to hear some news about his romance relationship .
2. Star 5; Yellow is at the North-West. This is a sickness star and it is supported by the annual star of 9 fire. We can expect some happening at the Northwest part of the world.
3. Star 2 is at the East, this is a black star also for sickness. It may not be that potent afterall.
4.The concern is at the Southeast, as the month star of 3 interact with Year Star of 7.
5.These 3 sectors need to be quiet with no moving activties. Renovation should not take place and also if there is opened ceremony for good occassions, these are the sectors that should not be activated.

The Heavenly Stem of Bing Fire 丙 Yang Fire

This is the start of Mid Winter and many parts of the world will be celebrating Christmas and New Year. During this time of cool weather, some sunlight is joy! Sun, syboylise Bing Yang Fire, Fire is associated with Joy. This is year end, and the sun is needed for Joy.
Those whose natal chat is cold, would like to see sunlight. Heavenly Stem of Bing Yang Fire and combined with Xin Yin Metal.
Natal Chart with Xin Heavenly steam and born in winter period, may not get to enjoy the appearance of Bing Yang Fire. The combination of Bing Yang Fire with Xin Yin Metal will transformed into Water. This will favour those who need water.

Earthly Branch of Zi Yang Water Rat 子

1. Rat is Yang Water, hidden in the Rat is the Earthly Branch of Gui Yin Water. Gui 癸 the is symbolic nature of Rain Water. Many nature needs rain water and sunlight to nuture; trees and soil. Namely, Jia Yang Wood, Yi Yin Wood, Wu Yang Earth and Ji Yin Earth. Provided that the natal chart is not too wet and too dry.
2. Rat belongs to the catergory of Flower of Romance. Those zodiac sign is Rabbit, Goat and Pig. News about romance will surfaced.
Rat, also symbolise Yang Water, this year of Chou Yin Earth Ox will combined with Rat to form Earth.
3. Those born in the month of Pig Yin Water, will have a very cold and wet month as Rat, Pig and Ox is a strong water frame. Day Master is Ji Yin Earth with wet chart is to avoid going to the sea or take part in activities like water sports. Avoid travelling to North, the hour of 11pm to 3pm and drink too much cold water.
I dare to say that Rat can create havoc for those whose chart have Rooster, Rabbit, Pig and Ox.

I wish all readers have a romantic and joyful Rat's Month.

Happy Reading, and share this article with your friends.

Friday, November 27, 2009

House Facing No Where

House with no clear facing direction affect the owner. In life, there are goals and directions/objectives. No clear facing meaning....

Refer to the picture for illustration:

compass 罗盘

I personally have this experience of taking reading for friends and clients houses, the end results are that I can't get the house facing reading from the compass. We can say that this is void, this house is facing a void direction.

There are 8 directions that a house will be facing. If a house is facing on the trigram dividers (ref to diagram - red lines), this house is facing a void direction.

How It Affects The Owner
Those living in a void direction house will slowly lost of personal direction. The owner can't make decision or cannot make clear decision. Weak determination and health will be affected. In long term, the career will be badly affected.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

乙亥 Yin Wood, Yin Water Month

Dear Readers,

7th Nov 09, a new season; Winter Begin. This is the time where snow will start to fall.

立冬winter star

A Review
I did mentioned that last month may see an increase in H1N1 cases. Star 6 take centre stage, and it don't seem to have much unhappy cases happen, compare to the month where star 7 was in control.

Month of Yin Wood,Yin Water 乙亥
Flying Star
1. Star 5;Sickness Star, take control. Expected esculation of sickness at some part of the world.
2. Star 2, also a Black Star at the South West.
3. Star 3, quarrelsome star at the East.
These are the 3 inauspicious stars that will affect the behaviour of these part of the world. You may want to avoid.

The Month
The month of Yin Wood Yin Water will start from 7th Nov to 6th Dec.Heavenly Stem of Yin Wood 乙 and Earthly Branch of Yin Water 亥.
1. Earthly Branch of Hai 亥, which in the chinese zodiac is Pig, this is a Yin Water element. Water give birth to Wood; it controls Fire. Hidden in Yin Water 亥 are Yang Wood 甲(10 days) and Yang Water 壬(next 20 days). Those who are born in the month of 亥 and in the first 10 days can take into consideration that wood is strong. After the first 10 days; last 20 days, water is strong.

yin wood yin water month 乙亥

2.Yin Water Pig clashes with Snake 巳. This is a month breaker for those born in the year of snake. That is to say do not engange or make important decision in this month; 7th Nov to 6th Dec 09. This is also a month that make a complete of winter season combination of 亥,子,丑; Pig,Rat,Ox, all these 3 zodiacs form a strong water Frame. Pig 亥 combined with Tiger 寅, to form Wood.Another 3 combination of 亥,卯,未,Pig , Rabbit and Goat, to form a Wood Frame.

