Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to Arrange your Office Sitting Position to Achieve Abundant and Promotion

The tips given below is about the layout of your working space. You would want a smooth and harmony working environment. At the same time achieve positive results in your work and not only that, you are able get your promotion faster.

Your Workplace - Desks

The layout of your working space is basically common sense - your desk should be an appropriate size with adequate storage and working surface. The ideal place for a desk is in the opposite corner to the door, parallel to a wall rather than at an angle and preferably with a solid wall behind.

Office Work Desk

* Square and rectangular desks are more suitable for making money while oval, round or curved are more conducive to creative work.
* A desk in too strong a color, like black, will make working more difficult.
* If your desk directly faces a door, it may make visitors feel uncomfortable.
* You could find a mirror in front of your desk unsettling and objects hanging behind your head - like diplomas or artwork - will distract your visitors from business.

Office Desk

Sit with your back to a solid wall so you can easily see the door and window. Light coming from a window at the side is desirable.


Cadabra said...

What about having the building pillar behind the back? Couldnt have any wall for support at the back but there is 1 big pillar, the face is behind me, the edges are not hitting me tho. On my right is a big window view (just 10cm) from my desk. What do you suppose of the the above? Bad?