Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tiger and Monkey Clash, More Road Accidents

Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Pig, these four zodiacs are classified the Travelling Horse Star.

Each of these Zodiac clashes with each other, for example, Tiger clashes Monkey and Snake clashes Pig. A clash signify movement.. either change job or move house. All depend on the year one is born in.

If you are born in the year of Monkey, this year, Tiger Year is your Travelling Horse Star. A Tiger and Horse clashed, we can foresee that road accident will increase.

The below is an article in today (3 Jul) Straits Times, by By Maria Almenoar, the headline:
More dangerous driving
feng shui

SINGAPORE drivers are engaging in more dangerous behaviour on the roads.

According to a survey of 500 motorists by motor insurer AXA, more drivers are speeding, running through amber lights and overtaking without signalling among other things.

For example, 75 per cent of respondents admitted to driving 10kmh above the speed limit. This is up from 63 per cent last year.

Also 69 per cent said they had gone through an amber light compared to 61 per cent a year ago.

AXA said it would use the information it collated to continue with its education programme on safe driving.

Conducted over a month from March to April this year , the poll covered 500 motorists - 300 car owners, 100 taxi drivers and 100 motorcyclists.

Thank Singapore Straits Times for the article.


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