Thursday, December 6, 2012


Dear Readers,

It is the last month of the Water Dragon Year. Season greeting to all readers. Flying Star feng shui is to tap the good Qi and to avoid and take precaution of the bad Qi. At about 0232 hrs on 7th Dec 202, the new Qi of flying star 4 arrived. Star 4 is a romance and academic star. It takes the central palace. Month Star 4 combines with Year Star 6 added up to 10, which is an auspicious combo.

First let us look at the month's pillar:

The Heavenly Stem of Ren (壬), Water, and the Earthly Branch of Zi (子),Water, formed the month pillar. Zi in the 12 zodiac is Rat, it is the first zodiac sign. The element of Zi is water and the hidden heavenly stem in the Zi is Gui (癸). In the solar calendar system, Zi represents the second last month of the calendar. In season, Zi represents the Mid-Winter season. The heavenly stem of Ren Water and Earthly branch of Zi Water, is favorable to those with very hot bazi chart. The hot bazi's chart are those born in the the year of snake and horse, and their birth month and hour also falls in the snake/horse month and hour. This type of pillar signified the wet and cold month ahead.


Love luck strike in the central palace. Attract it by placing a bowl of of water with some fresh flowers in the water as decorative.


WEST STAR 6. Star 6 if used it prudently, it is a usable star. Nevertheless, with Year Star 8 in the West, this is usable. Moving water in this section can tap the Qi of wealth from this sector.

SOUTH STAR 8. Wealth Star 8 at the South, tapped the Wealth Qi by placing moving object. But avoid hacking as this is the year San Sha sector.

NORTH STAR 9. Happiness Star 9 at the North. It is usable due to it timely star status. The year Star 2 present in the North can caused this sector some problems if it is not protected with metal object like 6 metal coins.

SOUTH WEST STAR 1. Romance Star, Star 1 at the South West. Place a bowl of still water with some white gravel surround the bowl of still water.


NORTH WEST STAR 5. The most inauspicious yellow Star 5 moved to the North West.This is the sector to avoid. Place heavy metal object in this sector.

EAST STAR 2. Same as North West, the East with the present of Star 2, is un-usable. Placed metal object in this sector.

SOUTH EAST STAR 3. The year Star 5 and the Month Star 3 present in the South East, this also affects the sector totally non-usable. If this is your house main door, kitchen or bedroom, keep movement to the minimum.