Friday, November 27, 2009

House Facing No Where

House with no clear facing direction affect the owner. In life, there are goals and directions/objectives. No clear facing meaning....

Refer to the picture for illustration:

compass 罗盘

I personally have this experience of taking reading for friends and clients houses, the end results are that I can't get the house facing reading from the compass. We can say that this is void, this house is facing a void direction.

There are 8 directions that a house will be facing. If a house is facing on the trigram dividers (ref to diagram - red lines), this house is facing a void direction.

How It Affects The Owner
Those living in a void direction house will slowly lost of personal direction. The owner can't make decision or cannot make clear decision. Weak determination and health will be affected. In long term, the career will be badly affected.