Friday, November 5, 2010

7th Nov - 6th Dec 2010 Flying Star Chart

Dear Readers,
Star 2 flies to the Central Palace from 7th Nov. The problem of health will affect our living environment. The central palace is the palace to take extra care. This is also the pillar of Yin Fire heavenly stem and Yin Water earthly branch solar month.

Star 2 is not a timely star. It cannot be treated lightly. It can affects health problems.


We are entering into the early stage of winter. The zodiac Pig is the earthly branch for the month. Pig is also a water element. Pig the the root for the day master Ren person. Hidden in the Yin Water for the first 10 days is Yang Wood and the rest of 20 days are Yang Water. For details analysis for the month bazi, refers to Yin Fire Yin Water Bazi.

Flying Star 2

1. Star 2 in Central,
2. Star 3 in the NorthWest,
3. Star 4 in the West,
4. Star 5 at the NorthEast,
5. Star 6 at the South,
6. Star 7 at the North,
7. Star 8 at the Southwest,
8.Star 9 at the East and
9. Star 1 at the SouthEast.

Using simple methods to ward off the bad sector, that is already wealth if one is healthy.
1. For the central palace, keep this place clean and tidy, try not to conduct any movement activities over here. Place a metal object to weaken the star 2 effect.
2. The most inauspicious sector is the NorthEast sector where the month star 5 and year star 2 resided. Both these stars can cause sickness. Avoid any movement activities, if possible, place a little gold chain (916 gold), if not place heavy metal object at this location.
3. The NorthWest where star 3 was can be easily neutralized as the year star 9 fire there is to cushion the impact of legal star 3.

Some parts of the world are in winter and the weather is turning cold. For those who personal bazi chart don't favour a cold chart should avoid travelling to countries which is in winter season. Wish all readers a health month ahead.


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