Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gui Si Year 2013 7th Nov (1545 Hrs) to 6th Dec (0820 Hrs) Flying Star Feng Shui 癸巳年11月7日至12月6日飞星风水

Dear Good Feng Shui Tips Readers,

The season of winter will arrived on 7th Nov 2013 at about 1545 hrs Singapore time. The yellow star 2 will take over legal star 3. Yellow Star 2 is also the sickness star. The month bazi of self element Ding 丁 Ying Fire is a weak fire. The pillar of Yin Water 癸 of heavenly stem and the Yin Water 亥 signify a strong water month.


The month Stem of Yin Water Gui 癸 and the year pillar Stem is the same. Gui in general is the element of Yin Water. The year and Month stem of Yin Water spell a very wet month. Furthermore, the month Earthly Branch is also Yin Water Hai 亥. Therefore the month is expected to be cold and wet. The Earthly Branch of Yin Water Hai is zodiac Pig. It clashes with snake. Those who are born in the year of snake, month of snake and day of snake is advisable to have a Tiger emblem with them for the month of Nov 13. If one is picking a good day in Nov 13 for an auspicious occasions, it is advisable not to choose a day of snake.


The day master of Yin Fire Ding 丁 is a very weak fire. In winter fire is weak, it needs wood to keep the fire burning. There is no wood in this month bazi 八字. The only Fire in the year branch can't do much to support the day master as it was surrounded by the month and year stem Yin Water. The day and hour earth elements as well as the hour metal also drain the energy of the day master. The favorable elements for the month is Fire and Wood. Those whose luck is not very good for the month of Nov can do some art drawing by drawing red triangular.


This month both the sickness stars 5 and 2 are in the central palace. This is considered a very bad combination. The other inauspicious sector are; North West where the legal star 3 was. Use a red mat to place in the NW sector. The month star 5 is in the North East, guard it with a strung of 6 ancient coins in the North East.

The South West is the best sector for romance and academic success. South West is a combination of 2 and 8 add up to sum of 10. Place a moving object here to enhance the good energy.

Wish readers a prosperous Nov 13 and be caution when you are travelling. Have a joyous month.