Wednesday, January 5, 2011

6th Jan 11 to 4th Feb 11 Flying Star Chart

Dear Readers,

We are into the last month of Tiger Year, which arrive on 6th Jan 11 at about 0050 hrs. It is also the Late Winter month before we enter into the beginning of Spring. As usual, many homes are preparing for the arrival of the Rabbit year flying star and to ensure all the good stars are enhanced and the bad stars are block. A point to note: babies born during the period before 4th Feb 2011 is still under the zodiac of Tiger. The Rabbit will only arrive on 4th Feb 2011 at about 1200 hrs.

Last month see a strong water month which causes flood in many places. At the same time people all over the world are celebrating Christmas and welcome the New Year.

january flying star


Month Star 9 and Year Star 8 in the Central Palace, both are timely stars. Star 9 purple star also a Fire Star and Star 8 Earth, Fire give birth to earth, this is a good combination. For the month of Jan 11 Bazi chart, we see only a hidden fire which is weak, due to the fact that it has to support the earth month, and in the flying star chart, we have a Fire star 9 in the central also support the star 8 earth. You may want to take a look at the January 2011 Bazi chart - January 2011 Bazi Chart


1. Star 2 at the West, take precaution if you are travelling to the Western region. At home the West sector is the Metal element, Star 2 is earth element, at least the metal take away some strength of the earth. Simply place heavy metal object at the West sector.

2. Star 5 flies to the North Sector, do not perform any knocking and keep this sector movement free.

3. Star 3 at NorthEast, if there is any opening facing the NorthEast direction, place something red at the entrance to weaken the quarrelsome star. The year star of 2 interact with month star 3 made this section very inauspicious.


Take note of where the inauspicious stars. This is because many household will be performing spring cleaning and do ensure pick an auspicious date. Do not start the spring cleaning at the inauspicious sectors.

Wish all readers a Successful 2011.