Travelling Horse
3. Those whose chinese zodiac sign are:
Snake 巳,Rooster 酉 or Ox 丑,
the month of Pig 亥, is their travelling horse sign. Chances are, these people may have the opportunity to travel far distance or are very busy with work.

Heavenly Stem 乙

4. The heavenly stem of Yi 乙 Yin Wood. Bazi with DM Yi Wood will not want to see another Yi woyod coming along which may be someone who come and take away or combine away something, can be wealth or friendship.

5.Yi 乙 combined with Geng 庚 earth to form Metal. Those who bazi do not favour Metal will not be in good luck.

6. In conclusion, we can say that this is a month of cold water with wood in the first 10 days. Are we going to see H1N1 will be strong for the first 10 days? Star 5, sickness star is in control, we may see some unexpected illness appear?

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hall Area Not Suitable to be too Small

In feng shui aspect, the hall if it smaller than the bedroom area, it will affects those who are living in the house.

See digram below:

Recently, a friend of my asked me why his family members when reach home, they will head striaght to the bedroom; nobody likes to stay at the hall area.

My replied to him, "Are the bedrooms bigger than the hall?" His replied, "YES!"

That is correct, this is only one of the problem. There are problems such as:
family members will interact less,
slowly,they act like independant party,
family members will not be co-operative,
and more serious, each will go their own ways.

So my advise to those whose house layout are as such, please quickly rectified it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

甲戌 Yang Wood, Yang Earth Month

Dear Readers,

The Month of Yin Water and Yin Metal don't seem to be a peaceful month after all. At the Pacific and S.E Asia region we see tsurami and earth quake and typhoon. Could it be the Star 9 and 7 are creating havoc ? We hope that the month of Yang Wood and Yang Earth will bring us harmony and peace to the world.

8th Oct 09 at 1215 hrs to 7th Nov 09 at 1509 hrs, the new month is of Heaven Stem; Yang Wood 甲; Earthly Branch; Yang Earth 戌. This month also see Flying Star 6 white in the central palace.

See the month chart.
甲戌yang wood yang earth star 6

1. Earthly Branch of Xu 戌, which in the chinese zodiac is dog, this is a Yang Earth element. Earth give birth to Metal; it controls water. Is this earthly branch of Yang Earth strong? I should say yes. Yes because this year Ji Chou are earth which strength (give weight)to earth. That is to say, this is a strong Earth Month. Bazi Day Master is Water will not want a strong earth; meaning it will add strong pressure to the water DM. For those whose DM is water, it is time to take a break from work!

2.Yang Earth Dog clashes with Dragon 辰. This is a month breaker for those born in the year of Dragon. That is to say do not engange or make important decision in this month; 8th Oct to 7th Nov 09. This is also a month that make a complete 3 clashes of 丑,未,戌; Ox,Goat,Dog, all these 3 zodiacs are of earth element. Will there be earth quake again? It will not be an auspicious month for those whose bazi chart already encountered the Ox and Goat clashes and come the month of dog, the clashes are enhanced. Beware and avoid places with mountains and abundant of earth.

3.Dog combined with Rabbit 卯 to form Fire, those bazi chart with these two elements, is able to transform into Fire.In the 3 combinations, we have tiger 寅,horse 午and Dog 戌to form Fire. Dog is also a Hot Earth. Those Day Master who favorable Fire and encounters these combination, will like it.

4. Let me talk about the heavenly stem of jia 甲 Yang Wood. Bazi with DM Jia Wood will not want to see another Jia coming along which may be someone who come and take away or combine away something, can be wealth or friendship.

5.Jia 甲 combined with ji 己(coincidently this year Heavenly Stem is Ji) earth to form Earth. Those who bazi do not favour Fire will not be in good luck.

6. In conclusion, we can say that this is a month of very strong earth. H1N1 in chinese is know as 甲型流感. Are we going to see an increase in those affected with H1N1?

