Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zodiac 2012 (2012 年生肖)

Dear Good Feng Shui Tips Readers,

Lunar New Year falls on 23rd January 2012 and many readers would like to know their luck in the dragon year. Here, I would like to emphasis that Water Dragon (壬辰),Ren Chen will arrived on 4th Feb 2012. Secondly, I also want to let the readers know that forecast based on zodiac may not be 100% accurate to all. I personally, would like to use the day stem to tell a person luck in the Ren Chen Year or Water Dragon Year. Generally, I will tell you each of the zodiac for the Dragon Year, how many good stars and bad stars are attached to the zodiac, at the same time, I will indicate the protection Buddha for the different zodiac, which you may want to pray for the whole year protection.I know of this temple at Bukit Batok, Tel 66657566, did offer prayer of the 12 zodiac protection Buddha during the new year.It is different from praying Tai Sui. Prayer to the protection Buddha that protect the person with that particular zodiac.

2012 zodiac rat 鼠 子

Rat in Chinese is written as 鼠 or 子. Rat always like to be the first, for 2012, there is no exception, the Rat will behave like a Hero. Rat zodiac like to be big brother in the year of dragon. While they want to behave like big brother, the surrounding people may want to back stab the rat. The best is to avoid unnecessary heroic act especially during the timing of 11am to 1 pm. Look out for those horse zodiac. Try to stay low profile. When walking along high rise building try to lookout for falling objects. The protection Buddha for rat is Thousand Hands Buddha (千手观音).

ox 牛 丑 冲太岁

Ox in Chinese is written as 牛 or 丑. The protect Buddha for Ox is Bodhisattva of Wisdom & Memory 虚空蔵菩薩.Ox in the Dragon Year is consider a clash with the Tai Sui. Avoid small talk which may lead to trouble. Nobleman is with the Ox and there may be some luck at time. Take care the heath of those who are close to you.

tiger zodiac protect buddha 虎 寅 2012

Tiger in Chinese is written as 虎 or 寅. The Tiger and the Ox have the same protection Buddha, which is Bodhisattva of Wisdom & Memory 虚空蔵菩薩. Tiger zodiac can expect a busy year ahead, with lot of travelling and movement. Most of the tiger people will do well academically. It can be also a crying year as some may faced unhappiness due to mistakes and no one come and help out.

rabbit zodiac 2012 卯 兔

Rabbit, some call it Hare. In Chinese is it written as 卯 or 兔. Nobleman is with the Rabbit zodiac in 2012. Do look out for those around you, as there are peoples who may hurt you. Try not to perform important action during the timing of 5pm to 7pm. Do take care of your own health, because in 2012 can be a sick year. The protection Buddha is Lord of Wisdom,Wénshū Púsà,文殊菩薩.

dragon zodiac 2012 龙 辰

Dragon is consider the most auspicious zodiac to the Chinese. During the dragon, there is expectation of baby boom. Dragon in Chinese is written as 龙 or 辰. The protection Buddha for Dragon is Bodhisattva of Practice,Pǔxián Púsà,普賢菩薩. It will be a lonely year for the dragon. Someone close may leave. Year 2012 is also a clash with Tai Sui. Stay low profile. Not many good star is with the dragon in 2012. Advice to pray to the protection Buddha.

snake zodiac 2012 蛇 巳

The protection Buddha for Snake and Dragon are the same,Bodhisattva of Practice,Pǔxián Púsà,普賢菩薩. Snake written in Chinese is 蛇 or 巳. A sunshine year for the Snake. Expected to be happy and joy. A good year for the snake. The opposite for the snake is loneliness, emptiness and faced with unexpected problems in 2012, there are 4 inauspicious stars against 3 auspicious stars.

horse zodiac 2012 马 午

Horse in Chinese is written as 午 or 马. The protection Buddha is Bodhisattva of Strength, Da Shì Zhì,勢至菩薩. Horse can expect wealth and problems will solve eventually with the help of self thinking. In 2012, horse is to be more careful of accident. Those work in the high risk industries, please take extra care in safety. Those who drive are to drive safely.

goat zodiac 2012 未 羊

Goat zodiac person is advised to pray to the Cosmic Buddha,Dàrì Rúlái,大日如来, protection Buddha. In 2012, the goat or some other called it a sheep, is against the Tai Sui. Sheep zodiac who are in the civil servant may expect a promotion at the same time be awarded with medal. Do stay low profile for the year and focus on what you are doing. In Chinese is it written as 未 or 羊.

monkey zodiac 2012 申 猴

The protection Buddha for the monkey and the goat zodiac are the same;Cosmic Buddha,Dàrì Rúlái,大日如来. The monkey zodiac is expected to hold high post in work or expected a promotion. While the higher the post, monkey zodiac is also expected to entangle with people in term of public relationship is not so good. May get into legal trouble. Is advisable to pray for protection.In Chinese it is written as 申 or 猴

rooster 酉 or 鸡 zodiac 2012

Rooster in 2011 is a clashed with Tai Sui, in 2012, the rooster is in 6 combined with dragon. The rooster have 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious stars in 2012. Romance is the main obstacle for rooster. The rooster may face with triangle love problem. Try to avoid. The protection Buddha is Kings of Mystical Knowldege,MYŌ-Ō,明王. In Chinese, it is written as 鸡 or 酉.

dog zodiac 2012 狗 or 戌

Dog in the year of 2012 is in direct clash with the dragon. In any year, the zodiac in direct clash with the year zodiac is considered as the most inauspicious. The dog also do not enjoy any auspicious star, instead there are 4 inauspicious stars. The protection Buddha is Pure Land Lord,Āmítuó Fó,阿彌陀佛. The dog zodiac people if everyday can chant a thousand time of "阿彌陀佛" will be very good. Advise to pray to the protection Buddha. In Chinese, dog is written as 狗 or 戌.

pig zodiac 2012 猪 亥

In Chinese, pig is written as 猪 or 亥. The protection Buddha is Pure Land Lord,Āmítuó Fó,阿彌陀佛. Some people may call it the Boar. In all the zodiacs, pig or boar enjoy the most auspicious stars; altogether there are 4 stars. Pig zodiac if plan to embark or venture into something big have to be more prudent, because they may faced failure. Pig will have a very good year in 2012. It is a A star status.