Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flying Star

Flying Star Chart - Yearly

In Flying Star Feng Shui, we take into consideration the Annual Flying Star Chart, House Birth Chart and the Monthly flying star and daily flying star chart. Below, I am talking about Yearly Flying Star Chart.

luo shu or Flying star chart

There are all together 9 flying stars moving in different directions in the Luo Shu grid(see above image).

Each star is assigned with a element:
Star 1 - Water
Star 2 - Earth
Star 3 & 4 - Wood
Star 5 - Earth
Star 6 & 7 - Metal
Star 8 - Earth
Star 9 - Fire

Every year there is a ruling star, in the above example, the Star 9 is in the center of the grid, therefore, it is the ruling star of that year. For year 2008, the ruling star is Star 1. Once the ruling Star is determined, the rest of the 8 Stars move in a fixed pattern in the 9 grid square.

The two potent stars are, star 2 and 5. They are the sickness stars. These two stars can cause sickness and misfortune if the house are confronted by these two stars.

In the chart, the Star 2 and 5 are in the West and North respectively.

Main door facing Star 2 or 5 in that particular year, up most precaution should be taken. Since Star 2 & 5 are of the Earth Element and can be harmonised by using a metal object to dissolve the Sha Qi.