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

癸酉 Yin Water, Yin Metal Month

Dear Readers
7th Sep 09 at 2051 hrs to 7th Oct 09 at 1214 hrs, the new month is of Heaven Stem; Yin Water 癸; Earthly Branch; Yin Metal 酉. This month also see Flying Star 7 Red in the central palace.
See the month chart.

癸酉yin water yin metal month

1. Earthly Branch of you 酉, which in the chinese zodiac is rooster, this is a Yin Metal element. Metal give birth to water; it destructs wood. Is this earthly branch of yin metal strong? Yes and No. Yes because the year Ji Chou are earth which give birth to metal and metal give birth to water, when metal give birth to water, it strength will be weaken and water become very strong.

2.Yin Metal rooster clash with Rabbit 卯 Yin Wood. This is a month breaker for those born in the year of Rabbit. That is to say do not engange or make important decision in this month; 7th Sep to 7th Oct 09.Those born in the year of Rabbit.

3.Rooster combined with Dragon 辰 to form metal, those bazi chart with these two elements, is able to transform into metal.In the 3 combinations, we have Snake巳,Rooster 酉and Ox 丑to form Metal. Rooster and Rooster also causes self harm. 酉 direction is West, it is one of the cardinal point and is also one of the flower of romance star.

4. Those whose bazi Day Master is Strong Water may not want to be strengthen by You Metal.

5. Let me talk about the heavenly stem of Gui 癸 Yin Water. Bazi with DM gui water will not want to see another gui coming along which may be someone who come and take away or combine away something, can be wealth or friendship.

6.Gui 癸 combined with Wu 戊 earth to form Fire. Those who bazi do not favour Fire will not be in good luck.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Enhances Romance

Romance can be relationship between a couple or single male and female who want to have better relationship with the opposite sex.

The tips covered below are mainly requests from ladies that they have encountered marital problem with their husbands. There are some important points or tips that the couple should look out for, so that their relationship with there spouse would be not affected.

lovebird romance

As what the picture suggested, "always" and "forever". You too can be as loving as the picture suggested, below are the tips:
flower of romance

First thing is to check that there are no either fake or real flowers display in your home. I understand that flowers are nice and enhance the atmosphere of the house. It is nice to look at but not to the extent that affects the relationship of a couple. That goes the same to flower vast.
Flowers invite romance. Remove them if there is any. If these are placed at the wrong sector of the house especially the NW and SW, the demages will be unbelievable.

northwest sector

Check that there is no items that suggest romance at this sector. This is the sector for the Household Head or the Master of the House. Picture like sexy female posters or potraits are not adviseable. To enhance the relationshop, we can consider placing the wife or family photo.

mandarin duck

Mandarin Ducks, in Chinese, it is known as Yuan-yang 鸳鸯. It is a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity.Mandarin ducks are regarded as faithful and lovely couples.
You can place a pair of man-made mandarin ducks near your bed to enhance the relationship with your life companion.

flower over the fence

By looking at the picture, you should be able to imaging that there are outside flowers attracting the male to go out. Outside romance. Look out for it and keep those plants tidy and trimed them regularly to prevent the flowers overgrown out of the fence.

Wishing all my readers a happy marriage and loving always and forever.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Steps to a Proper Feng Shui Bed

There are many posts regarding feng shui for bedroom in my previous post. In this post, it is mainly the selection and placing of a bed.
In a Feng Shui audit, bedroom is one of the key section/location that a Feng Shui Master will not overlook. One of the key factor to consider is the buying of new bed.
What to look out for when buying a new bed ?

good feng shui bed

A good bed with feng shui consideration will improves the aspect of one life, be it career, health and love.

An ideal bed should have legs to raise the bed above the ground to allow the chi to ciculate undernealth the bed. This will assists in healing and helps to improve the health of the person who sleep on the bed.

Chi need to circulate undernealth the bed. If there are items under the bed, the chi will not circulate, thus causing bed health. No sharp objects, like metel etc.

Placing of bed also needs to consider the landform. Both side of the bed should be equal and balance. No items higher than the bed head should be placed directly next to the bed, in order not to cause harm to the couple sleeping on the bed. Space at both side of the bed will allows the chi to flow.

A queen bed is prefferred over a king size bed. Mattress should be in one complete piece. Never use two mattress side by side in one bed. This is will suggest a seperation for a couple who sleep together in this bed.

All bed should have a firm and stable headboard. Some headboard are made of rods and some are split in the middle (modern design), these type of headboard should be avoided. A firm, stable and solid headboard will provides protection to health and relationship. There is not necessary to have footboard.

