Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lamp Post - Sha Qi

Feng Shui Compass can be used to ward off Sha Qi coming into your house.

A lamp post directly in front of the house main door will caused sha qi to the owner of the house.

In this tip, I would like to tell my readers to take very close attention to lamp posts surrounding the house, especially in front of the main door.

Lamp post are made of metal with electricity passing through it to light-up the bulb. In feng shui term, it contain the sha of 3 elements, mainly, Metal, Fire and Wood. These 3 elements are in a destructive cycle. As a result it causes sha qi.

In order for the house to receive the sha, please note that the lamp post have to in very close proximity to the main door (about 10 to 15 meters). If it is far away, I must say that the Sha Qi would not be present.

See picture below:
Sha Qi, feng shui, lamp post

The impact on the owner would be great as it may caused sickness to the owner.

Simple cure is to remove the lamp post if possible. If the lamp post cannot be removed, hang a feng shui compass in front of the main door to naturalize the sha.


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