Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cure for 'San Sha' 三 煞

Family members got injured very frequently without involving in any unsafe activities. Qi Lin 麒麟,to control the 'San Sha'三煞.

Come 2009 己丑 year, the san sha sector is at the East, under the animal sign of Ox. Main Door and Bedroom's door opening at the East 东,will be subjected to the attack of san sha.

When inflicted with San Sha, family members can be easily got injured. If this happened in any of the house members, it could be that the opening of the main door or the bedroom door are opening at the section which the san sha arrived. For the year of 2008, the san sha is at the South 南.

How to Cure the sector with San Sha?
As shown, the picture is the auspicious animal known as Qi Lin 麒麟, it is made of gold or bronze. The one made of gold is expensive, then get the bronze type. Get it from any feng shui shop.Recommended to place outside the door way facing the direction of san sha, in this case for 2009, face East. To be effective place 3 qi lins, if less than 3 the power will be weaken accordingly. It is not recommended to place lion statue as it is too aggressive. Lion is for shop or office were it is place outside the Main Door way.

Method for Locating the San Sha:
Year of Monkey E9, Rat E1 and Dragon E5 = San Sha at South.
Year of Tiger E3, Horse E7 and Dog E11 = San Sha at North.
Year of Pig E12, Rabbit E4 and Goat E8 = San Sha at West.
Year of Snake E6, Rooster E10 and Ox E2 = San Sha at East.