Have a good and healthy sleep, wake-up feel energise.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lunar Month of Ren Shen, Yang Water Yang Metal

7th August at about 1807 Hrs we will be welcoming a new lunar month of Yang Water, Ren and Yang Metal Shen. See below picture on the representation. The Heavely Stem of Ren and the Earthly Branch of Shen.

ren shen H9 E9

Dear readers,
7th Aug at about 1807 hrs, we will be receiving a new lunar month of Heavenly Stem Ren Yang Water and Earthly Branch of Shen Yang Metal.

1. Earthly Branch of Shen, which in the chinese zodiac is Monkey, this is a Yang Metal element. Metal give birth to water, it destructs wood. Is this earthly branch of yang metal strong? Yes and No. Yes because the year Ji Chou are earth which give birth to metal and metal give birth to water, when metal give birth to water, it strength will be weaken and water become very strong.

2.Yang Metal Monkey clash with Tiger Yang Wood. This is a month breaker for those born in the year of Tiger. That is to say do not engange or make important decision.

3. Monkey combined with snake but can also clash, this is a very uncertain and unstable combined. In the 3 combinations, we have Monkey, Rat and Dragon to form Water. Those born in the year of Monkey, their travelling horse star is Tiger.

4. Those who bazi DM is Strong Water may not want to be strengthen by Shen Metal. Water will overflow and causes flood and destroy crops.

5. Let me talk about the heavenly stem of Ren Yang Water, bazi with DM water will not want to see another Ren coming along which may be someone who come and take away or combine away something, can be wealth or friendship.

6.Ren combine with Ding Fire. DM of Ding Fire will see Ren come and combined.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The quality of the house depends very much on the shape of the land where the house sit. Like an apartment, the shape should be either square or rectangular. Private property also needs to have a good land shape to support it quality. Preferably,the shape should be flat, wide and regular. Irregualar shapes will affect the quality of the house.

In this post, I would like to point out two type of land shapes that are bad for the house.

Firstly, let us take a look on the shapes of the house of these two pictures.

land shape

Picture 1 shows a house front is straight but the back left or right are either short or long at one side of the land. Such land will affect the male if the left is short and the wife or children if the right is short. The problems will be loneliness and caused harm to the person who are affected.

Picture 2 shows a house front is wide and the back is narrow. For this type of land, it will affect the wealth and health of the person staying in the house. This can be applicable to apartment as well.

I hope these tips will provide you with basic knowledge in selecting a house.

Joint the FengShuiBazi Group to learnt more on Feng Shui and Bazi.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Centre of the house is like the heart. An impotant point to take note of is before commit to buy a house, check that the toilet and the kitchen is not situated at the centre of the house.

In acient time, before building of the house, the Feng Shui master will advise on the Sitting and Facing of the house that is to be build.

As regard to the where the toilet and kitchen, it is important factor to be considered. Avoid toilet and kitchen to be at the centre of the house.

See below picture:


1. Kitchen is not suitable to be at the centre of the house, this will caused "Yang Sha at the heart". It will affect the mood of the owner. The owner will be hot temper and emotion will be up and down, "mood swing".

2. Toilet is not situable to be at the centre of the house, this will caused "Yin Sha at heart". This will caused the owner to suffer cronic desease, for example, stomach sickness, high blood pressure problem, which is difficult to cure.

Either the toilet or the kitchen or both are not suitable to be at the center of the house. These will cause bad luck to the house.

Avoid also the main door either face the toilet or the kitchen. Depending on where the location it, it will affect the person it represent in that location. For example, if the affect sector is at the East, it will affect the health and wealth of the eldest son. East sector belongs to the eldest son.

In conclusion,

1. Both toilet and kitchen in the centre of the house is the most inauspicious.

2. Toilet door or the kitchen door directly faces the main door is the next inauspicious. See picture below:

Now that you already know this useful tip, try not to commit this mistake.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lunar Month of Xin Wei, Yin Metal Yin Earth

7th July at about 0824 Hrs we will be welcoming a new lunar month of Yin Metal, Xin and Yin Earth Wei. See below picture on the representation. The Heavely Stem of Xin and the Earthly Branch of Wei.

1. Wei which is Goat clashes with the yearly Branch of Chou Ox. We can say that this is a month breaker. In a month breaker, try to avoid starting important events.

