Friday, March 21, 2008

Feng Shui Cure for Sickness

Why there is a sudden sickness happened?, western doctor will say that is a virus attack,for chinese physician they will say that the Qi in one body is not flowing properly.

To a Feng Shui Master, it interpret as the Flying Star 2 and 5, have fly-in

These 2 stars caused the owner living in that area where star 2 and 5 fly-in to be sick. Star 2 is known as 'Black Star' while star 5 is known as "Yellow Star'. These two stars are very potent, if they hit into the house areas together with the annual star and monthly flying star, those area hit by star 2 and 5 will caused sickness to whoever stay in that affected area.

The feng shui master may recommend that prevention is better then cure. How to prevent? It is recommended that use metal and wind chime is the best medicine.

If the area affected by these two stars, and it happen to be the bedroom, if the the monthly star and the annual star are 2 or 5, it is advise that the owner sleep in the hall rather than sleep in the bedroom.