Friday, April 30, 2010


Starting from the 5th May 2010 at about 2329 hrs, farewell to Spring and welcoming early Summer. At the same time this is the solar month of Yin Metal and Yin Fire. White Star 8, earth is at the central palace, interestingly, this month we will see that all palaces are clutter with the repeating star.


solar month xin si, yin metal, yin fire

White Star 8 in this palace. With the annual star 8 and month star 8, this palace housed double white star 8. We consider this is the auspicious palace. We want to make full use of this palace to focus our activities here especially the kids and the elderly can use this palace for naturing activities.

Purple Star 9 at this palace. Star 9 represent Fire. Double 9 in this sector suggest that this palace has the energy of strong Fire. No doubt this is an auspicious star considering it is a future star. Placing some earth item here to lower the effect of fire. I suggest earth peggy bank and deposits some coins from different countries into the earth peggy bank. Do not leave children/kids at this sector if nobody is at home.

White Star 1 at this palace. Star 1 is Water element. This star is said to be auspicious for promotion, health and romance. Place plant at this palace will enhance the wealth. Make use of this sector for this month.

Double Black 2 Star manifested the negative effect at NorthEast palace. Avoid movement activities at this palace for the month of May. Place a metal bowl with still water to cure this sickness sector.

Quarrelsome Star 3, wood elements, can cause legal dispute and argument. Do not engage any contract signing at the southern sector for this month. Since south in Luo Shu is already Fire, the effect of double 3 may not be that strong, nevetheless, placing red items at this sector would helps to reduce the negative effect. Keep this palace quiet with no hacking or movement activities.

Star 4 is also a wood elements, Star 4 enhance romance luck. Those who have not married may want to try out by placing some symbolic love items to enhance their chances in romance luck. Live stocks of roses in a vase with water may helps. Keep those roses fresh, change it weekly if possible.

Double 5 Yellow at this palace will cause much damage to this sector in term of negative effects. This may be the most inauspicious star for the month of May. Main door open at this sector may be badly affected. Use strong metal like 6 metal coins tie into a strung with copper wire weaken the bad negative energy. Keep this area as still as possible.

The East and SouthEast sectors are manifested with very strong metal energy. By the Luo Shu, these two areas are wood element energy. Wood and Metal are in for clash. Place water in these two sectors to harmonize the effect.

The sectors that are auspicious can also turn bad due to the daily flying star effects. Star 2 and Star 5 sectors need to exercise precaution and care. We are living in an environment that is constantly changing, in the auspicious there is always some auspicious and vise verse.