2. We also can say that Xin Wei month is a strong earth month, as we see the year of Ji Chou (both Yin Earth) and this month we see Xin Wei which is Yin Metal, Yin Earth month.

3. Since the month branch clashes with year branch and come Xu day, there is a procecuting clashes of Ox-Goat-Dog. Bazi with DM of Water have to exercise cautious.

Keen to know more on how earth affect a Water Day Master.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Excel in Exam With The Correct WenChang Location

Final year exam season will be starting after the mid-year school holiday. This is going to happen in sometime early Oct. It will be the busiest time for the students taking the exam. Not only are the students busy with their study. Their parents will be the worried lot. Many time the children work very hard for their exam but the result turn-out to be a disappointed one. Knowing that their children stay in the study room throughout the day, and how come the result is the reverse. The parent will be in doubt of their children. If so, we need to examine whether the study room or desk is located in the WenChang sector.

In Yang Feng Shui 阳宅, if the study corner or desk is not sitting in the WenChang location, the end result can be a disappointed one. Therefore it is imperative to find the Wenchang sector of the home to excel in exam.

There are 3 methods of locating Wenchang sector based on Individual birth year, the house sitting and facing and lastly, the yearly star.


The above chart is based on Individual Birth Year, and it is correspond to the Heavenly Stem of the Chinese Lunar Year calculation. For example, those born in 2009, the Heavenly Stem is Ji Chou 己 丑, 己 which is 9, the WenChang location is at the NorthWest more North. This method of finding the location does not take into consideration the sitting and facing of the house.

sitting of houee

The above chart shows the house sitting and facing. Based on house sitting to find Wenchang location. To find the house sitting and facing we need a compass for the measurement.

Ji Chou

The 3rd method of finding the WenChang location is based on the yearly flying star. Yearly flying stars not only use for locating the yearly WenChang location, the stars also affect the fortune of individual house. Wenchang stars will move each year to enhance the strength of Wenchang, for example, year 2009 ”Ji Chou", the Year of the Ox , Wenchang stars in the South, placed the study desk or enhance it with the WenChang Feng Shui placement, it helps in the academic results and also in promotion. This location is to keep clean and tidy and brighten it up with lamp.

Wishing you academic success!

You are invited to join my fengshui group to learn more about feng shui.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Month of Yang Metal and Yang Fire

At 2217 hrs, June 5th, the elements for the month of Mid Summer begin. The Heavenly Stem is Yang Metal 庚, and the Earthly Branch is Yang Fire 午.

The representation of Yang Metal Geng is an Axe (heavy metal):
yang metal

The representation of Yang Fire Wu, is the zodiac sign of hourse:

The destructive cycle of 5 elements, Fire attack Metal. The pillar of Yang Metal and Yang Fire is shaky in a sense.

Those who are born in the year of Rat or the zodiac sign Rat, are advised not to engage in any important activity as in the 6 clashes, Horse clash with the Rat. The horse month ends 6th of July.

Horse and Goat combined to form Fire.

Horse is also one of the Flower of Romance.

Those zodiac sign of Snake, Ox and Rooster, horse is their Romance Star.

Well, let see if we hear any news about Romance, be it good or bad from now till 6th of July.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Placement of Ship and Boat

Many people believe that placement of feng shui ornaments will bring them good luck and wealth. Some ornaments even come in a form of art or poster, these arts or posters will have auspicious poem written onto it. This post, I am touching on the placement of ship or boat for smooth sailing.

There are many factors to consider for placement of feng shui ornaments. We have to take into account the 5 elements interaction. We have to consider the type of ornaments and it implication and meaning. For example, if you look at the above picture, this ship is place on top of a pink cloth, do you think this makes sense? Red represent Fire, how can a ship be on fire! To harmonise the whole ornament, it should be place on a blue cloth.

Normally, we present auspicious items like ship with the wording "Smooth Sailing" in chinese is "一帆凤順“, to someone and we don't know the implication behind it, what we will know is that this is a well wishes and auspicious gift.

Come to placement, we have to understand it effect so that it will bring us auspicious Qi. Firstly, we have to identify that the ship does have a ship head and a ship end(bow). We know the ship head, for us to place the sailing direction.

Sail in our sail out? A ship with full of treasure, like the one in the picture should sail-in, because the ship is loaded with all the treasure already and we do not want the treasure to be brought out of the house, right?

