Sunday, January 18, 2009

Auspicious Dates and Times during Lunar New Year 2009

Chinese all over the world celebrate Lunar New Year starting from 26th Jan 09 until 9th Feb 09, total 15 days.

During this period many chinese would want to pick an auspcious day and time for welcoming of Wealth God and auspicious time to go out of the house. Auspicious day to start work etc...

Lunar New Year day is on 26th Jan 09, Monday, which is Xin Wei 辛未 day. On this day the Nobleman God is coming from the South direction where the Wealth God coming from the East direction.

The auspicious times for lighting the joss stick is at the hour of Zi (11pm-1am), Yin (3am-5am),Mao (5am-7am) and Chen (7am-9am).

The Auspicious time to go out of the house on 26th Jan 09 are Zi (11pm to 1am), Yin and Mao (3am-7am). When one go out of the house on the 1st day of Lunar New Year it is auspicious to move towards the South or the East.

The inauspicious direction to move toward to are the NorthWest and SouthWest, these directions are the Five Ghost, Death Door and Evil Spirit respectively.

The auspicious days to start work or in chinese it is the opening day for work(开工) are 5th day (30/1/09),6th day(31/1/09) and 8th day(2/2/09).

Wish my dear readers a Happy and Weathy Lunar New Year


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