Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gui Si Year 2013 8th Oct (1231 Hrs) to 6th Nov (1544 Hrs) Flying Star Feng Shui 癸巳年10月8日至11月6日飞星风水

Dear Good Feng Shui Tips Readers,

The romance star of 4 is finally leave the central palace on 8th Oct at about 1231 hrs and the quarrelsome or legal star of 3 is taking over. It is going to remain till 6th Nov 2013. The quarrelsome star 3 combined with year star 5 in the central palace is not a good combination. The energy is going to be not auspicious. Place a red mat or carpet in the central palace with a strung of 5 ancient coins to minimize the bad effects of these two stars.


Month pillar consists of upper and lower elements. The upper element is known as the heavenly stem where the lower element is known as the Earthly. This month the element of Heavenly Stem is Yang Water (壬). It represents sea water, and the element of Early Branch is Yang Earth (戌). Water and Earth elements are not harmonized. This denotes that the energy of the month will not a be harmonised. There will be fear and worry caused to certain part of the world. The element of Yang Earth is also the Zodiac Dog (戌). Dog clashes with the zodiac Dragon. Those who born in the year, month and hour of Dragon, it is advisable to have an emblem of Rabbit. Pick an auspicious day that is not a Dragon day for any major events.


The day master of Ding Yin Fire is supported by the Year Branch and Hour Pillar of both Yang Fire, however in Autumn fire is weak. There are two elements of Earth and 2 elements of water which drain the energy of fire. There is no wood to support the fire in Autumn, therefore, the element of day master Ding Yin Fire is weak. The most favorable element for the month is Wood. The is also a lack of metal. Wood is needed to provide fuel to the wood. Industrial related to wood will do well in this month.


The inauspicious locations are the Central, West and the South East. Start 1 and Star 8 in the North is the most usable location for Oct 13.
Wish our readers a healthy and prosperous month.