Likewise, for poster with ship, we also need to place it in the correct direction. For poster of ship, we need to have water or cloud to signify that the ship is in sailing position. A empty boat or ship, should place it sailing direction out of the house, this is to signify that the ship sail-out to bring in all the treasure.

Those who need water as their favourable element can also make use of ship and boat to signify a pool of water. Further to that, knowning how to write your wishes and place in a red packet then put on the ship will also one of the way to sail-in your wishes to come true.

If you have any further queries to this post, I would like to invite you to join the FENGSHUI-BAZI group to learnt more about Feng Shui and Bazi.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Month of Yin Earth over Yin Fire

Early Summer will arrive on 5th May 09 at about 1739 hrs. We will see a different Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. It is also the 4th lunar month or also known as Snake Month.


Heavenly Stem of Ji(己)is like garden earth or Yin Earth, it is soft and fertile for plants. The Earthly Branch of Si(巳)is the zodiac sign of snake, it element is Yin Fire. This Pillar of Yin Earth/Yin Fire, we can interpret as this pillar is in harmony, Fire give birth to Earth.

Thou we are welcoming early summer, this Yin Fire is not that strong yet until mid-summer. My little prediction is that the world will see some hope of better economy, but we can see unexpected events to happen in the Ji/Si month. Like my prediction in the month of Wu/Chen, Ji/Si also likely to produce some unexpected events around the world.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wu Chen 戊辰 Month

5th April 09 is know as Wu Chen 戊辰 month.Wu is a hot earth element and chen is a wet earth.

The Hevenly Stem is Wu, is like a rock and wu is hot earth element.The Earthly branch is Chen, is the dragon of the 12 zodiac sign, which is a wet earth element.

Both are Yang Earth. Wu in number term is 5 and 0. Drangon is the 3rd zodiac sign, can be 3,5,and 0.

The 2009 element is both Yin Earth.

Month of Wu Chen will see unexpected events happening around the world.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kitchen & Stove Positioning

The Important of Kitchen and Stove positioning In Feng Shui.

The are 3 most important parts of a house that affect the whole Qi and Harmonise of the house.

Simply put it that the Main Door, the Bedroom and the Kitchen are the heart of a house. Any of these 3 areas which does not meet the Feng Shui requirements, it will greatly affect the wealth and health of the owner staying in the house.

Below, are some good tips for the Kitchen and Stove positioning:
1. kitchen should not be in a sector where once can be view clearly from the outside of the main door.
2. Idealy, the Kitchen should not be located below a toilet or adjacent to it.
3. The kitchen must not sited at the NW sector of the whole house.(Macro level)
4. Keep the kitchen simple and do not overload it with gadgets. All knifes should be kept out of sight.
5. Place a earth pot (not too big thou), on top of the stove. The stove area should not place with metal pans and pots.
6. The stove knob should not face a toilet door or facing the kitchen door.
7.The cooker should not face the front door under any circumstances.
8. Ensure no water pipe runs directly below the stove area.
9. Fire and water should not be aligned side by side or directly
opposite the each other. Separate the two with a partition made of wood if you don't have a choice.
10. No beam above the stove area.

If all these are observed and practiced, good wealth and health should come along. However, bazi or four pillars of destiny of oneself is also important.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Month of Ding Yin Fire and Mao Yin Wood Tiger

On 5th March 09 at 1902 hr, it will be a new Lunar Month, the Heavenly Stem of Bing 丙 and Earthly Branch of Yin 寅, Tiger will give way to Ding 丁, Yin Fire and Mao 卯 Yin Wood respectively.


The new month of Yin Fire over Yin Wood will end on 5th April 09.

This is the Mid Spring Month, in this month, the ancient believe that there is a big bird carrying a hammer flying over the sky and creating Thunder to scare all the inserts and remind all to wake up. In the month of Spring is the time to enjoy the flowers bloom and start planting.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Excel Your Academic Through Feng Shui 文昌位

Academic location, allows one to excel in his or her academic achievement. Below tips is a very good pointer for you to find out your own or family members academic sector at your home. By placing the study desk at the correct sector will allow one to easily excel in their academic achievement.

In theory, different masters use different methods of finding one academic location.Many beginner use the year of birth to calculate the academic location. Which is not wrong, but the effect is not that effective.

In my experience, and many good masters, use the day of birth to determine the academic location.This method is the most effective way of locating the academic location. See below chart:
academic location

How to find the day of birth? One has to use the thousand years calendar. In Chinese calendar, each day is represented by two elements, a Heavenly Stem and a Earthly Branch. The above chart show you the Heavenly Stem (day of birth) and the chinese zodiac sign representation and lastly the sector to place the study desk for one to excel in study.

