Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gui Si Year 2013 7th Aug to 6th Sep Flying Star Feng Shui 癸巳年8月7日至9月6日飞星风水

Dear Readers,
Hope that Good Feng Shui Tips' readers have an auspicious and happy July 2013. At 1714 Hrs of 7th Aug 2013 the energy of Autumn just begin. Star 5 yellow sickness star will be flying-in to take the central palace. And the pillar of Metal signify the energy of Autumn which is also the element of metal will be strong. Autumn is also the time where the Yin energy is stronger than the Yang energy.

The Heavenly Stem of Geng "庚“,yang metal and the Earthly Branch of Shen ”申“, yang metal. Geng metal and Yi wood combined to transform into metal. When metal is strong, wood will feel the pressure. Therefore, if one feel the pressure in the month of Aug 13, one can get tap the energy of the wood.The earthly branch of Shen is also the zodiac of Monkey. Monkey and snake can combined to form water.Monkey clashed with Tiger. Those who are born in the year, month and hour of tiger is advisable to wear an emblem of Snake.
The Bazi Chart for Aug13.

The day master for the month bazi chart is Yin Wood Yi "乙”. The Day Master have the support of Year Stem Gui and Hour Stem Yi. The month pillar of yang metal and the hour of yin metal are putting pressure on the yin wood yi and the fire at the earthly branch of year and day also weaken the energy of wood. The day master of yin wood is very weak. It needs water and wood support. The favorable elements of the month is water and wood.
2013 7 Aug to 6 Sep Flying Star Chart.

The whole flying star chart repeat the year and the luo shu chart. Double star 5 in the central both add up to 10, nevertheless the central palace should be protected by heavy metal object. South-West is also the next area to be caution and guarded with heavy metal object. Guard and enhanced all area as recommended in my yearly flying star post.
Wish all readers a peaceful and healthy month.