Saturday, June 23, 2007

Placing the Waste Baskets in Feng Shui Term

In Feng Shui Term, we are talking about the Feng Shui Chi. In that sense, objects placing might affect the luck and health of the household.

Whenever I have heard about waste baskets, if you have it 'on show' as it were, at all, then you are apparently inviting bad instead of good.

Putting it near your cash register is even worse as far as I have heard.

So as you actually said yourself, yes you really are 'draining your income'away from yourself. Please, if you need to use a waste basket, hide it somewhere. I am sure you will notice the difference. If you can't fit it into a cupboard, then try putting it behind something. Just make sure its not visible to anyone.

Hope this help.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feng Shui Bathroom

Feng Shui Chi & Feng Shui Bathroom

If your Prospority area is at the bathroom room area, is best that you know what to do with the Feng Shui Chi in that area.

Hope this will help you.

It is important to maintain the positive chi from going down the toilet.

Keep the bathroom door closed and keep the seat down. Closed the sink and tub stoppers when not in use. By placing a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door would help also.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Basic Feng Shui Tips

When you translate the meaning of Feng Shui, which is the chinese concepts of placement, the name literally means "wind and water." Feng shui is about enhancing the energy or environent around us.

A few basic tips:

Try not to have a mirrors in the bedroom which face your bed. If no choice, you can cover it with a piece of cloth. It is said that it could troubles in your marriage and it also
can bring a third party into it.

Like wise, a TV in the bed room also act like a mirror if it is facing the bed. Cover the TV after watching.

For single who are looking for partner, have pairs in your bedroom, such as candle sticks (close by), two night tables, two of everything, pictiures with a happy couple on it.. that
sort of thing. I would like to recommend the double happiness Chinese character.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Feng Shui Object - Elephants

In fact elephant is an auspecious object use in Feng Shui.

If you use elephants in your house for Feng Shui,you should have them facing the door not their back to it. The elephant back if facing the door, it is like turning your back on opportunity. Especially, luck and finances.


When selecting the elephant as the Feng Shui Object for your home, the best is those with their trunk raised. It signifies good luck. Take special attend to the position and ensure that those with raised trunk for good luck. Hope it helps !