Saturday, August 29, 2009

Steps to a Proper Feng Shui Bed

There are many posts regarding feng shui for bedroom in my previous post. In this post, it is mainly the selection and placing of a bed.
In a Feng Shui audit, bedroom is one of the key section/location that a Feng Shui Master will not overlook. One of the key factor to consider is the buying of new bed.
What to look out for when buying a new bed ?

good feng shui bed

A good bed with feng shui consideration will improves the aspect of one life, be it career, health and love.

An ideal bed should have legs to raise the bed above the ground to allow the chi to ciculate undernealth the bed. This will assists in healing and helps to improve the health of the person who sleep on the bed.

Chi need to circulate undernealth the bed. If there are items under the bed, the chi will not circulate, thus causing bed health. No sharp objects, like metel etc.

Placing of bed also needs to consider the landform. Both side of the bed should be equal and balance. No items higher than the bed head should be placed directly next to the bed, in order not to cause harm to the couple sleeping on the bed. Space at both side of the bed will allows the chi to flow.

A queen bed is prefferred over a king size bed. Mattress should be in one complete piece. Never use two mattress side by side in one bed. This is will suggest a seperation for a couple who sleep together in this bed.

All bed should have a firm and stable headboard. Some headboard are made of rods and some are split in the middle (modern design), these type of headboard should be avoided. A firm, stable and solid headboard will provides protection to health and relationship. There is not necessary to have footboard.

Have a good and healthy sleep, wake-up feel energise.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lunar Month of Ren Shen, Yang Water Yang Metal

7th August at about 1807 Hrs we will be welcoming a new lunar month of Yang Water, Ren and Yang Metal Shen. See below picture on the representation. The Heavely Stem of Ren and the Earthly Branch of Shen.

ren shen H9 E9

Dear readers,
7th Aug at about 1807 hrs, we will be receiving a new lunar month of Heavenly Stem Ren Yang Water and Earthly Branch of Shen Yang Metal.

1. Earthly Branch of Shen, which in the chinese zodiac is Monkey, this is a Yang Metal element. Metal give birth to water, it destructs wood. Is this earthly branch of yang metal strong? Yes and No. Yes because the year Ji Chou are earth which give birth to metal and metal give birth to water, when metal give birth to water, it strength will be weaken and water become very strong.

2.Yang Metal Monkey clash with Tiger Yang Wood. This is a month breaker for those born in the year of Tiger. That is to say do not engange or make important decision.

3. Monkey combined with snake but can also clash, this is a very uncertain and unstable combined. In the 3 combinations, we have Monkey, Rat and Dragon to form Water. Those born in the year of Monkey, their travelling horse star is Tiger.

4. Those who bazi DM is Strong Water may not want to be strengthen by Shen Metal. Water will overflow and causes flood and destroy crops.

5. Let me talk about the heavenly stem of Ren Yang Water, bazi with DM water will not want to see another Ren coming along which may be someone who come and take away or combine away something, can be wealth or friendship.

6.Ren combine with Ding Fire. DM of Ding Fire will see Ren come and combined.

Happy Reading!