Wednesday, September 9, 2009

癸酉 Yin Water, Yin Metal Month

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7th Sep 09 at 2051 hrs to 7th Oct 09 at 1214 hrs, the new month is of Heaven Stem; Yin Water 癸; Earthly Branch; Yin Metal 酉. This month also see Flying Star 7 Red in the central palace.
See the month chart.

癸酉yin water yin metal month

1. Earthly Branch of you 酉, which in the chinese zodiac is rooster, this is a Yin Metal element. Metal give birth to water; it destructs wood. Is this earthly branch of yin metal strong? Yes and No. Yes because the year Ji Chou are earth which give birth to metal and metal give birth to water, when metal give birth to water, it strength will be weaken and water become very strong.

2.Yin Metal rooster clash with Rabbit 卯 Yin Wood. This is a month breaker for those born in the year of Rabbit. That is to say do not engange or make important decision in this month; 7th Sep to 7th Oct 09.Those born in the year of Rabbit.

3.Rooster combined with Dragon 辰 to form metal, those bazi chart with these two elements, is able to transform into metal.In the 3 combinations, we have Snake巳,Rooster 酉and Ox 丑to form Metal. Rooster and Rooster also causes self harm. 酉 direction is West, it is one of the cardinal point and is also one of the flower of romance star.

4. Those whose bazi Day Master is Strong Water may not want to be strengthen by You Metal.

5. Let me talk about the heavenly stem of Gui 癸 Yin Water. Bazi with DM gui water will not want to see another gui coming along which may be someone who come and take away or combine away something, can be wealth or friendship.

6.Gui 癸 combined with Wu 戊 earth to form Fire. Those who bazi do not favour Fire will not be in good luck.

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