Sunday, April 27, 2008

Main Door Facing The Stair - Auspicious or Inauspicious

It is Auspicious or inauspicious for a Main Door to face the Stair?

Main door facing the stair

Many old houses and offices will encounter such situation of Main Door facing the staircase directly. This type of situation, we can classified them into 2 catergories:
1. Main door facing the staircase which is leading down
2. Main door facing the staircase which is leading up

Facing the leading up staircase, the house owner health will be affected, as it will be inauspicious for the health. To hormonize this situation, we can placed a 3in height block at our main door(place it on the ground level up).

Facing the leading down, the wealth of the owner will be affected. As in, it will be inauspicious. In this situation, the owner is advised not to loan our money, because it will never return. In order to harmonize this situation, owner can placed a concave bagua on the top of the door. This is to bring back the flow out wealth.


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