Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Excel Your Academic Through Feng Shui 文昌位

Academic location, allows one to excel in his or her academic achievement. Below tips is a very good pointer for you to find out your own or family members academic sector at your home. By placing the study desk at the correct sector will allow one to easily excel in their academic achievement.

In theory, different masters use different methods of finding one academic location.Many beginner use the year of birth to calculate the academic location. Which is not wrong, but the effect is not that effective.

In my experience, and many good masters, use the day of birth to determine the academic location.This method is the most effective way of locating the academic location. See below chart:
academic location

How to find the day of birth? One has to use the thousand years calendar. In Chinese calendar, each day is represented by two elements, a Heavenly Stem and a Earthly Branch. The above chart show you the Heavenly Stem (day of birth) and the chinese zodiac sign representation and lastly the sector to place the study desk for one to excel in study.

In the room, using a compass to locate the sector, place the study desk at the sector. One this is correctly done,tThe person will see good result in his or her academic qualification.

Of course there are more to it in term of enhcancement by placing certain items on the study desk to increase the academic result.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Calculate the 3 killing Mountains Location 三煞山

Every year there is a sector of the house is belongs to the San Sha Mountains. This is considers as the inauspicious location.

How do you find out this location?

For example:
Let take the Ox Year's Heavenly Stem(HS) and Earthly Branch(EB) for this example of calculation. The HS is Ji and the EB is Chou/OX, the Ox is the Tai Sui location (tai shui coming from this direction of Chou/Ox).

We have to use the 3 combination theory to find out the San Sha location. the 3 combine for Ox year is Snake+Rooster+Ox (巳SI + 酉YOU + 丑CHOU). Mao 卯 Rabbit, East is the San Sha location. Using the 3 combo theory, Si+You+Chou=Metal, Metal and Wood Clashed. Wood is in the East direction. The who of East is consider the san sha location.

What is San Sha?
The Three Killings or the San Sha affect the East sector. Three killing comprises of the triple combo of year, disaster and robbery sha. San Sha is associated with financial lost and accidents. Is like sword fighting. To take note that this sector cannot have any renovation for the whole year. In order to soften the effect at the East, place a bundle of 3 bamboo plants. Now we have North and East sectors should not have ground breaking and renovation.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Folk Custom in the Spring Festival - Human Date

In first lunar month seventh day, is know as the the human date or the human birthday. This is one of the folk custom in the Spring Festival.

In the ancient, the folks also name the day as “human wins festival”, “Celebrating the human festival”, “the population date”, “the human seventh day” and so on.

This festival come about many years ago there is this fable female snail, she established the world, and after having composed animals and so on chicken dog pig beast etc, in the seventh day has composed the human. Therefore this day is humanity's birthday.

This festival started during the Han Dynasty. In the beginning this festival is seem as vulgar. It is only after Wei Jin, people started to take it seriously. The ancient people believed that this date as “the person victory” day.The person victory is a kind of head ornaments, is also called the color victory, the human cut out flower-shaped hair ornament to be wear on the hair and paste on the window screen.

In addition, scholar the climb up the stage to composes a poem. After Tang Dynasty, this holiday was taken seriously . If in the first lunar month seventh day the weather is clear, it advocates that the whole year the population is safe and everything will be smooth.