In the room, using a compass to locate the sector, place the study desk at the sector. One this is correctly done,tThe person will see good result in his or her academic qualification.

Of course there are more to it in term of enhcancement by placing certain items on the study desk to increase the academic result.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Calculate the 3 killing Mountains Location 三煞山

Every year there is a sector of the house is belongs to the San Sha Mountains. This is considers as the inauspicious location.

How do you find out this location?

For example:
Let take the Ox Year's Heavenly Stem(HS) and Earthly Branch(EB) for this example of calculation. The HS is Ji and the EB is Chou/OX, the Ox is the Tai Sui location (tai shui coming from this direction of Chou/Ox).

We have to use the 3 combination theory to find out the San Sha location. the 3 combine for Ox year is Snake+Rooster+Ox (巳SI + 酉YOU + 丑CHOU). Mao 卯 Rabbit, East is the San Sha location. Using the 3 combo theory, Si+You+Chou=Metal, Metal and Wood Clashed. Wood is in the East direction. The who of East is consider the san sha location.

What is San Sha?
The Three Killings or the San Sha affect the East sector. Three killing comprises of the triple combo of year, disaster and robbery sha. San Sha is associated with financial lost and accidents. Is like sword fighting. To take note that this sector cannot have any renovation for the whole year. In order to soften the effect at the East, place a bundle of 3 bamboo plants. Now we have North and East sectors should not have ground breaking and renovation.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Folk Custom in the Spring Festival - Human Date

In first lunar month seventh day, is know as the the human date or the human birthday. This is one of the folk custom in the Spring Festival.

In the ancient, the folks also name the day as “human wins festival”, “Celebrating the human festival”, “the population date”, “the human seventh day” and so on.

This festival come about many years ago there is this fable female snail, she established the world, and after having composed animals and so on chicken dog pig beast etc, in the seventh day has composed the human. Therefore this day is humanity's birthday.

This festival started during the Han Dynasty. In the beginning this festival is seem as vulgar. It is only after Wei Jin, people started to take it seriously. The ancient people believed that this date as “the person victory” day.The person victory is a kind of head ornaments, is also called the color victory, the human cut out flower-shaped hair ornament to be wear on the hair and paste on the window screen.

In addition, scholar the climb up the stage to composes a poem. After Tang Dynasty, this holiday was taken seriously . If in the first lunar month seventh day the weather is clear, it advocates that the whole year the population is safe and everything will be smooth.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunar New Year Greeting

Dear Readers:

26th Jan 09, all Chinese in this world will celebrate Lunar New Year. I wold like to take this opportunity to thanks all goodfengshuitips readers for following my blogs and appreciate you all can bookmark it.

My Sincere greetings to all:

lunar new year greeting

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Auspicious Dates and Times during Lunar New Year 2009

Chinese all over the world celebrate Lunar New Year starting from 26th Jan 09 until 9th Feb 09, total 15 days.

During this period many chinese would want to pick an auspcious day and time for welcoming of Wealth God and auspicious time to go out of the house. Auspicious day to start work etc...

Lunar New Year day is on 26th Jan 09, Monday, which is Xin Wei 辛未 day. On this day the Nobleman God is coming from the South direction where the Wealth God coming from the East direction.

The auspicious times for lighting the joss stick is at the hour of Zi (11pm-1am), Yin (3am-5am),Mao (5am-7am) and Chen (7am-9am).

The Auspicious time to go out of the house on 26th Jan 09 are Zi (11pm to 1am), Yin and Mao (3am-7am). When one go out of the house on the 1st day of Lunar New Year it is auspicious to move towards the South or the East.

The inauspicious direction to move toward to are the NorthWest and SouthWest, these directions are the Five Ghost, Death Door and Evil Spirit respectively.

The auspicious days to start work or in chinese it is the opening day for work(开工) are 5th day (30/1/09),6th day(31/1/09) and 8th day(2/2/09).

Wish my dear readers a Happy and Weathy Lunar New Year

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feng Shui for Year of Ox 己丑年风水 2009

Year of Ox (Ji Chou,己丑)Feng Shui. Ji Chou year will only arrive on 4th Feb 09 at 0052 hrs

This year the lunar new year is 10 days before the Spring Solstice 立春, which is on 4th Feb 09 at 0052 Hrs.All over the world, the Chinese will be celebrating the Lunar New Year on 26th Jan 09. Those born between the Lunar New Year to before Spring Solstice, will come under the zodiac sign of Rat. Ox babies are for those born on or after 4th Feb 09 at 0052 hrs.

