Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feng Shui Tip For Home

Feng Shui tip for home.
You will learn a few basic situations to avoid when selecting a home.

*Your Front Door
Do not directly face a church,temple,cemetery or railway because the qi will be too concentrated.

*Gap Between Building
If the gap between two building is narrow, it can suck nourishing sheng qi (positive energy)from your home.

*Facing T-Junction
A front door facing onto a T-junction or at the end of a cul-de-sac allows qi to flow too quickly towards you; it also means, from a practical point of view,that headlights will shine straight into your home.

*Large Freeway
Living near a large freeway will make qi flash past rather than stop awhile to nourish land, building and people.

*Under Flight Paths
You need peace and quiet so avoid land under flight paths, next to railway lines,factories or on major roads.

*End of a Bridge
Your front door should not be close to either end of a bridge. The energy comes from many directions and becomes concentrated at these points, preventing relaxation.


Henry Fong said...

I would like to share a note on living near busy highways. It can affect your health.

Take a look.
Health and the highway

Leo said...

Yes! Henry, your input is valid. thanks!