Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dragon Year Auspicious and Inauspicious Actions

Dragon year 2012 is rule by General Peng Tai 龙年壬辰太岁-彭泰大将军.

General Peng Tai 龙年壬辰太岁-彭泰大将军

2012 Ren Chen Water Dragon Year, Tai Sui is General Peng Tai, both hand carry a dragon statue. He was born in the Ming Dynasty, he is an intelligent since he was a boy. He attained his scholar in the year 1394 and was given the Official post after that. He is a simple and straight forward and hard working person. Peng Tai came from a poor family.He married young and have a loving family life.

Tai Sui is like a Minister, control the policy of dragon year. Tai Sui control the peoples' luck and the whole year matter related to health and well being. Sometime he play the role of a judge. He take charge of the day to day administration. In the beginning of the year, many people will pray to Tai Sui for a blessing year ahead.

Tai Sui is also known as Grand Duke of Jupiter; planet Jupiter.

day pillar gui wei 癸未

23rd January 2012 is the first day of the Lunar New Year, to have a good start in the new year day is very important. On this day, the day stem is Gui 癸 water, and the earthly branch is Wei 未 Goat, earth element. In the 6 clashes, Goat clashes with Ox. Those with zodiac sign Ox can carry a Horse amulet to avoid the clash, to seek a good beginning in this day.


On Monday 23/1/12, the first destination you are heading may be to the temple, to relative house or to pay respect to the ancestor. I would suggest before you head to your first destination, you may want to move on to the direction that will bring you happiness and have nobleman luck for the whole year; a good start in the Lunar New Year day will bring you the whole year of luck. From your living place, measure the South-East location, you can use google earth to plot the direction and along that direction find a kiosk like patrol station or eating house, mark it out. Move along the SE direction and stop at the kiosk for a drink or buy something that you are happy. After that, you can move on to your first destination. Another auspicious direction is the East direction. SE is the Happiness and East is the Nobleman direction.


1. Tiger hour = 3-5 am,
2.Rabbit hour = 5-7am,
3.Dragon hour = 7-9am,
4. Snake hour = 9-11am and,
5. 11am-1pm.
Choose any of the 5 auspicious hours to move out of your house.


The hour of Ox 1-3pm, Goat 3-5pm and Rooster 7-9pm are the inauspicious hours.

The West, North-East and the South are the directions to avoid on 23/1/12.

28/1/12 Sat, not auspicious for horse zodiac person, 29/1/12 Sun, goat zodiac to avoid start work on 29/1, 30/1/12 Mon, monkey zodiac to avoid, 31/1/12 Tue, Rooster zodiac to avoid. Just to name a few as most of the company will start work on 30/1/12 Mon.


Anonymous said...

What if we have to work on Lunar New Year's week because we live in U.S.? Is that going to bring bad luck? If so, how to fix it?

GoodTipsGuy said...

Hi, not really. In our country, we stop business/work to celebrate Lunar New Year, and we also choose an auspicious day to start business/work. In U.S, it is just like a normal day.