Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Find Your Wealth Area

Finding Your Wealth Area.

Based on the above picture, I will show you how to find your wealth area in your house.

It is as easy as ABC, first look at the 3 pictures where the difference location of the door is situated. Based on the picture, you determine which is the layout of your hall in alignment to the door. The wealth areas are indicated. Place a potted plant at the wealth area to activate the wealth. One point to take note is that, you have to ensure the area is free from clutter and it is bright.

To Your Success

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to Find a Life Time Partner Earlier

In Feng Shui term, we are able to enhance our chances in finding a life time partner.

How then to do it? I have a client who asked me, "My age is catching up and till now I have not find a partner. Not sure is there any method to enhance my flower of romance?"

I told her yes, simply place rose crystal or flower vase at the correct location of your house or bedroom.


There are many method of enhancing one flower of romance, the easiest method is by:
standing facing the house main door, the left wall is the "Green Dragon", this is the location where the female's flower of romance is. For female, you can place a rose crystal or a flower vase at that part of the wall to enhance the flower of romance. The right side is know as the "White Tiger", this is the location for male to enhance their flower of romance.

Wish you best of luck!