It is time now to put up all the feng shui cures at the appropriate sectors of the house starting from Winter Solstice to before 4th Feb 09 at 0052 hrs.

The arrival of the Ox will signify the change of 'Qi', the old qi of the Rat will be replaced by the new qi of the Ox.

The Inauspicious Energies

1. The Five Yellow or Star 5 signify inauspicious and it is related to major illness. Stay away from the North sector. Importantly, those door opening at this sector need to take note not to create too much movement. Alternatively, one can avoid this as the entrance. We need to suppress the 5 yellow qi by placing a string of ancient copper coins by the door frame.

2. The Three Killings or the San Sha affect the East sector. Three killing comprises of the triple combo of year, disaster and robbery sha. San Sha is associated with financial lost and accidents. Is like sword fighting. To take note that this sector cannot have any renovation for the whole year. In order the soften the effect at the East, place a bundle of 3 bamboo plants. Now we have North and East sectors should not have ground breaking and renovation.

3. Tai Sui 太岁, to know more about this grand duke. Refer to my last post just after this post.

4. Star 3, quarrelsome star, it is location at the North East. Place a red lamp or red rug at this sector to lessen the effect.

5. 2 Yellow, this star is also know as the sickness star. Use a string of 6 metal coins to suppress this star with the element of earth.

The Auspicious Energies

1. For Romance and Better Education, enhance the South Sector with a set of education placement 文昌四宝 or you can have your study corner at the South.

2. Promotion and Growth, can place water element here to have better chance of promotion.

Star 9 take center palace, this is an auspicious star. Usually, how the star fly-in into the different sector is depends on the main star which take the center stage. Ji Chou year will be Star 9 at the center stage.

May year of the Ox be the nobleman to everyone!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Grand Duke or Tai Sui 太岁 for Year 2009

Tai Sui太岁 or Grand Duke for 2009

Tai Sui is also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter. Although it is called the Grand Duke Jupiter, it is not the actual planet Jupiter. Tai Sui is an intangible star which moves directly opposite of the planet Jupiter. In Chinese's meaning, the Tai Sui is known as the Yearly God. Tai Sui is the most powerful "Earthly God". There is a total of 60 Tai Sui.

Each year, there would be a new Yearly God on duty looking after all matters on earth. His appointment would commence on 4th Feb 2009 at 0052hrs.The next would take over the task on the following year.Year of Ox 2009, the Tai Sui is known as General Fu You 傅佑.

grand duke-tai sui

Each year there will be some zodiac sign that has opposing forces with the Tai Sui. These zodiac sign are said to suffer some form of bad fortune. The negative impact differs from people to people depending on individual birth data. These zodiac sign can be determined base on the earthly branch of the year as it corresponds with the 12 Chinese zodiac sign. It can classified under offend, clash or conflict formation with the Tai Sui.Since the it is Ox Year, it will clash with Goat, and conflict with Dragon and Dog.

4 pillar of destiny or known as bazi 八字 contains factors of these zodiac sign within the earthly branch - chou 丑, chen 辰, wei 未 & xu 戌, those with these sign are also deem to be affected for the year. Thus, there is also clash, conflict and or offend of either the month, day or hour pillar.

Some Taoist believers, will go praying to the Tai Sui at the beginning of the Lunar Year seeking for protection and peace would deflect the negative influence. One must return thanks at the end of the lunar year but before the winter solstice or also known as Dong Zhi.

In Feng Shui we also use this theory.It is associated to the orientation of a premise determined using the Chinese Feng Shui Compass known as Luo Pan marked with the 24 mountains. The position of the Tai Sui changes every year. The location where the Tai Sui resides should best kept quiet with no disturbance. Activities like renovation, ground breaking, earth digging, repairing and nailing on this area must be avoided till the following year. If the Tai Sui is disturbed, misfortune would befall on the residence such as injuries, financial losses, business failure or sudden illnesses. The extend of influence varies.

This Year of Ox 2009, the Tai Sui is located at the Northeast directions. If the main entrance of a premise is located within the Northeast sector, opening and closing of door is also considered as disturbing the Tai Sui.